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Carl was upset to wake to a blank forme. All the sorts he'd spent last night putting together for the Resistance paper were somehow back in the typecase!

Despite the fact that the sorts showed no other sign of having been disturbed, Carl was spooked and took extra precautions, checking his apartment for any signs of entry or, god forbid, spying, before he set about recreating the news for his compatriots.

He included the late updates he'd gotten last night and had planned to squeeze in before printing anyway:

Ms A. McShane has received a new shipment of baking supplies, so anyone feeling the need for some of her special cupcakes (with or without whipped topping), please feel free to stop by her kitchen.

Miss P. West is pleased to report 'Dite's Decadent Delights has received a fresh shipment of NEW Lady 'Stache Off with Triple Beauty ActionTM, one of the shop's best sellers. This popular multitasking product moisturizes, self-tans, rips every unsightly hair from its pore, and sanitizes your toilets, along with other creative uses. The shop also stocks Lady 'Stache Off Organic with bonus buffing pad! Look for the butterfly packaging.

At the Umbridge Arms, Ms M. Connell reports that she continues to have rooms available.

Issue finally recreated, he set the forme and ran off the usual number of pages. The old press jammed a few times and as he cleaned it, he made a note to check the edible paper stock; it seemed a bit thick this time around. While he was at it, he'd check the edible ink, too. Better safe than sorry.

And while he was thinking of safe and sorry, he added another mental note to have someone from the Resistance check the press for magic. Carl shivered slightly at the possibilities, then grabbed his hat and satchel and headed out to peddle his totally innocent page of Your Community ads around town.

And hopefully not get himself killed for it.

[ooc: And so it begins! Remember, the paper can be eaten if necessary! Carl does not guarantee it won't give you a tummy ache, but you won't die from it. For it, maybe, but not from it. The papers for the rest of the week should have better links, seeing as how not ALL of the squirrels can possibly loyalist... Can they? Edited to fix visual, cause ew. Also PINK!]

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