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Mel: "Hi Fandom! It's rutting cold. And there's snow. I'm saying this now as a girl from the future: There's benefits to radiation and global warming."

Dawn: "Like polar bears becoming extinct and being able to sunbathe on Antarctica?"

Mel: "If the polar bears can't deal, that's not my problem. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with sunbathing."

Dawn: "I'm so giving the bears your address, and no, but it's for places like Florida, or Australia. Where it's, y'know, warm. Naturally."

Mel: "We live in Fandom. Why should I have to deal with something that comes naturally."

Dawn: "Now I'm just confused, but am feeling the need for some tea. Maybe a scone. Stupid not eating before a broadcast."

Mel: "You've been hanging out with British people too much. Besides it looks like there's a nice bottle of rum here..."

Dawn: "See, this is where a responsible adult would tell you that friends don't let friends do broadcasts drunk. Are there glasses, or are we swigging from the bottle?"

Mel: "There's a mug here that says "Kiss the mutant". You want it?"

Dawn: "Depends. Does it mean I have to kiss the mutant? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but Sam and I kinda have a no kissing anyone else for a while thing going on, and I don't want to screw that up because I drank from the wrong mug. Maybe you should have it?"

Mel: "Fine. Take the bottle. I just want to feel my fingers again. They're freezing."No polar bears or vampires were harmed in the making of this broadcast )

Mel: "I'm thinking that we need to show Dean the meaning of cold. Don't you?"

Dawn: "Mel? That may be the best idea you've had all night. Grab the rum, and let's go do absolutely nothing about Dean. No, really. Because that could get us into trouble."

Mel: "Gee. And we're so adverse to that concept."

Dawn: "Yup. We are all over the adverse. Or something."

Mel: "Right then. Don't we need some sort of catchy slogan thing to say here now?"

Dawn: "Uh huh. You got one handy? Because I'm fresh out."

Mel: "Snow sucks. Rum is awesome. How's that?"

Dawn: "I'm good with it. Night, Fandom!"
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"Greetings and salivations, Fandom! This is Dawn, your backup announcer on a night when Eric Weiss is home in LA, probably wowing all those harem girls again with the awesomeness of his Elvis impression. Seriously, you should ask him to show it to you, if you get the chance. Even if you're not a harem girl, but don't play an obnoxious waitress because that's my thing. Er, right. Going on...also here in the broadcast booth with me is Mr. Berthold...er, except he's incognito, which you can tell by the fedora and trenchcoat he's wearing. So, um, just call him Mr. Fred. Yes."

"What? He needed the fresh air and a walk."


"First...Bert...Fred, stop that. The radio squirrels are not chew toys. Anyway, there's an angstorama in Chad's room, when a sleepy Teddy and Chad are caught by Jude. Wait. Jude and Chad are together? Well, okay, maybe not anymore, because it also says here that Jude was emo in his room and then he and Chad discussed their relationship. So, no definitive answer on the dating or the not dating. Which is kind of a bumm--Fred, don't put your hat on the squirrels."

"After a full day of messing up whatever's going on (or not going on) between Jude and Chad, Teddy headed over to Cally's room. The squirrels have obviously been slacking, because I have no idea what was said. Seriously, guys, a little glass to the door, maybe a few planted listening devices; people want to know, darn it. And in non-possible-love triangle news, Nadia and Jamie discuss her dream. Ooh, was it the one where your teeth fall out? Because that always happens to me. This one time, I dreamed I was singing in a concert...Berthold Fred, why are you poking me? Well, I thought it was interesting."

*sounds of a throat being cleared. "Fine. Be that way. See if I feed you an extra t-shirt."

"The event du jour is the 'Hey, we're bored, so let's throw a party' party, given by your hosts, Anders and Nadia. It's in the stairwell, which is handy, because then you don't have to worry about how much you can eat--you just work it off while you're mingling. Pippi's, a bit worried about Pip, who is sick. Anders has a weird conversation with Nadia about plastic pink ponies, and wow, I so don't want to know, and a philosophical one with Chad. Billy has salad with hot sauce, and Walter eats a lot. Boys are soooooo annoying that way. Nadia and Z discuss torture techniques, as you do at a party. No, seriously, guys. Been there, done that. Beats the heck out of 'what about this weather?' as a conversation topic. Plus, sometimes you get pointers."

"Chad apologizes to Nadia, who then tangos with Walter. Then, Pippi and Anders and Billy and Walter slide down the banister, but Z doesn't. Which is why she'll be able to deliver flowers to everyone in traction next week. *ow* Hey, I was kidding about the traction. Yes, they're all fine. Relatively speaking."


"But not in the undead way, because a vampire building would just be strange. Silent Bob stops in to Luke's, Jane is annoyed by the way the DVDs are arranged at All and Sundries...okay, wow, that's anal. Devil's Nest is open, and the Clinic is quiet, yay!"

"Over at Caritas, there's an announcement of a dance floor for New Year's, which is totally cool because yay possibly dancing with the boyfriend if I can drag his reluctant self out there, but on the other hand is not cool, because that's Willow's pet project and she's not here and...MR. GOB, TRUST ME, YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAUNT THE WITCHY REDHEAD. It's just a bad idea. Or maybe even a Color Me Badd idea, which is infinitely worse. Just...give her one day, please? For the sake of...well, never mind who it's for the sake of, but it's definitely in your best interests to let her have her dance floor. Maybe just let her see it? Or visit it in a closet somewhere? Um, and Alec and Dean have drinks and talk about holidays and chocolate and wow, brain, gutter, hi. But I'm back! Alec also learns about little drink umbrellas, which should not under any circumstances be used together as wee tiny parachutes when jumping off the porch roof. Just throwing that out there."

"Oh, yeah, right. And some Leo guy has a party down by the beach, but played with his bouncy ball first."

"Good night Fandom, and enjoy your...Berthold, stay away from the rum! Gotta go, bye!" *static*

[ooc: The radio post was always in the radio comm, shhh. Also, Berthold modded with permission.]
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FAITHFUL: "I can't believe I got talked into this."

DAWN: *whispers* "I can. Thanks for coming. I owe you tuna." *louder* "Hi, Fandom! You get replacement people tonight, because Weiss is off being Elvis and eating fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches in front of the adoring Vegas masses. Never fear, though, because Faithful and I are here to make sure no one suddenly gets lost in the confusion that was...oh, right, very little happening today."

FAITHFUL: "I would like to point out that this is the third time in the past week that I've done radio. I would also like to point out that I don't shed!"

DAWN: "So the cat hair all over the broadcasting equipment is from...what, exactly?"

FAITHFUL: "That's not cair hat! Cat hair!"

DAWN: "Then the squirrels really need haircuts. All I'm saying."

FAITHFUL: "Exactly!"

DAWN: "And now I'm imagining a little squirrel barber chair...awww."

FAITHFUL: "With a little orange sauce on the side...."

DAWN: "Ewwwwww."

FAITHFUL: "What?" This is why cats and Dawns shouldn't do radio together )

FAITHFUL: "Of course not. And I'm not rolling my eyes. Are we done?"

DAWN: "Yes, we're done. And if you're not careful, they'll stick that way. Good night, Fandom!"

FAITHFUL: "Night Fandom!"
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Hi, Fandom! This is Dawn, and I'm here subbing for Eric Weiss, who has the flu, has been the victim of a mutiny of the crews of way too many tiny boats in bottles who were fed up with the oxygen-free living conditions, or he's been kidnapped and dragged across the world to be the sex slave for a bunch of gorgeous women or men. You decide.

Anyway, on with the news.Lots of Stuff Happened Today )

Whew. I'm pooped. Good night, Fandom, and Eric? Feel b...er, I mean, resist those trampy feminine wiles with all your might and we'll send people to rescue you as soon as you let us know where you are!
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DAWN: Good evening, Fandom. This is Dawn, and I'm here with Bel, and we're here to update you on this singularly depressing Friday. Is it too much to ask that people stop leaving town? And then getting stuck wherever they're going?

Er, hypothetically speaking.

BEL: Yeah, it has been a pretty depressing day. We could always tie them up and stuff them in a closet or something. . . .

DAWN: Oooh, like what happened to Seely, according to his broadcast. And I thought it was just Angel who liked...not that I ever read...*clears throat* Maybe we could make it a fad? I could think of one or two people...or maybe not. *clearing throat again* Is there water? Anyway...

BEL: *long pause, as if there's a demon imagining a naked vampire or a naked vampire look-a-like in a closet* Right. Anyway. Where do we start? Cut for extreme wordiness )

DAWN: *pause* Do you think the deathwish goes with the hair?

BEL: He stopped by after she stripped him naked and knocked him out in a closet? Very brave, or very stupid.

DAWN: Maybe he just likes it...oh, hey, full circle!

BEL: Huh. We start with Angel naked in a closet, and . . . SEELY. I mean SEELY.

DAWN: Now I have to go scrub my brain! Thanks so much for that, Bel. Ewwwww.

BEL: Yeah, uh, me too. We should wrap this up so we can go home and, um, scrub.

DAWN: And on that note, we're done! Happy scrubbing, Fandom!

BEL (solemnly): Happy scrubbing.
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BEL: Good evening, Fandom, and welcome to the Bel and Dawn Show. As usual when Veronica isn't around, I've hijacked the radio, and once again I promise not to mention anything about her sex life or lack thereof. Continuing my tradition of lovely co-hosts -- except Tyler, because, sorry, dude, you're not my type -- I have Dawn helping me out tonight.

DAWN: Hi, Fandom! I'm not here to talk about Veronica's sex life either.

BEL: Everyone else is fair game, however.

DAWN: Uh uh. Some of us don't have sex lives.

BEL: What about you and . . . do I have to beat someone up?

DAWN: No! There will be no beating up! Oh my god, you're as bad as Buffy. Er, other Buffy, not this one, who is still in Tahiti. He was a good boyfriend. And as long as we're on the topic, no shovels, no fireballs, no threats, no shimmering him to the frigid home of the penguins...

BEL: You left out the fiery pits of hell. There's a nice ledge I know about. It's narrow and over a pit of lava....

DAWN: No! Bad half-demon, no redemption.

BEL: All right, all right. *muttered* Spoilsport. */muttered* Should we get down to business?

Snipped for length. )

BEL: Are you sure I don't have to beat anyone up?

DAWN: Yes, I'm sure, but thank you for asking. That's very sweet of you, in an overprotective psychotic kind of way. *kisses cheek*

BEL: *in a beaming sort of voice* That's just the way I am. I'm very protective. And sometimes prone to violent bursts of anger, right, Anders?

DAWN: Anders? I hear Portugal's nice...

BEL: I can shimmer there, too. Anyway, that's the end of our notes, so that's the end of the show.

DAWN: Night, Fandom, and if anyone has pictures of me from tonight, I'd like one to send to my sister to give her apoplexy. Er, I mean burn them.

BEL: Good night, Fandom. Phoebe, I'll be home after I stop by Anders's room.

DAWN: I give up.

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