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"Citizens of Fandom, this is Mayor Summers," Cable's voice crackled over the radio waves. "We're in the middle of an invasion. And last night, these invaders broke into the homes of several of your fellow citizens, kidnapping Janice Summers, Juliet Skywalker, Talyn Crichton and Grace Winchester."

A brief pause. The anger was tangible in Cable's voice.

"We will not let this act go unanswered," he said. "Anyone willing to lend their skills to the rescue effort, either as part of the team or by continuing to attack the invaders while we work, please report to Town Hall for a briefing. Thank you."

Another pause.

"Don't touch any of the creatures on-island. Stick to projectiles and crushing force."

The radio fizzled, then went silent again.
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So, I watched ANTM. Tyra, when did you turn into an alien in a purple jumpsuit. So sad, man.

So sad.

But nowhere near as kinky as this radio )

Deadpool: And that's all, folks! Enjoy your kinky lives.

Cable: Eat responsibly next time. If anyone is aware of the identity of who left the brownies at Magic Reserves, please let an authority figure know.
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Deadpool: --onnova bitch! Is this thing on?


Oh, c'mon. Stop being a lil' wimp and come out from under the table. Jeeze. You threaten a squirrel monster once with a sword five minutes ago and suddenly they think you're scary.

BDE radio! )
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So, today was the Man Vs Food challenge they've been advertising more than that stupid ass 'Life Unexpected' show. God, I could go to the CW executives and start shooting for that. Seriously, whose brilliant idea was it to make a show about a kid who hunts down her birth parents for wacky hijinks?

That's Sundance material there.

But enough of my rage, onto the news.

Wow, way to be an old married couple... )
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Deadpool: Hey, hey, HEY! No biting! What did I say about the teeth, you lil' rat? I'm not doing this thing again! Last time, there was alcohol needed and I'm pretty sure Robin is still smug over there and--


Deadpool: ...seriously? How did you drag him into this?


Deadpool: Well played, my rodent friend. Well played.

*door slams*

Cable: Good evening, Fandom. This'll be your radio broadcast for January 15th, 2009. I'm Mayor Summers, and this is Deadpool.

Deadpool: They know my husky voice, Nate. Isn't that right, fandom! I'm like the Doctor Drew of the radio hosts. You never forget this voice.

Cable: Unfortunately. Demi Moore should demand royalties... or psychiatrists...

Cable & Deadpool Radio: SHOT THROUGH THE HEART. )

Cable: That was all, folks.

Deadpool: ...I'm sorry, I was waiting for a Porky Pig impersonation.

Cable: I wouldn't stop you.

Deadpool: Hey, I might get sued for copyright infringment. You're the lawyer there, not me.

Cable: If you wind up in court, I don't think copyright infringement'll be your biggest worry.

Deadpool: Oh, bitch, bitch, bitch.

Cable: Good night, Fandom. And good luck, while we're at it.

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*sound of bustling and squirrel chittering*

Cable: I don't have the time for this.

Deadpool: Aww, they dragged you here too?

Cable: Figuratively.

Deadpool: ...you know, that doesn't make you sound mysterious. It just sounds weird.

Cable: I'm not trying to sound mysterious. They're persistant.

Deadpool: Suuuure you aren't. We all believe you, isn't that right squirrels?

*more chittering*

Cable: I'm not.

All hail the not-so-dynamic duo. Or alternatively, HYDRA. We're not picky. )

Deadpool: You know, you're ruining my vision of a Utopian society that doesn't involve you as a hippie.

Cable: I've never been a hippie. They aren't sufficiently armed for progress...

Deadpool: And, really, there are no hippie X-men, which is sad for such a diverse team. Nate, shouldn't you have talked tot hem about that when you were still on the team? Or did you count as the hippie? With your long luxurious hair.

Cable: I was a little busy at the time.

Deadpool: Doing what? Braiding Viccy's hair?

Cable: Helping a world that hates and fear us. Saving lives where we could. Shooting Creed out of a torpedo tube...

Deadpool: ...I missed this?!

Cable: You were busy, too...

Deadpool: I'm crushed! Viccy! Torpedo!

Cable: I'll tell you about it on the way back.

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