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LILLY: Hey Fandom! Long time, no see. Because I went on a real Spring Break, as opposed to the rest of you. And look, I brought a friend into the booth tonight. Say hi, Gil!
LILLY: You're just mad I dragged you in here tonight.
GRISSOM: I believe the correct legal term is blackmailed, Ms. Kane.
LILLY: Well, you shouldn't have told me about the...
GRISSOM: Lillian, don't...
LILLY: Right, right. Ix-nay on the ug-bay orn-pay, I know.

Everything Else

GRISSOM: Let's just get this over with. It appears Tex and Kawalsky headed out of town today. And Lana stopped by the book shop, where Orlin was looking for science-fiction texts.
LILLY: Like this town doesn't provide enough of that.
GRISSOM: Excellent point. Orlin then stopped by Agatha's shop with a birthday present, and was poorly received, if this feed is to be believed. Walter also stopped by to pick up his things.
LILLY: And Walter picked up another something from All and Sundries. A little something, something, maybe? The new librarian and CJ also went to church.

GRISSOM: Ivanova is back in town. And Ms. Mars was seen coming out of the clinic, visibly upset.
LILLY: Veronica? Let me see that.
GRISSOM: Kawalsky visited Tex at Blood Gulch Arms.
LILLY: Orlin and Camulus had a dirty sleepover. GOB was on his yacht, drunk apparently. Uh-oh, drinking and boating don't mix. And The Halliwells and Paige spent the afternoon over a cauldron of whatever it is they do for fun.

GRISSOM: Kawalsky left letters for Cam, Liz, and Zoe before he left, and Liz did not seem pleased by the contents of hers.
LILLY: Marty received a phone call on the roof. Isabel and Xander spent some time together, after Izzy got an upsetting phone call from home.
GRISSOM: Nadia offered Marty some enchiladas. Is that...
LILLY: Code for something dirty? Probably.
GRISSOM: I was going to say a euphemism. Anyway, Pippi got Molly some hats. Kiki left for the weekend. And Walter pitched up a tent.
LILLY: Did you just make that up? Seriously?
GRISSOM: If you don't believe me, you can read it for yourself. I'm reading this verbatim in the interest of making this experience pass as quickly as possible.
LILLY: Okay, whatever. Alphonse’s arm is a little better, and he spent some time reading.

GRISSOM: It seems Logan had some difficulty entering his room today. Bridge and Molly helped out, including Molly punching the door. That had to be painful.
LILLY: And Cameron, Rory and Parker stood around and mocked them. Nice guys, real nice. Eventually, a door was taken from the fifth floor to fix the problem. And Rory and Parker stopped mocking for long enough to be emo.

GRISSOM: It seems Paige and Sawyer are dating again.
LILLY: Gil, you okay buddy? Looks like you might pop a vein, and I think the ones near your skulll are important.
GRISSOM: I'm fine. It was Victor’s birthday, and Walter helped him celebrate, and the tent was somehow involved.
LILLY: Kinky. Nadia prayed for Angel. Angela's stuffed animals... did what?
GRISSOM: Perhaps they're zombies? Could explain their... animation.

LILLY: I don't ever care. That's just creepy. ANYWAY, Bridge, Rory, and Jaye redecorated Peter’s room. Sawyer was in the third floor common room, getting scratched by some cats.
GRISSOM: Animals can be surprisingly intelligent. Anders was domestic for Bridge. Huh, didn't know they were dating. And then he learned about Rufus and Barnaby.

LILLY: Jake was drawing in the second floor common room. Molly thinks boys are dumb. Oh honey, what are you, 14? Just you wait, they get much dumber.

GRISSOM: Logan was seen recruiting people to help him with his door.
LILLY: CJ read, and John Connor surfs the web, because the First Floor is boring.
GRISSOM: Is not.
LILLY: Is soooooooo.
GRISSOM: I'm not having this conversation. Moving on...

Clinic of Doom

LILLY: So, Angel was dying and stuff, and everybody freaked out, basically.
GRISSOM: That's understandable. Grief can be a powerful...
LILLY: Oh whatever. Dying isn't that bad.
GRISSOM: I'll have to take your word on that. Cameron apparently had some issues of denial. Logical, that's one of the steps of the grieving process.
LILLY: Doesn't he have to, I don't know, die first?
GRISSOM: Lilly. Don't be cruel. Lana sat by Angel’s bedside and prayed. Phoebe stopped by. And Isabel sat with Angel for a while as well.

LILLY: Parker brought him Manilow. Wow, I didn't know Parker was trying to kill him. Alanna got her blood drawn. The Halliwells and Paige did some magic. Probably to rid the place of the evil Manilow vibes.

GRISSOM: Later, in the evening, Parker, Dr. Lambert and Janet talked about why Angel didn't want drugs at the end.
LILLY: Because he was all delusional from his emocoma or whatever the hell is wrong with him? Dude, take the drugs. Trust me.
GRISSOM: He has the right to make that decision for himself, Lilly. Bridge and Dr. Lambert spoke while he waited for Rory. And Logan and Janet spoke as well.

LILLY: Janet and Nat did stuff in the lab that you'd understand, and just makes my brain hurt. Veronica told Angel they can get married over spring break in Vegas next year. Only if I get to come! Can we stay at your crib, Gil?
GRISSOM: (silence due to his soul crying)
LILLY: Sweet, I'll take that as a yes. Okay... John promised to take care of Sean. And Rory told Angel he’s the big brother she never had. Oh man, this is starting to make even me a little misty. Cordy talked about shopping. Okay, I'm better.

GRISSOM: Miss Parker promised Angel that they would respect his wishes regarding any medication near the end. And Logan kicked Bel out. I suppose a potential assault on top of a day involving petty burglary and vandalism is one way to go.

LILLY: At least he didn't schedule a bumfight outside the Clinic. Anyway, Lana sat by his bedside. And Callisto, and I'm not even going to read this feed or I'll get mascara everywhere.
GRISSOM: But it appears that Angel is going to survive, after receiving a cure to his... illness.
LILLY: Which is good, because half the school was outside the Clinic milling about.

LILLY: Okay, then, that's all for tonight. Thanks Gil, any parting words of wisdom for the kids out there?
LILLY: That's it, Fandom! Hug your local vampire, and have a safe and pleasant weekend.

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