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Hey everyone! It's been a while... or never, for some of you. But anyway, I'm back! On the radio, that is, because I didn't go anywhere physically. Anyway, on to the news!

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And last, but definitely not least, Officer-Lion-Girl was waiting on the causeway for her ride. I feel it's only appropriate to end the broadcast on a night that's traditionally been hers for ages now with a mention of her so, goodbye and goodnight, Fandom!
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Hey everyone, Bridge Carson, bringing you the happenings of this mysteriously-lacking-air-conditioning Thursday!

Workshops, Where People Learn Stuff

In Wilderness Survival today, Callisto made us change into different clothes. And then she hunted us with paintballs. The people she caught had to walk back to the dorms without any clothes on. I was not one of those people. In Monologuing, people came up with their last words. Apt, for a last workshop. Charlie, Phoebe, River, Ranma and Tim all had some last words for Ivanova as well. In Sex Ed, we had to, um, pick people up in a bar. We got cookies for doing it, though! Yay!

In the Library, Cam talked to Angela about his birthday present. And then Angela helped Anakin find some books on Shakespearian sonnets.

Also, there was lunch. Seriously. You're all shocked, I know.

Dorms, Where People Live

This morning, Aeryn went down to the boiler room to go see what the hell was up with the heat on the second floor today, but she got locked in. John was a good boyfriend, though, and got Anakin to get her out. Yay! I hope you feel better soon, Aeryn.

Phoebe thought Bel was cheating on her... with Blair. Now maybe it's just me, but that seems a little unusual for both of them. I think this situation needs to be examined a little more closely, don't you?

Hat-Girl and Kawalsky surprised Cam for his birthday. Apparently he got to go flying, which is awesome.

Phoebe told Walter and Nadia about Bel and Blair and her visions. And Cally was confused because Nadia was making noise. Pippi was cheerful, which is not unusual. Pip also checked on Nadia to make sure she's okay.

Tyler and Dean went to check on Alec, and then they all left for... somewhere. Peter Pevensie came back to his room naked, and Willow was waiting for him. I knew it!

After Sex Ed, Phoebe, Bel, and Pippi all stopped by to check on Nadia.

Peter, Susan and River were all at the gun range which was actually an archery range for the day. River was also in the salle with Tim. Janet hung out outside and talked to Peter and Elizabeth.

In the second floor common room, I was there! So was Alanna, who loves the heat. Possibly a little too much. D'anna was there too, and she talked to me and the dude. Dawn talked about the ice cube fairy with D and then about telepathy with me and knights with Alanna. Peter Pevensie brought doughnuts to share, because he is nice like that. Sam also stopped by, and talked with me, Alanna, Dawn, D'anna and Peter.

Al was in the common room too, and talked to me and D'anna. Zero talked about the heat with me, D'anna, and Peter. The dude melted, and Callisto talked to her, D'anna, and myself. Xander came by too! And followed my example in shirtlessness. It really does make a difference, I'm telling you.

Sam and Jack were practicing being nudists, or something, and Isabel told Jack that her life is good.

Up in the fourth floor common room, Blair was meditating. Z talked to him about Paris Hilton and the Grammys. Seriously- how did she manage to pull that off? Paris, I mean, not Z. The dude talked to her about a book signing. Blair talked to Broots about last night, and then Broots asked Willow about the frogs. Blair also asked about the frogs, and told Willow that he and Bel might not be friends anymore. The dude was on a quest to escape the heat of the second floor and talked to Broots, and Blair.

Town, Where Stuff Happens

Artie stopped by Weasley's, and had a canary creme. Barbossa's radio show was as, um... interesting and informative as usual. Baldrick was apparently singing musical revolution songs, and helping Pippi feed the people. The Doctor hung out outside the TARDIS, and talked to Jane and Daisy. Meanwhile, Jude entertained himself- not dirty- at Luke's.

Caritas was very busy tonight, as it was Veronica's last night at the bar. We'll miss you, Veronica!

On the stage, Tim sang for everyone who is leaving, and Piper sang for Veronica. Veronica, Hat-Girl, and Angela sang Cam birthday songs. Archie sang a song for everyone who is staying, and Veronica sang one for all of her friends. Marty also sang a song for Veronica.

At the bar, Bel talked to Veronica about waking up with Blair. Piper also talked to him about it, and he tells her he thinks they were set up. Mac stopped by to talk to Veronica, as did Archie. Piper, Chloe and Veronica talked about leaving. Veronica helped Cam celebrate his birthday not dirty, as did Hat-Girl. Tim talked to Veronica about the fact that he's leaving at the end of the summer. Cam managed to convince Angela to sing him a birthday song, and Cally and Veronica talked about visiting after she leaves.

And there were actually people at the clinic today. Aeryn was brought in in the morning, and Alec was brought in during the evening shift.

That's all the news I've got here. Happy Thursday, Fandom! And hopefully the AC will be fixed on the second floor by tomorrow.
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Bridge: Hello Fandom, and welcome to Thursday night's radio broadcast. Tonight I've got a special guest star- the cuter Xander. Say hello!

Xander: I've got the nametag and everything! Hi, Fandom.

Bridge: A nametag that was made for you by your BFF's boyfriend. For which I thank him, 'cause it's true! Anyway, I suppose we should get on to the actual news and stuff, starting with workshops.
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Xander: Did I mention I'm having a really good day?

Bridge: You did... and now, you can say "Good night, Fandom".

Xander: Good night, Gracie Fandom!

Bridge: G'night everyone! *Click*

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Hey all. Bridge Carson here, bringing you Thursday, in all it's... Thursday-ness.

Workshops, Where People Learn Stuff

In Wilderness Survival, we had to hand over our shoes, as per usual. And then we learnt about different types of weapons, and even got to try some of them out. The Monologuing class threatened each other. As you do.

In Sex Ed today, there was a lot of talking, as we asked Becky questions, and talked to each other. And then Blair was talking to Becky after class.

In the Library, Marty and Angela talked about DVDs and Phoebe, and traded glares. Angela also helped Walter find some Very Special Books, and talked to Bel about Phoebe, who is currently a mermaid.

In the Cafeteria, Tempe- hi, Tempe! Glad to see you're back!- and Cally talked about books. Walter and Pippi talked about Phoebe and the slinkys not dirty.

Dorms, Where People Live

Outside the dorms this morning, Jack and Kawalsky apparently gave everyone testosterone poisoning. Inside the dorms, the inhabitants of the fifth floor released a plague of slinkys upon us all!

In the Fifth Floor Common Room, Cally was watching Mythbusters, talking to Nadia about destiny, and... okay, there's something here about slinkys and OT3? I'm not even gonna touch that with a ten-foot pole, guys. Seriously. Later on, Bertie was there looking for ice cream and pancakes.

Phoebe was a very busy mermaid today, getting visits from River, Lana, Piper, Walter, Nadia, Jane, and Pippi. Bel also stopped by to give her a bell. Awww.

In other awww-type news, Jude and Sakurazaki were cute. And Cally got purple hyacinths from a mystery someone.

Walter was a man on a mission, and recruited Al to turn something into ice. That something? Would be the pool in the basement. Walter and Anders showed Al their appreciation for the frozen-ness, and then Walter taught Nadia how to skate while Anders tried to convince her that skating was, in fact, fun. Cally, Seras, Demyx, and Stark certainly thought so.

In the Fourth Floor Common Room, Isabel attempted to keep cool via the power of positive thinking. The dude wanted me to learn how to control the weather. Isabel and Peter discussed the best ways for hiding bodies. Um, is there something you guys aren't telling us? Peter also talked about the thing with Dean, who talked to me about why it's good that I'm not a penguin. Xander realised that the heat means he can get away with being a smartass. Well, it's a very nice- ooh, I'm on the air, aren't I? Right. Moving along. He was also wondering why I wasn't in uniform today. Which... yeah. Greg wished he and Isabel were penguins, and Sam, Alanna and Conner all stopped by the common room that was apparently Penguin Central today.

Up on the roof, Nadia was writing. Seras talked to her about a lack of nudity, and Pippi and Nadia discussed mermaid traps.

Town, Where People Buy Stuff

Dr. Lambert was out walking at Serenity Cove. Molly and River went shopping for music. The Doctor and Conner hung out at the Perk.

Barbossa's radio show was as... enlightening as usual.

Walter helped Jane with "that technology thing". Seriously, is that dirty or not?

Apparently, there's a new ice cream place in town, and Dawn, Hat-Girl, Sister Rosette, Demyx, Rory and Anakin all went to try it out.

Caritas was pretty busy tonight. Archie stopped by to see Veronica. Callisto came by and Veronica gave her shots of tequila. Aeryn was also there and Veronica offered her sex on the beach. Dirty. Aeryn and Callisto talked. No word on whether it was dirty. Also no word on what Ranma and Rosette were talking about in the park today.

Apparently, Dr. Troy and Air Conditioning equals OTP.

And that's all I have for you tonight. Goodnight, Fandom!
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Bridge: Hi, Everyone! Bridge Carson here, bringing you the latest and greatsest of, well, Tuesday. I know it's not my usual day, but just go with me here.

Workshops, Where People Learn Stuff

Bridge: In workshops today, How to Win Friends and Whatever learned about blackmailing. Because that's a friendly thing to do. Or something. And then Blair asked Dr. Cox to try meditating. In Scoobying, we- um, they, because I am technically not in that workshop- paired up and kidnapped each other. Willow stopped by too, and Isabel chatted with Xander.

Archery finally got to shoot real arrows. Yay! And Peter talked to Miho about bugs. And Dr. Pevensie stopped by to talk about... archery. In an archery class. Strange, huh? In First Aid, people talked a lot, got first aid kits, and told stories. Writing also worked with stories, though there's was more news stories than... story stories.

In the library, John built a hut and Willow was looking for books about beavers. Okay, the second part of that sentence makes sense but how is that first a normal library activity? And Pip was wearing a French maid outfit in the cafeteria. I'm just going to repeat my previous question.

Dorms, Where People Live

Bridge: Oh, hey! Broots, dude, wanna help me out with radio for a bit?

Broots: Radio? I'll get to play with your robot dog thingy? Sure! Um...what do I do?

Bridge: Just, read these notes, dude.

Broots: Oh, okay.

So, hi, this is Broots. And dorms. So Seras is in my common room, or at least my floor's common room, buying baked goods. Nadia is the topic of many conversations today. Hi Nadia! Glad you're back! Um...Pippi offends Jamie's baked goods. Is that like a euphemism for something? Cause that's a really weird one. Seras tells Pippi about news from 1993. Isn't that the year...never mind. That was 83. In other news, Pip is a French Maid with good legs and Jamie is a mutant. Okay. Walter thinks Pippi would have been a better French Maid then Pip. Gotta agree with you there. Sakurazaki thinks Pip is weird. I totally agree with you on that point. And then she explains some thing about a wind and a rock to Pippi and is anyone at this school sane? ... Right. Moving right along.

There are cheerleaders in the gym! ... We have cheerleaders? I did not know that. Jamie is happy to see that Nadia is back on the roof. Er. He's happy she's back. They just happen to be on the roof at the time. If that made sense to you, congratulations. Pip spars with Nadia. No comment on bruises and who won. The Doctor talks with Nadia and is escorted by security. The Doctor of what? Pip and Nadia spar. Um...did they spar twice? Oh! They were planning on sparring the first time and then they went off and actually sparred. Okay, these notes are confusing.

Bridge: Yeah, they usually are. Here- read some more confusing things! *sounds of papers rustling*

Broots: These ones? Okay. Er... Bridge and Xander love each other. ... Hi Bridge! It's very weird to say things on radio about the person sitting next to you.

Bridge: *sound of facepalming* ...thank you for discussing my love life on air. Can you move on to another topic, now?

Broots: Sakurazaki meditates and Walter has glasses. Are they the cool The Grid ones? The ones that Tow wore? Cause those are very cool. And yeah, hi, I'm a geek. Phoebe and Bel move to the fifth floor from the attic. ... Fourth floor is cooler. WAit...didn't you used to live on the fourth floor? Next door to me? Now I'm confused, but this is normal so I move on. Maia and Ivanova are omgdirty. Thank you for sharing. Marie and Willow talk about their weekends. And Aeryn watches John and DRD have a staring contest. I'm going to regret asking this but, who won? And what's a DRD? Greg builds a fort in 238. Is that not his room or something? Alec and Dean leave the island and then come back. It's good they came back even though I have no clue who they are and probably wouldn't know if I ran into them. Anders uses lube to help with Pyramid practice. ... Congratulations Anders! You have managed to completely break down my brain. I'm going to go ... stare at the robot dog while Bridge finishes the radio broadcast.

Bridge: Okay, Piper sent an email today. The Second Floor Common Room was pretty busy. Jamie was there with a crown and was watching "Dirty Jobs". Zero wanted to continue to give Peter a makeover, while Jamie was just explaining the "Dirty Jobs" show to him. Jamie and Z were talking, at least, until Zero interrupted them for some inexplicable reason.

Joxer offered to be Jamie's bodyguard and exchanged fashion talk with Peter. Jamie and Zero also talked. Demyx asked for help with his Sex Ed homework. Joxer offered, but backed down once he realised what class it was for. Hat-Girl informed Jamie that she hates bugs, and was sad about missing out on Peter singing. Tim also popped by to say hi.

I was there too, and, well... let's just say that in the process of trying to get questions answered, I ended up with more questions.

Up on the rooftop, Nadia and Walter were emo, and Walter informed Pippi that he was contemplating becoming a monk.

Town, Where People Buy Stuff

Bridge: Sparky Repairs was open. As was Empire Records, where Jamie was playing John Tesh. Whoever that is. Cafe Fina was also open, but lacked John Tesh. Willow and Peter were cute with chicken soup at Luke's. And Ivanova stopped by All and Sundries.

In the clinic, Dr. Troy nap- er, was reading a medical journal during the morning shift. And Dr. Lambert was also reading during the evening shift.

Caritas was busy tonight. Cam got up on stage and sung... something. Yeah, I have no idea. Veronica was very glad that Nadia is back, as was Tim. So am I! Hi, Nadia! Nadia and Cally talked about her breakup with Walter. Um, Nadia's breakup. Not Cally's. As far as I know, Cally and Walter weren't ever dating. Bel and Veronica had a glaring contest about something Veronica may or may not have said, and Cam tried to cheer Veronica up.

And that's all for today, folks. See you next week!

Broots: You done? We done? Okay, awesome. By Fandom! Stay crazy!
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Hi all! Bridge Carson here, bringing you the latest and greatest of Thursday!

Workshops, Where Stuff Is Learnt

In workshops today, Monologuing was all about quips and insults. First, they went after the instructor, and then paired off and insulted each other. Blair also stopped by to talk to Ivanova after class. Screen Acting played games. They signed in using noises and weird gestures, and then there was miming, followed by filming some short scenes.

In Wilderness Survival, we had to learn how to light fires. My group got a bow, and the other group had to use a flint and steel. And then we had to come up with creative uses for pointy sticks. I did not lose my shirt. Apparently, this requires mentioning.

In Sex Ed today, I did not lose my shirt either. Just so you know. Instead, we did the introductions thing, since we skipped that last class. And then we got, um, toys. Those of you who were in the class last session know what I'm talking about. Those who weren't, well... it's sex ed. Guess. Blair also talked to Becky. My notes say "tormented". I'm not sure they're accurate.

Professor Dean Mr. The Tick held office hours today, during which Jamie stopped by. Vice Principal Hawkeye also held office hours, during which... no one stopped by. And at the Newsletter meeting, people... met.

The Doctor stopped by the library, and Angela helped him find, well, books, as one might expect. On a prophecy.

In the cafeteria, Sakurazaki and Maia ate lunch.

And that's all for school-y things.

Cabins, Where People Live

This morning, at the Koala campfire, Bel was getting ready to shimmer people to LA to visit Angel. Veronica told Bel and Phoebe that Archie wouldn't be coming along, and Lana let her cabinmates know that she'll miss them while they're gone.

Aeryn was still happy this morning. Seriously, Aeryn- think about what I said. Use it to your advantage, I'm telling you. Marty was... not so happy. Hungover, actually. As were Walter and Pippi.

At the Salle, Peter and Sakurazaki compared swords not dirty. Al and Sakurazaki built a wall out of rocks, and Pippi talked to both Peter and Sakurazaki.

Jack was off in the woods, writing an essay. Blair and the dude worked on their photography assignment, and Pippi and Walter snuck in to the kitchen to make brownies.

Cedric was doodling in the Seahorse cabin. Isabel stopped by to reunite him with his wand not dirty- maybe it's just me, but sometimes it feels like whoever writes these notes does so in a way to make whoever reports them interpret them as being euphemistic. Cedric and Sam were kind of awkward about Jack. Dean and Cedric were surprised because Officer Lion-Girl was apparently quiet. Officer Lion-Girl talked to Cedric about shirtlessness, and then she looked at Dean's photos.

At the Pot-Bellied Pig campfire, Marty was there with all the traditional campfire-y foods. The dude stopped by and talked about jinxes and weirdness. I was there too- and discussed beverages and joy. I'm sure you're all quiiiiite fascinated. Angela was all ninja-like and had S'mores with Marty while talking about the Doctor with the dude. Xander stopped by too, and the dude took a picture of us.

Town, Where Stuff is Bought

Moving on to what happened in town- All and Sundries was busy today. Blair stopped in to try and rent a kayak, Pippi was looking for shepherd's pie ingredients, the dude was looking for lights, and Ivanova stopped by to say hi.

Barbossa's radio show started off with several requests for "Freebird" and ended in a Yanni marathon. Daisy had fun in the TARDIS. Possibly dirty. I'm not sure.

At Caritas tonight, GOB, Anakin, Fluffypants, Hat-Girl, John and Rory all sang. GOB was in a bad mood. Rory, however, was not, and she tried to convince Anakin that little umbrellas were good things. I think she might have. Hat-Girl and Rory worked on convincing Anakin to sing. Aeryn told John that she "doesn't want to drag his drunken ass back to the cabins". I'm quoting my notes here. I'm not entirely sure that's what she said, verbatim. After Anakin and Aeryn refused to sing, Hat-Girl, Rory, and John declared themselves siblings. I'm sure there's logic there. I'm just not following it. Hamlet and Fluffypants stopped in, and Anakin was finally convinced to go sing, with some help from a fuzzy pink robot bunny.

In the clinic, Cox was not happy with Tommy in the morning shift, and Walter stopped by . In the evening, Alanna and Faithful were there. No word on whether they were happy or not.

And that's all! Good night Fandom, this is Bridge Carson, signing off!
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Bridge: Okay, is everyone here? Good. Let's get this thing started then. Don't ask questions. Just read the notes, okay? Uh! Hello, Fandom. It's Thursday night and I'm bringing the happenings of Fandom with some help from some special guest stars!

Workshops Where People Do Stuff

Greg: Hi, peoples! Okay, so in Screen Acty thing, people filmed each other doing intros and then they worked in groups to make a scene.

In Sex Ed, they did a survey and played in groups with phallic balloons that squirted. Heee! Pip, Blair, and Willow all talked to Crazy Hooker, though why I don't really know.

And in Wilderness Survival, they stripped, listened and tracked, and D'anna talked to Callisto whosleepswithducks.

In that talking class, they did intros and Ivanova talked to Blair, Tim, Pip and Phoebe after class.

In the library, Jamie told Angela 'bout his "special talent," Cally and Angela had girltalk, and that girl with the name was looking for books.

And over lunch, Tyler and Pippi had a nice, long talk.

And seriously, all of this sounds like bad porn or something.Oops. I said that on the radio. Um. Well. At least my girlfriend is out of town so maybe she didn't hear, unless she downloaded the podcast in which case hi, honey, you're pretty!

So...back to Bridge. OH. And everyone should have hair like Inkykin Skywriter's! The end!

Camp Where People Live

Bridge: This morning in the gym, Cam and Veronica declared a banana war- is that a war on bananas, or using bananas, or what? And Cam also taught Veronica how to kick stuff. Kawalsky and Cam were then "manly" together. This probably did not involve bananas. And Cam and Sakurazaki met and discussed Fandom weirdness.

At the Meerkat Campfire this morning, Buffy was reading a magazine by herself. The Aye-Aye Campfire was a little more populated, since Archie made breakfast. Nadia stopped by for some- and hopefully did not recite poetry- as did Sawyer. And Pippi and Archie were "hale and hearty" in spite of blue drinks.

In the Stickbug cabin, Jamie woke himself up by being all cheerful and obnoxious. Isabel was getting ready to leave for a bit- we'll miss you! Oh, wait, you're probably gone and can't hear this... oh well, you'll download the podcast or something when you get back, and then you'll know that we will miss you. Did miss you. Something. Whatever. Anyway, Hat-Girl, Cedric, Jack, Alanna, the dude, Peter and Greg all stopped by to say goodbye. Willow and Peter had lunch. Anakin taught Willow about etiquette and was confused by Greg. There's also something about ducks and skywriting. Greg? Sometimes, you worry me, dude. Just sayin'.

Greg: I don't know why people keep saying that. Also, tomorrow my hair will be extra-cool, so all should come and see!

Bridge: I'll... mark it on my calendar. Anyway, moving on. Alec informed Dean that, surprise! He is now enrolled in Flight and Flying! Dean seemed less than pleased. Pippi and River spoke Squirrel in a clearing. To each other, or to squirrels? I don't know. Hat-Girl seemed unsure of whether or not Cam was allowed to be in the Meerkat cabin. And Ranma has the sneaking suspicion he- she? These notes say both. Weird. Anyway, that he or she missed something this week.

And.... now I turn you over to Alanna.

Alanna: What? Well, I was going to sleep. Faithful, wait outside. No. Wait outside. Because you tried to eat the microphone last time. I don't care. Sit. Stay. I'll give you a can of tuna. Good boy. OW!

Okay, evil cat issues over so: dorm life. Where I learned many new things today that I am actually happy I learned. ... Get your minds out of the gutter.

Seras broods with a soccer ball. I hope the ball is feeling better. Oh, and she talks with Pippi and Nadia about her fight with Walter. Seras's fight. Not the ball's. Just in case it wasn't clear.

The place to be tonight is apparently the Pangolin - who named our cabins anyways? - campfire. Parker and Bridge talk about classes. For the record, I think mine are out to get me. Then, Parker talks with Bel about Sex Ed. That's just helping my point, you know. Bel and Bridge also talk about Sex Ed and Blair. Do I want to know? Faithful was being a brat and giggled at Bel, me, and almost everyone else who was there. Parker made a brave attempt at explaining the love lives of some classmates to me. Faithful was giggling. Bridge talked to me about losing his shirt. Because I must: Did you find it?

Bridge: Actually? Cal gave it back after class.

Alanna: Xander isn't sure what to think about Bridge losing his shirt. It could have been worse. It could have been pants. Anders brings cupcakes. How come I didn't get one? Angela and Marty stopped and caught up with more people. Jaye and Z also make an appearance.

And then people went to bed.

Town Where People Work

Kawalsky: So I wanna see what all the radio fuss is about. DJ K is on the air with all the town news.

Coach Bluth was chilling out on his yacht. There was probably booze involved. I'm just saying.

In Empire Records, Little Buddy Jamie and my favorite detention pal Marie caught up about workshops.

Over at All and Sundries, Ivanova's back in town and brought Blackadder coffee. Hey, she never brought *me* coffee. What? Is Blackadder more worthy of caffeine-laced goodness?

In Luke's, Jude played with donuts. I.. really hope that's not a euphemism or I'm never eating there again.

Parker and Cally had fun at the beach and man, considering some of the stuff I've heard on here lately, I really hope that's not a euphemism either.

Awww, and Isabel left town and her freakishly small boyfriend saw her off. Keep up the good work, Spiky Short Guy.

Then there's the most happening place in town, Caritas, where Coach Bluth was in a good mood. See, told ya, there had to be booze involved. He gave V a paid night off. Then he talked to the Mountie Man about women. Wait, my notes say there was no fist fight. Weird. Then Cally and Piper talked. Just talked.

And if you missed it, the Pirate had his Wine, Wenches 'n Song show this afternoon.

That's all from town. Wait no, there's a few late notes here about some weird goings-on around the place. Empire Records, Artie's, All and Sundries, the Tarr-diss whatever that is, Mauvaise Chance, Quark's Bar, Caritas, Luke's, Hitsuze-what the hell is that?, the clinic, the old lawyer place, the cinema, the florist, the Perk, JGOB and the hotel.

Sounds fishy to me. That's all from town. I guess we'll find out what the deal is tomorrow.

This is DJ K signing off from the radio gig. Hey, are those Twizzlers?

Bridge: Yes, yes they are. Thanks for the help, guys! This is Bridge Carson- and guest stars- signing off!

much love for [livejournal.com profile] threeweapons, [livejournal.com profile] kawalsky and [livejournal.com profile] like_a_sponge for cowriting yay!
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Hello everyone, this is Bridge Carson, back on Thursday nights. Anyway, here's what went on today!

Workshops, Where People Presumably Learned Things

In Sex Ed today, people tried to convince virtual people to have sex with them. If they succeeded, they got a cookie. I did not get a cookie. I'm also not in the class, but I tried. Yogalaties did some yoga poses and talked about maybe starting up a yoga club, which sounds kinda cool.

In Wilderness Survival, Cal made people hand over their shoes and clothes again. And then they had to go about planning how to capture Greg, who was running around in the woods. I should've crashed that class instead. Or maybe Leadership and Outdoorsmanship, who had breakfast at Professor Harrington's place, and didn't do anything at all involving nudity.

In the cafeteria, River and Pippi discussed how to get Berthold onto the raft, and Mac brought her own lunch.

Dorms, Where People Live

In the gym today, Cam and Veronica discussed self defense, yoga, and stress.

In the Second Floor Common Room this morning, I was practicing telekinesis. River stopped by, and contrary to what the notes say, we were not staring at each other- we talked about Berthold and boyfriends. Tyler was there too, and he and River talked about the raft River's working on. Nadia gave me a very, very good suggestion about something that I fully intend on carrying out. She and Tyler talked about how Walter's gone back in time. I informed Draco that I am not a ghost. Though I suppose it could be possible that I was one but didn't know I was, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. Nadia and Draco discussed, and I quote, "being pale and British and collecting umbrellas."

Tyler and Draco were glad they were no longer haunted. Conner and I talked about Andros. Conner and Nadia discussed Fandom weirdness and the World Cup finals, which are not, as far as I know, connected. Hermione was knitting... well, my notes say it was a hat. So I'll just go with that. Anyway, Nadia told her all about a zoo where the animals are apparently on drugs or something. Anakin also stopped by for a while to chat and play with glitter. Z was there and... apparently met Ninjor? Wait, Ninjor was here and I missed him? Aww, man!

Officer Lion-Girl was apparently very, very hungover. I'm not surprised, after hearing last night's radio broadcast. Aeryn, who was not hungover, got a visit from Toasty. The dude came by to talk to Isabel about paint, and then later, Greg stopped by Isabel's room and there was indoor picnicking. Nadia got a phone call, as well as a visit from Pip. River got a visit from Tim, who was there with ice cream and apologies.

Seras was in her room and writing poetry, at least until there was an unfortunate incident with Pup thinking a toy serpent was a snack food. After that, she went to go apologise to Pippi about Seymour's untimely demise. Alec stopped by Officer Lion-Girl's room to see if she'd recovered from her hangover yet. Joxer fell down outside Al's room, and Janet and Liz were talking about clothes and holidays in their room. Speaking of clothes, it's really cold in here, can I at least get a blanket?

Oh-So-Mysterious Voice In The Background: Nope.

*Sigh*, fine. In the Second Floor Common Room, where the Z-Cases were playing again, the dude and I discussed presents. Not for you.

Anders wandered in claiming not to be drunk. I totally believed you, dude. Really. Hat-Girl and Dawn scavenged for ransom for the four-foot-tall raccoons on one of the upper floors. Those who take slippers hostage should be punished, not given ice cream. This is a policy issue.

Jamie was intimidated by Esme. No, really. She's tiny and fuzzy and cute and he was all "ack!". Meanwhile, he also discussed the good word with me. Xander talked parties with the dude, said hi to Anders, and about, um, stuff... with me. Conner talked about his performance abilities with the dude. He claims they're non-existent. Except for kissing in bars, or something. Callisto chatted with the dude about various things, and with me about Becky, who is actually kinda mean.

Town, Where People Make Out In Exchange For Booze

Tyler and Willow had lunch at Jeff's today. Pippi and River stopped by All and Sundries to look for a blanket for Berthold, and then they and Blackadder made a call to Barbossa's radio show.

At Caritas tonight, Tim and Nadia sang. Nadia and V talked about stuff, and Nadia and Pippi talked about boyfriends and how to get them. Cally and Nadia got drunk together, and Piper and Veronica talked about babies. Cally and Piper kissed while Veronica took pictures. While Tim was psyching himself up for that song he sang, he talked about Broadway shows with Veronica. Conner and Doctor Oliver talked about why he's not sticking around for the rest of the summer- Dr. O. that is, not Conner. Conner's still here. And made out with Anders in Caritas, in exchange for free drinks.

Sakurazaki stopped by Luke's to see Jude, and apparently they kissed and it was really cute, awww! And Willow and Dr. Pevensie talked about Peter at the Perk. Oh, and Clark had dinner at Cafe Fina.

Dr. Troy opened the clinic this morning, and Trevor came by for the evening shift.

That's all, I'm really cold, and signingoffnowokaybye! *not terribly innocent-sounding scuffling* *click*
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BRIDGE: Hello, Fandom! Bridge Carson here, on this lovely... yes, it's a Tuesday. And I haven't done a broadcast for a couple of weeks. Did you miss me?

Workshops, Where People Learned Stuff

BRIDGE: In Scoobying today, Willow was kidnapped, oh noes! But it's okay, because we came up with our own superhero teams using people from the school, and then teamed up with each other and went to go rescue her, yay!

In First Aid, people worked on patching up accident victims at a Fourth of July picnic in the pool, picnic area, or playground. There were apparently not very many badgers. In the Space Ninja's class, people shot stuff with the bows of their choice, talked, and left gifts for her.

In Writing, Chloe had everyone write romance stories. Kawalsky talked fanfic with Cam and Marie. What's fanfic? It sounds... interesting, I guess. Marie and Cam talked about stuff, as did Chloe and Cam, and then everyone turned in their assignments.

In Campfire Songs & Stories, Ted and Hamlet told stories, and Ted tells everyone that it's his last class ev- wait! What's going to happen to Earl? I need to know, dude. The Documentary class finished editing their projects and then presented them. Good job, guys!

In the cafeteria, Sawyer ate lunch.

I'm now turning you over to Anders, who will tell you all about what happened in the dorms and town today. Except the beach party, which I'll get to after.

Dorms, Where People Live and Stuff

ANDERS: Hey, guys, this is Anders, and you know what? Boogie boarding rocks. But that's not why I'm here. I don't know why I'm telling you all about what happened in the dorms today since I was out at the beach, but hey, I don't write these notes, I only read 'em. Anyway, it was really quiet in the dorms. Not surprising, since frakking well all of you were out at Galactica Point.

A few people were in their rooms though! Ranma was in bed until Sakurazaki talked him into going to the beach party. River had a date with Tyler, and worked on a raft with Pippi, and Callisto was hung over, but dude, these notes say she might try and kill people later. Uh, that can't be good.

And people were emaily. Cameron, Peter Parker, and Willow all did the correspondence thing today.

Nadia, who kind of rocks, was bein' thoughtful this morning and speaking of being thoughtful, she checked on Pip, who has the flu and dude, that sucks. He also told Pippi all about how the French rock and Americans suck. Um. I'm just gonna plead Article Twenty-Three here, 'cause I have no idea. Walter escorted Seras home from the clinic. Glad you got out of there, Seras! Hope that jerky guy who was there when I brought you in didn't give you too much grief. And Seras's roommate, Gwynn, was waiting for Pippi this morning.

Cedric was hanging out in Jack's room tonight, and John and a kinda cranky Aeryn made it back from the party.

And seriously? That's, like, all that went on in the dorms today. That I know of.

Oh, wait. Walter dropped Pup off with Seras tonight before heading out of town. Bummer. Come back safe, man, okay?

Stuff in Town That Probably Didn't Involve Sand

ANDERS: And it's me again! Sparky Repairs was open, and probably, um, sparky, since John Connor -- that's with an O-R, and that's his last name, as opposed to Conner with an E-R who is not my boyfriend, okay -- was making fireworks while he was on the clock. River and Pippi were poking around in the junkyard, and I don't think they ran into a tentacle monster there this time. Seriously? No more tentacles. For a really, really long while.

So apparently Walter is on some kind of mission, which he talked about with Alfred at Cafe Fina before he left. Seriously, man . . .look after yourself, okay?

Whoa, and dude! Rory's mom is having a baby! Congratulations, seriously. That's awesome.

Beach Party, Where People Did Beach Stuff

BRIDGE: And now? The Fourth of July party, which I'm fairly sure like 99% of the island population turned up for.

Officer Lion-Girl was there, and Buffy talked to her about a poster. Sawyer was also there, and he and Tempe were cute. Tim informe Sawyer that he is a spaz in flip flops, and Clark was there and talked to Sakurazaki about ducks. Then there was Isabel, who organized the whole thing!

She refused Tim's offer to start a water fight in favor of being adorable with Greg, apparently. Buffy and Isabel talked about how their ritual worked! My notes don't say anything about whether this "ritual" was dirty or not, but you know what? I'm gonna go with not. Dawn was also there, and Buffy thought she should cover up more.

Draco was there, Buffy helped him with sunscreen and Tim thought he was pale. Buffy got Alec to, and I quote, "rub her down" and I'm pretty sure that is dirty. Gwynn, who Tim remembers, is there and complimented Pippi. Tyler was also there, and Tim threatened to kick his ass if he hurt River. Um. Okay.

Seras was there, and talked to Nadia, Tim, Pippi, and Stark. Sakurazaki was there too! Ranma was there but was a girl, who Tim noted was quite pale. Peter Parker? Also there. As was Cedric. Rory was too, and she talked to Anakin about sunscreen, Anders about relationships, Tim about paleness- you know, I'm beginning to note a pattern here- and Officer Lion-Girl about weird families and friends and relationships.

Marie and Lana were both sunning, but Stark chose to hang out under an umbrella. Hat-Girl and Cam were there and adorable. Xander and I were there too, and talked to Cally about... stuff. *pause*

Anyway. Moving on. The volleyball tournament had Jude and Sakurazaki facing off against Joxer and Anders, Buffy and Dawn versus Sam and Dean, and Peter Griffin and Walter against Pippi and Conner.

Over in the music tent, Fraser and Clark hung out, and Sam and Buffy danced and talked about Christmas. At the bonfire, Tim was requesting some non-scary stories. And off in the dark, Sakurazaki and Jude's attempt to get some alone time is foiled by Ranma, who is apparently stalking them.

Over by the food tables, Alfred gave Pippi some tasty "not dirty" pie. Yes, my notes actually specify not dirty this time. Walter told Alfred he needed some time off, and Wonka didn't find Alfred's food disgusting. Yay? Sakurazaki warned Ranma that she'll get heartburn if she keeps eating like that. Whatever "like that" means.

John was swimming around like a dork, and Tim tried to squirt him with a watergun. Pippi and Tim fought ramen or something. Aeryn was also swimming, and John attempted to use a pickup line on her. Aeryn was surprised that John, Greg, and Peter managed to survive after what they got up to last night. Anakin and Aeryn discussed water, drunkenness, and Coruscant. Cam and Aeryn talked about Cam's trip.

Nadia was there, and was splashed by Pippi. Anakin was also there, and was annoyed by Tim. Hat-Girl talked to Anakin about the Coruscant trip, and Cally talked to him about machinery. Greg and Isabel were splashy-splashy and Bel was... hairy. And also splashy with Isabel, but not in a flirty way. Back to people who were splashy in a flirty way, there was Alec and Officer Lion-Girl, and Phoebe and Bel.

There was more non-flirty splashing by Ranma and Sakurazaki and Cally and Archie. Archie was also floating around with Veronica. Cally was admiring Walter's shorts while Pippi was trying to make him trip. Also, Anders and Cedric learned how to boogie board.

During the fireworks, Tim told Nadia that fireworks remind him of alien ships blowing up. Um, I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing to be saying when you go to a school with aliens, dude. Greg and Isabel looked at fireworks and made out, and Anders and Conner totally snuggled. I am a fan of snuggling. Not with either of them, I mean, I have my own person to do that with. I'm just talking on principle here.

On that note, I think I'm gonna go do that. Bye, everyone!
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Good evening and happy Thursday, Fandom-

*inquisitive mewing sounds*

No, I think you have to be able to speak English to do the radio broadcast, sorry.

*disappointed mewing*

-anyway, this is Bridge Carson, bringing you the latest and greatest of Thursday.

We Were Drawn From The Weeds

In Sex Ed today, people talked about their favourite flavours of pie. They also made emergency kits, for those situations when a pie craving just hits you out of nowhere. Then they talked more about pie, and after class, Becky enjoyed sampling Tyler's pie.

In Wilderness Survival, everyone worked on macaroni art. Aeryn tried a risky new pasta-art technique, and Cam figured out the point of the exercise. Leadership and Outdoorsmanship, on the other hand, went on a hunt for cat treats.

*mewing sounds*

No, *I* don't have any cat treats... shh.

Yogalaties discussed yogourt and lattes. Nature Magic discussed potato chips, and how ketchup is a ridiculous flavour for chips.

The library was awfully busy today. Dawn and Buffy came in to look up stuff about monsters under the bed. Buffy, Rory and Willow researched strawberry shortcake recipes. Willow found the ultimate recipe, for which Rory was grateful. Tyler made googly eyes at Willow. Tyler and Rory talked, and then Tyler offered to go research shortbread recipies. Jamie pitched in, researching the history of doughnuts, complete with visual aids. Tyler made a discovery about shortbread that left both Rory and Xander somewhat less than pleased. Jamie and Tyler discussed Tyler's past experiences with baking. Hermione was also looking up recipes in the library. Brownie recipes, to be exact. There's lots more baking talk, but trust me, it's all very boring.

In the cafeteria today, there was an incident with Tempe and some cheesecake.

Dean The Tick held office hours and contemplated chili.

And now, onto the dorms.

We Were Brave Like Soldiers

In the gym today, there were several lively discussions about pudding. Up on the fifth floor common room, Marie discussed figs, Jamie mentioned tuna- in front of cats, no less- good move.

*more mewing*

No, I don't have tuna either. Nadia and Pippi played with empanadas and ate- wait, no. Played with kittens and ate empanadas.

Tempe and some cheesecake visited Sawyer on the third floor, and River shared ice cream with kittens on the fifth floor. Hamlet, Walter and Nadia were also there but didn't get ice cream. Woe.

Jude and Ranma discussed sushi. Jude is pro-sushi. Ranma is not.

In the second floor common room, Conner spread fish. Kaylee walked backwards into it, as did Stark. Bel gave Conner some marketing advice regarding his fish spread, and Marie attempted to confuse Bel and Conner by mentioning squid.

In the third floor common room, Tempe made some pizza.

The dude had spaghetti for breakfast, John and Aeryn had Pop Tarts, Cal had Lucky Charms, Willow had butter tarts, Ranma had tuna and Anakin and Sam had danishes. Jake sent some email about coffee. I'm sure you're all shocked.

The dude had some sandwiches, as did Jack and Hamlet. But not all together. Lots of people went to Rory's room to talk about the recipes they'd researched earlier in the library. Al's also got cupcakes, but not from Rory's room.

John and Aeryn had ice cream, and Walter and Nadia had turnovers.

Falling Down Under the Pale Moonlight

Jarod decided he wanted to leave in search of the world's best perogies. Jack, Cedric, and Isabel roasted marshmallows on the beach. River stopped by Giles's shop in search of gyros and tzatziki sauce. Peter and Willow discussed muffins. Jude makes Sakurazaki an omlet.

Jay and Silent Bob ate fishsticks, Z brought Jamie some lasagna, Elle had chicken noodle soup and Barbossa... drank rum.

At Caritas, Pippi and Pip had english muffins, Pippi and Seras refused to give Pip Rice Krispie Treats, Pippi introduced Archie to Seras and they all discussed chocolate mousse, Veronica told Archie about Skittles, and Piper and Paige cooked hashbrowns in the lounge.

Annnnnnnd in the clinic, Dr. Troy made Nanaimo bars, and Trevor made french fries.

That's all, Fandom. Me and this very clingy cat are now off to find something to eat, because I'm strangely hungry.
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Hi everyone! It's been yet another Thursday here in Fandom, and here's me, Bridge Carson, to tell you all about it.

Not Quite School

In workshops today, Yogalaties did introductions and yoga poses.

In Leadership and Outdoorsmanship, people learned about proper trash disposal and burying garbage. They also discussed things like whether certain activities are acceptable outdoors and fires. In Wilderness Survival, everyone took off their shoes and had to identify animal tracks. After class, Callisto apparently coerced Janet into joining the cheerleading squad.

In Sex Ed, people filled out questionnaires and then did something dirty with balloons and whipped cream. Please, draw your own conclusions. In Nature & Nature Magic, everyone played with things that represented the different elements.

In the cafeteria, Pippi and Jude had lunch and talked about, well, food. Ainsley met Nadia and Walter, and they did the introducing thing. Sawyer, Briar and Tim all also had lunch. Seriously, the fact that people eat lunch is news? This worries me.

This and That

Outside Seahorse Cabin this morning, Cedric did magic for Jack, Sam talked about coffee, and Officer Lion-Girl talked about shirtlessness. In the Stickbug Cabin, Cam and Tyler talked vampire gnomes, Cam and Peter decided they needed a flag, and Cam and Greg decided bribery was the way to go with the Meerkats. Hat-Girl and Cam had a Stickbug versus Meerkat argument. Outside Aye-Aye, Sawyer made food which drew in Nadia, and they chatted over breakfast.

In the gym, Marie talked to John Connor and Pippi. She also admired Gwynn's swordplay, apparently, and talked to Tyler and the dude. Gwynn was, reportedly, in a very good mood when she talked to Pippi.

Paige and Pippi were looking forward to Sex Ed. And Tempe is back in Pangolin after spending the night with Sawyer.

Janet was understandably annoyed at being drafted onto the cheerleading team. Anakin was annoyed about... something, which sent him off making a call home. Also, Buffy wrote a letter, Tyler went for a walk, and John Connor got some email.

Later on in the gym, Peter and Pip talked and worked out, and Tempe was there and then went for a walk with Sawyer. Phoebe also sparred with John Connor.

At Squirrel campfire, Pippi and Walter roasted phallic objects while Pippi sang. At Seahorse, Officer Lion-Girl was there with coffee in what I can assume was an attempt to encourage shirtlessness.

At the Meerkat campfire, Greg brought cake as a peace offering. Molly talked to Isabel about boys and beaches, and Tim apparently wanted to hear her origin story. Buffy talked to Isabel about glowing CDs and Molly about Callisto. Dawn told Buffy that her roommate needs to get out of his pants. I talked to Isabel about workshops and Greg about my hair, which has been doing a thing today. I don't know why. I also told Dawn about the Power Rangers and promised not to kill Peter. Elizabeth discussed ducks with Isabel and camping with Peter. Bel talked to Isabel about Angel and Logan, and talked fighting with Tyler. Xander showed up with juice to balance out all the junk food, which was very considerate. Hamlet met Tyler, and Peter asked him if he kissed Marty. Hamlet, that is, not Tyler. The idea of Tyler kissing Marty makes my head hurt, for some inexplicable reason. And finally, Dawn told Dean and Sam how to get Sam out of his pants. Dirty? Dirty.

And over at the main campfire, Tim, Marie and Sakurazaki all hung out and talked.

Here and There

In town, Agatha was at work and so were the dingbots. Jamie was traumatized by evil music at Empire Records. Dawn stopped by to talk to Giles about Sam's pants. Professor Harrington also stopped by Giles's shop, but not to talk about Sam's pants. Instead, she talked to Peter. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes was open for business. Except, presumably, when Fred went to Cafe Fina for lunch.

Pippi and Edmund had a discussion about who's really welcome. Welcome where? In the store, in town, what? I'm not sure. There was a radio call-in show, where Barbossa took song requests and gave advice on the air.

Quark was... around, so my notes say, and Edmund was drunk on the streets. Clark and Sakurazaki talked with Jude in the park, and GOB and Becky talked about workshops and not hurtineg GOB. Also, Miho and Barbossa had a date on the roof of the Sin.

Over at Caritas, Weevil was teasing Veronica about Archie, and Archie apologized to Veronica about not being around for the past few days. In the Clinic, nothing happened for either Dr. Troy or Trevor.

And that is a wrap for the happenings of today. This is Bridge Carson, signing off... with a reminder that certain cabins may want to remember to lock their windows and doors at night.
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Hey all, it's Bridge Carson, bringing you the exciting happenings of Thursday in Fandom.

Little of Column A

There really wasn't a lot of school related news today. Zordon sent some email- how did he manage that without hands, I wonder? Well, maybe Alpha typed it or something. And Principal Washburn had office hours. That's it. And now on to the dorms, which were really busy today.

This and That

Outside the dorms, Elle apparently attempted to recruit Jack as her own personal cabana boy. And Ranma was dodging the rain.

In the gym this morning, Gwynn and Peter Pevensie met, Cam broke Gwynn's brain a little- hopefully not literally, because that sounds painful, and Cam and Peter believe the "pretty girls" should've been mentioned in the brochures.

In the fifth floor common room this morning, Phoebe and Paige talked dating and family. But, thankfully, not dating family. Pippi and Phoebe talked fake boyfriends. Phoebe and Jude talked zombie movies, and then she was mushy with Bel.

Down in the second floor common room, Janet and Blair talked about missing school, Janet and D'Anna talked workshops, Zack met Janet, Blair, and D'Anna, Peter- and man, I'm just glad that "Bridge" isn't a common name, so I can't be confused with anyone else- talked to Janet, Elizabeth who is not Z watched the Z-Files with Janet, the dude plotted something about shirts, and Sam apparently didn't like being called "bra". *deep breath* Whew.

In the hallways, people said goodbye to Marty and Angela who are leaving but will be back! And outside, Pip was attacked by wooden shrapnel courtesy of Sakurazaki.

In the fourth floor common room, Joxer and Jamie met, Willow introduced Joxer to M&Ms, Dean and Willow talked about demons, and Joxer and Conner talked about rubber monsters.

Back in the fifth floor common room, Buffy made pancakes for breakfast, except it wasn't really breakfast, it was noonish, so it was more... lunch. Or possibly brunch. Pip offered to make crepes, Nadia and Hat-Girl talked dating, and Hat-Girl and Buffy talked superpowers, and maybe everyone with a superpower should just start adding that on to their introductions? Hi, I'm Bridge Carson, and I'm a psychic. Anyway, Jamie and Hat-Girl talked about bunnies and roommates, 494 ate- seriously, is this news? people eating?- Walter and Nadia were cute, and River, apparently, was weird.

Back in the second floor common room, Logan made margaritas, Veronica and Logan talked, as did Officer Lion-Girl and Logan and Cam and Veronica. My notes say something about a secret banana society. I'm not sure I want to know. Buffy stopped by and learned that the second floor common room is supposed to be the cool one. Draco and Joxer learned about margaritas. Cordy talked to Logan and Cally, Cally talked to Logan and Veronica, Xander talked to Joxer, Logan, Cordy and Buffy, and Jack talked to Veronica and Rory.

Okay, huh. Apparently there's another Xander here now. And he talked to Cordelia. Whatever, mine's cuter.

Bel met the uncute Xander and Tyler, Tyler met Rory, Rory met Conner, and man... I'll be glad in a week or so when everybody's met everybody and we can stop reporting every time two people say hi. Hat-Girl and Rory, who already knew each other, talked, I'm guessing about boys. Dawn had furniture jealousy and talked to the other Xander and the dude. Alec who was 494 but has a name now talked to Cordy and Tyler, Hermione met a whole slew of people, and Hamlet met James.

Officer Lion-Girl saw Peter naked in the hallway. That... sounds traumatic. Sorry, Lion-Girl. Lockheed said goodbye to Rory and taunted some fish. Bye, Lockheed!

Back up in the fifth floor common room, Marie and Kaylee watched "Tinseltown Diaries", and I get the feeling I should've known who the episode was about, I talked to both of them, and Alanna complained about the new people.

On the roof, Walter and Nadia hung out, and Tim and Demyx met Nadia and Walter.

Once again in the fourth floor common room, Dean and Zack talked about zombies while watching a movie, Z brought Oreos, and Jude met Dean.

In the Gym, Aeryn talked to Peter and Miles. And in the lobby, John Connor played with Ranma and Elle.

Jack is crazy and went running really early in the morning. Peter sent off an email and talked to Greg about romance novels. Also sending email was Xander. Zack wrote in his journal, but did not send email. Tyler did not send email or write in a journal, but he did make a list! And he's checking it twice!

John and Aeryn were adorable and snuggly. In other news, the sky is blue. Also cute were Pup and Cuddles, but in a different kind of way. In other pet-related news, Tyler agreed to cat-sit Angela's cat while the girl, not the cat, goes on vacation.

Shiro woke up in a window. Lindsey reflected in his room. And emos a bit too. Possibly in the window. I don't know.

Sakurasaki and Luna did roomie things like talk about magic. Luna visited Tim and they chattered. Peter and Paige went for their date. Dawn walked in on Draco dancing. Spazzily. I don't suppose you got any pictures, Dawn?

A lot of people were in 406 including but not limited to Xander, me, Isabel, Cal, Greg, Z, Peter, and Alanna. We watched something called reality TV, which I still don't really understand- if I want reality, I'll go outside or something. Anyway, yes, we watched that and just generally hung out and talked and stuff.

And that's all for dorms. Now on to-


Bridge: Um, dude? Are you lost? 'Cause... this is my room and I'm pretty sure you don't live here. Wait, actually... *sound of rustling papers* Here, do me a favor and read these, okay?

Briar: Wait, what am I doing? Reading notes and then everyone at school will hear over that box thing? Um, okay. Do I get paid?

Bridge: Nope. Strictly volunteer work. Anyway, go ahead, dude.

Briar: Over in town, someone named Agatha looks through a catalog. How is this newsworthy? Speaking of money, Tim and Jude get job applications at Luke's and Jamie begins work at Empire Records.

The theater is showing The Poseidon Adventure. I don't think I've actually ever seen a play. Elle runs into Silent Bob and Jay. And Jude runs into Tim and Orlin. One, I hope they're okay. Two, why again is this news?

A lot of stuff happen at All and Sundries. Juding by what happens, I'm guessing All and Sundries is a store. I should probably find a map of the island soon. Pip and Nadia shop with Demyx who later comes back with money. That usually helps when shopping. Paige also shops for clothes from apparently the 40's. What's that? Jaye, the crazy girl from last night, buys nametags and Jude has written his name on his forehead. I completely support this new trend for both old and new students. Elizabeth buys vodka. Please share with everyone else, Elizabeth.

In other parts of the town, English Peter - what a weird first name, English - has coffee with Janet. Elle visits the salon. And finally, GOB and Becky - again with the weird names - talk at the Sin. Or possibly work there? Something like that. And Miho talks. Congratulations?

In other interesting places, that I assume are located in town, other stuff happen. No, really. Who would believe it? In Cafe Fina Pip ogles Seras during dinner and Alfred and the Baron have dinner. Why does everyone have a weird name?

In Caritas, Lindsey sings. Okay. Paige and English Peter are there on a date. Ellie, Archie, Elle, and English Peter talk to Veronica at various points in the evening. Lindsey and Piper also spend some time together there.

Bridge: Okay, and to wrap things up, a special announcement from Alanna of Trebond: "All new students are required by school law to wear nametags at all times and have their names written with Sharpie on their foreheads."

Good night, Fandom!

[ooc: thanks to [livejournal.com profile] greenmagebriar for the guest-reporting!]
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RORY: HI OMG. This is Rory and we're in the woods and there aren't bears or anything but since I am a fifth wheel I have been left alone with only my coffee and candy to keep me company, woe. BUT HI, EVERYONE.

ANGELA: And this is Angela, also in the woods. We have the best tent ever because this freaky elf thing set it up. THANK YOU TOBBY. Seriously, the thing is bigger inside than my house.

XANDER: *cough* We like our tent too, though.

RORY: My tent is wee but I am sleepinating in Marty and Angela's not dirty YAY.

ANGELA: Not dirty. And Marty is off trying to ensnare teal deer with dramatic readings from our government textbook, but he should be joining us later.

BRIDGE: I'm here, though! And now... Fandom Radio, Special Camping Edition.

Cut 'cause is long omg )

[co-written with [livejournal.com profile] chasingangela, [livejournal.com profile] oatmanspatient, [livejournal.com profile] soldtoarmenians and [livejournal.com profile] bridge_carson, YAY.]
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Bridge: Hey all, Bridge Carson here, bringing you the news on this, the second-to-last day of the school year.

Little of Column B, Little of Column A

As such, there really wasn't a lot that happened class-wise today. Classics & Foreign Lit turned in final papers, Creature Languages turned in their final interviews, and Arthurian Traditions had- wait for it- a final exam.

Dr. Jackson held office hours, wherein Hat-Girl- who is apparently not wearing a hat this week, but whatever, I'm still calling her Hat-Girl- stopped by. To drop off a final paper. Professor Skeeter also held office hours, and Veronica stopped by to drop off *her* final paper.

Zordon let us know that the washers and dryers are still on strike, and so are any and all correction implements. Well, as long as none of them get turned in to monsters and start rampaging through the streets...

In the cafeteria, Pippi, Walter and Nadia discussed the end of finals and the lack of clothing.

And in the library, the dude and Rory talked about current library aides moving on to greener pastures. Or at least pastures with fewer books. Angela, Rory, and the dude then talked about everyone who'll be leaving, which apparently includes Archie. Rory gave him his boat back and told him that she's gonna do her best to convince him to stick around. Hat-Girl and Rory then talked about last weekend and Cam.

And in the school clinic, the nurse was in. And grumbling about paperwork. Sometimes I worry about what this school considers "news".

This and That

Sam and Anders talked fanfic, whatever that is, while they were outside this morning. Nadia and Walter woke up together and were apparently cute. Yay, cute!

Pippi had a weird dream, Veronica got a worrisome phone call, and Ivanova and Maia woke up.

Draco attempted to outsmart the laundry machines, but failed. Anakin called Obi-Wan and Angel talked to Isabel.

The laundry machines left a threatening note for Nadia, and so she tried some alternative clothes-drying methods while watching AKA in the Common Room.

Pippi lent Walter a shirt, Walter sent some email, and Anders and Cally were, well. Yes.

Pippi held the coffee bar on the fifth floor, and Peter stopped by. And now I bring you a very special guest reporter...
Field report! )

Here, There, Everywhere

Bridge: Right. Okay. Moving on now... Agatha was back at work today at Sparky Repairs, and the Baron was in the park. Angela visited Marty at Empire Records today, and they talked about camping. Yay, camping!

Giles was at work and reading- uh, whatever it was, it sounds dirty.

Ivanova was tired at work, but then perky at All & Sundries. Also at All & Sundries were Anakin, Angel, and Xander, picking up graduation stuff.

At Cafe Fina, Alfred reprimanded Walter for not being prepared for the strike, and Ivanova and Maia ate dinner.

At Caritas, Veronica was wearing... a sailor outfit? Whatever, um, floats your boat, I guess. Lots of people were singing tonight. And Marty and Bel teased V about the costume thing, while Archie admired. Piper threatened to blow up anyone who teases Veronica about the costume, and Archie thanks her for dinner. Piper and Lindsey discussed possible song choices, Lindsey got a drink, and lots of people talked to each other. As you do.

In the clinic today, there was... nothing. Drs. Troy and Goodchild used this time to catch up on some reading.

And that's all, Fandom. Goodbye and good night!
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JOHN: Hewwo! My name's John! Hi! I'm seven and three quarters! Hi again! Can you all hear me! Does anyone else wanna say hi? Say hi guys!


[Thank you to Angel, Bridge, Cam, Sam, Anakin, Barbossa, Xander, Angela, Marty, Aeryn, Jaye, Rory, Sean, Vladdie, Chloe, and Veronica for helping with all this. If a link got missed, please forgive me. This day was absolutely HUGE and I couldn't get it all.]
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Hey Fandom! Bridge Carson, bringing you the best and the worst of Thursday.

Little of Column B, Little of Column A

In ACJ, we reviewed for the final. Well, okay, mostly there was laughing at Marty who was a girl today, but some of us attempted to study. Classics and Foreign Lit turned in final projects, as did Speech, Campaigning, and Business classes.

Creature Languages, Psych and Jung all spent class working on their final projects. Isn't the end of the semester fun? And Cultivation and Gardening students get an email apologising for the lack of class yesterday.

Elizabeth, Lana, Professor Lyman and Veronica all stopped by to say goodbye to Professor Cregg.

The Library was opened by Angela who was a boy today. Anyway, she and Cam got into an argument and set up a fight for later. Veronica then stopped by to apologise for accidentally getting Angela turned in to a boy. Elizabeth stopped by and Angela teased her, and then the dude talked about the girl who was actually a dude with the dude who was actually a girl. Zero also came by and there was more discussion about the weirdness of being a boy. Isabel also stopped by to go into Special Collections.

Zordon's announcements today warned us all about the wandering accordion that was playing polka music for tips. In the cafeteria, there was discussion of lobsters and duct tape. And the nurse was building toothpaste sculptures in the clinic. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

This and That

Lots of people woke up today: Aeryn and John, Angel and Cal, and Angela and Marty. Only those last two woke up to find out that they'd switched genders. And, actually, presumably more people woke up too, but they aren't newsworthy for some reason. Too bad.

Lana and Piper stopped by to talk to Bel, who was hanging out in his room this morning. Angel and Veronica chose the girl's bathroom for their hanging-out needs today. And Xander was teaching Jeremiah how to dance. Did it work, dude?

Speaking of... I got email.

Also, Anders was working out and talking to Cally. There's also something about a fight here, but I choose to believe that is all dirty, dirty lies.

Cam sent out an email about the fight in the gym, which I'll get to in a bit. Sam apparently got caught up in a sort of cram-session-slash-cleaning-marathon. And Pippi and Walter went shark-hunting. As you do.

Isabel was in a bad mood and taking it out on the punching bag in the gym. Later, Cam and Angela arrived for their fight. Which Cam won, but Angela managed to win $50 by kissing him. Go Angela! John was taking bets on who would win, and also got into a fight with Callisto. After the fight, Marty and Angela headed back to Angela's room.

Phoebe's had a bad week. Piper's had a bad couple of days. I have no idea what kind of mood John Connor was in. And Aeryn was studying. I'll let that one speak for itself, as studying isn't exactly happy-fun-time.

Here, There, Everywhere

In the Perk, Chloe and Jake met for a Journalism interview and I'm sure everyone will be surprised to learn that there was talk of coffee.

At Empire Records, Marty's girlness freaked out Lucas, and then Angela stopped by for lunch, and Pippi stopped by for some girly music.

All and Sundries was... not open today. Huh. Cafe Fina was open, but didn't have any visitors.

Caritas, on the other hand, did have visitors. Veronica sang, and Marty drank and bought Archie a drink. Archie also talked with Veronica about date plans for Saturday... but were interrupted by Cally. Also, Nadia stopped by for a drink with Veronica to celebrate a successful pranking job.

And in the Clinic, Dr. Troy couldn't watch Enchanted and Trevor was late. That's it, seriously. Not even a scraped knee today.

Actually... that's it for the entire broadcast. Good night and good luck on any finals you've got left!
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Hello all, Bridge here, bringing you the latest and greatest of Fandom. Or possibly just Thursday.

Wish I Knew

Today in ACJ, we discussed tricycles. No, seriously. Conflict, Consensus, and tricycles, I swear. Also, Aeryn wore pink. And in Music we discussed awesome theme songs for TV shows.

Archaeology today did their presentations, Literature reacted to poems while Classics reacted to a biography. Students in Creature Languages today talked to Mr. Neilson. In any other class talking to a monkey might be unusual, but this is Creature Languages, so really, nothing unusual there.

Business classes worked on final projects. In Political Campaigning, they talked about getting the vote and worked on their projects. Afterwards, Angel stays behind to talk to Professor Lyman about his crush on... Elizabeth? Hoo, boy.

Speech 201 practiced their speeches, and 301 is cancelled, or moved or something. The classroom was empty, that's all I know. Psych 101 and Jung talked about... well, prom, actually. Technically they were supposed to discuss it in a psychological context, but I suspect the actual conversations had more to do with dresses and accessories and other important things like that.

Zordon's announcements today were in regards to a sudden pirat infestation, and to let us all know that the toilets are possibly still running. Away, that is.

Professor Skeeter what walking down the hallway and gives Bel and Angela detentions. I'm not sure whether this was just on a whim or whether they actually did something to earn it. Principal Washburn held office hours, and Cam comes to visit. So did Professor Cregg- hold office hours, I mean, not visit Principal Washburn.

In the Library, Mr. Wagner was apparently holding a grudge against the clock, or possibly time itself, I'm not quite sure. Rory and the dude discussed Alanna's potential dress choices, and tiaras. Rory and Peter talked about, you guessed it, prom. And also their journalism projects. But mostly prom.

The prom was also the discussion topic of choice in the cafeteria. Well, also the pool party, but I'll talk about that in a bit.

Also, the school nurse? Was in.


Callisto and Angel woke up, and my notes say something about "dirty" and somehow, I'm... not surprised. Aeryn... decided to wear pink. Which leads me to wonder: did anyone laugh at her? And if they did, do they still have all of their limbs attached? Angela and Marty had breakfast and coffee in her room. Peter got some email and encountered some pirats. Xander also got email, but did not, apparently, run in to any pirats.

Anakin and Isabel had a pillow fight and, later, Aeryn also stopped by his room. I'm assuming there were no pillow fights that time.

Ivanova hung out in her room and was visited by Al and Maia. My notes don't say what they talked about, so I'm just gonna take a wild guess and say they were talking about prom.

Barbossa and the pirats drank some rum and attempted to dance to the recitation of pi. Apparently it didn't go too well. Pi isn't exactly rhythmic, so I'm not surprised.

Speaking of dancing, Xander did some more email stuff, and then came and hung out with, well, me.

Oh man, Anders and Cally were doing what while we were in the next room? Uh... moving on.

Other people who were thinking about prom today include Phoebe, Officer Lion-Girl and Janet. As well as Hamlet and Macbeth, who were discussing prom in the 2nd floor common room. Which reminds me, it's time for a short commercial break:

"Ladies, are you looking for a last minute date to the prom? Are you desperate enough to date anything young, male, and seemingly interested in women? Have we got the man for you! For a good time, contact Macbeth at 555-SPOT or stop by Room 333 for all your prom dating needs!"

In not-so-prom-related news, there was a pool party in the basement today. Pippi and Ivanova posed for pictures in their bikinis, and Pip and Ivanova are going dutch to the prom. Pip and Walter discussed sexuality, which apparently led to Nadia and Ivanova kissing. Walter and Nadia also had a tickle-fight, and Al arrived in time to see all the pictures that Pippi had been taking. Maia and Ivanova chatted about the future, and Boone joined the party as well. Also Nadia brought snacks that had a special ingredient.

Here in My House

Sparky Repairs was open, and Agatha was reading. GOB was apparently doing some sort of avant-garde mime act that involved him dancing around like a robot. Apparently, and I've never seen this myself, but this is what I've heard, this sort of behaviour merits punching. I'm not sure why. Wonka's? Also open. As was All and Sundries, where Orlin went shopping today, and also Jay totally hit on Nadia outside the Kwik-Stop. Nadia stopped by Empire Records to talk with Marty, who was all twitchy. Orlin, who was not twitchy, came by looking for music. As you do.

Oh, I guess Professor Cregg's class wasn't cancelled after all. It was just... moved to the Perk, apparently? Anyway, Maia and Boone tried to convince the professor why they shouldn't have a final. Did it work?

In the Clinic, Troy worked the morning shift, Trevor worked the evening shift. Lilly is still there and still dead. In case you were wondering.

At Cafe Fina, Walter and Pippi stopped by to pick up a sandwich maker. And at Caritas, Bel and Veronica talked, as did Archie and Veronica. About... something that was not prom, actually. Apparently the discussion was about detention.

Stuff for Sale was busy as hell today. Pippi and Nadia took Walter dress shopping around lunchtime. Not surprisingly, he objects to pink. After classes, Callisto, Hat-Girl, Jake, Isabel, the dude, Aeryn, Alanna, Janet, Elizabeth, Angela, Sam and D'Anna stopped by, with Cam and John with them for support.

Cam gave opinions on dresses. Callisto tried to get him to try on a dress, and apparently they eventually compromised by having him try on a kilt. Cam continued to give opinions, this time to his prom date. Isabel, meanwhile, was helping Molly out with picking a dress. Aeryn was looking for a dress as well, and yes, she was still dressed in pink. Isabel and Janet were talking about dresses and the apparent guy shortage. And man, it's apparently commercial break time again:

"Ladies, are you looking for a last minute date to the prom? Are you desperate enough to date anything young, male, and seemingly interested in women? Have we got the man for you! For a good time, contact Macbeth at 555-SPOT or stop by Room 333 for all your prom dating needs!"

...that was totally the same commercial as last time, wasn't it? Weird. Anyway, back to the dress shopping.

Sam, the dude, and Janet were shopping for more dresses. As were Janet and Elizabeth. Angela solicited Cam's opinions on some dresses, and then looked at others with Isabel. The dude and Janet helped Alanna with picking out a dress and Jake was also looking for one. In non-dress-related news, Hat-Girl found a tux for Cam.

...and that's all for today, everyone. Bridge Carson, signing off.
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Hey everyone! Bridge here, bringing you the greats and the not-so-greats of Monday. Whoo, Monday. Yay.

We Were Drawn From the Weeds

Psych, Jung, and Magical Theory all had tests today. As did Celtic Studies. Creature Languages talked to a lobster, which makes sense considering last week they were dancing like lobsters. Speech 401 worked on websites.

In Shop today, people built wee little treehouses. Er, that's in the sense that they are houses *for* trees, and not houses in trees. Though those would be fun to build too.

In US History, they discussed the French Banana W- no, the Spanish American War. Who wrote these notes? French Banana War, the hell?

Western Lit and Paleontology both watched movies. And in further -ology news, Anthropology talks about social status, Sociology of Violence talks about the prison system, and Sociology of the Paranormal plays on a website.

Quantum Physics was taught by a rabbit. Well, I guess if you can have a lobster in language classes, a rabbit teaching physics classes isn't too weird. If a chicken starts teaching chemistry, though? That might be cause for concern. And in Tactics of War, we talked about leadership styles.

Zordon's announcements today involved summer camp, the disappearance of the weetiny bunnies, Lionel Ritchie, and a warning against dancing on the ceiling.

In the cafeteria, Pip, Pippi and Nadia talked shopping parties and pooling. Or pool parties and shopping. One of those. Meanwhile, in the TA lounge, Angela talks glitter and math with Cam.

The library is pretty quiet today- Sam stopped by looking for stuff on the White House, and Cam stopped by to talk to the dude who opened the library today.

The teacher's lounge is even quieter- Professor Cregg opened it, but no one stopped by. School clinic? Also empty today. Which... is probably actually a good thing.

We Were Brave Like Soldiers

There's an unusually high level of emo up in the south attic both this morning and this evening. John Connor made bacon but didn't share. Officer Lion-Girl and Veronica were bestest friends and helped each other out. Nadia reflected in the bathroom, which I guess is a good place to reflect 'cause of the mirrors.

Peter ignored Zordon's request and danced on the ceiling. Blair made a list. Did he check it twice? I'm not sure. Hopefully he at least spellchecked.

John's still acting weird. Anakin wrote home with a request for cookies, and then talked to Sam. Aeryn and Isabel had a chat, probably about girly things that must never reach the ears of men. Angela played Tetris and sent emails.

Aeryn and Cam gossiped about John, then Cam and Isabel chatted about birthdays and alien royalty. Well, everyone has a hobby.

Pippi made waffles with a new hairdo. Uh, Pippi had the new hairdo, not the waffles. The waffles were reportedly hairless. Though I can't say for sure, as I wasn't there. So... were they hairless waffles? Lemme know.

Professor Cregg and Sam watched TV in the lobby and then talked about practical jokes. Is there actually a practical joke? What are the practical implications of a joke? What makes it practical as opposed to impractical?

Zero and Peter talked, I'm not sure about what, but my notes indicate it was probably cute. Aeryn and John also talked, my notes say nothing about the level of cute. Which is probably good, because I'm pretty sure that most anyone calling Aeryn "cute" is liable to get, like, a kick in the face or something. Nadia stops by to see Al, there's something here about "chemistry". Huh. Well then.

Also, in the 2nd floor common room, we watched... a video. There were togas. In the video, I mean. Not in the common room. I was not wearing a toga. I will likely not be wearing a toga at any point in the near future. Moving on...

Falling Down Under the Pale Moonlight

Cafe Fina and Caritas were quiet, but Jarod got a phonecall from Parker over at Caritas.

Camulus and Orlin are domestic, but not before Orlin headed to JGOB where he met up with John Connor.

Aero...the book shop was booming today with Lana, Phoebe and Isabel stopping by. Sparky Repairs was open but had no customers.

Bel had a lot of visitors, with V, Isabel, Pippi, Alanna, Piper, Pip and Lana stopping by.

Pip, Pippi and Nadia bought swimsuits at All and Sundries. Orlin stopped in too, but not for swimwear. Which is good, because that image makes my brain kinda hurt.

The clinic was quiet. Anakin and Piper visited in the morning. By evening, Allie and Lilly are still in there. Lilly's still dead, but since that's her normal state, I guess that's good, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

We have a new mayor! Welcome to Fandom, Mayor Braca. Our old mayor, who I don't think is actually old but is former, despite being the new mayor only a few months ago, Tex, is now the new Sheriff. I wonder if she gets a badge and hat? I have a badge and a hat and handcuffs.

Anyway, that's it for today, I have nothing witty left to say. Hey, cool, that rhymed... Anyway, Bridge Carson signing off.
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Hey everyone! Um, I know it's been a while, but this is Bridge Carson, back at the mic- and sorry, no guest stars today. Maybe next week or something! Anyway, I'm here to bring you today's happenings in the wonderful land of Fandom. So let's get started...

That Place Where They Make You Learn Things

Today in Music, we had a guest lecturer named Martok who talked about opera and brought us food that moves. In ACJ, we did our presentations in the Danger Shop. There were a lot of- really interesting interpretations of Justice, which were all really cool and stuff.

Classics translates stories, while Foreign Lit studies Arabic literature. Today in Creature Languages, they apparently did... folk dances? Lobster folk dances? Okay. Huh. That's different.

In Speech classes, they talk about- well, actually, 201 writes speeches. 301 talks about talking to animals. Arthurian Traditions gets a quiz. Tough luck, guys. I hate quizzes. Business classes work on their final projects, Psych classes do research in the Library, and Archaeology plays games.

Campaigning talks about ads, and apparently there are dancing bunnies. What's with all the dancing animals lately? Is there something in the water? Should that maybe get checked out or something? I'm just saying...

Sex Cultures watches... porn? Is that allowed? But apparently it's interruped because Belthazor got arrested for attacking Allie. Uh- I thought he was supposed to be all reformed and stuff?

Office hours today are pretty quiet. Professor Cregg and Vice-Principal Hawkeye have no visitors during their office hours. Principal Washburn has one visitor, and Professor Skeeter has two. Wait, wait, wait, I take back what I said about quiet. Apparently Callisto got turned into a bunny when she went to visit Professor Skeeter.

Zordon explains the bunnies during the announcements. Well, sort of explains. I still don't know how they got here or why they want to hug anyone, much less dance, but okay.

The Library today is pretty busy- Rory and Angela pass notes, John talks to Rory and a... gnat? Well, it's not like we don't have other talking animals at this school. I guess insects can talk too. Angela talks weekend plans with the dude who also talks to Rory during lunch, Zero looks at stuff on Amazon, and Cally is... looking for a book. In the library. Who would'a thought?

In Clubs news- The newspaper meets and talks about... news.

And in the Cafeteria today, Nadia and Pippi have lunch, and Nadia tells Pippi she can't go shopping after all. That's all for things happening in the school.

That Place Where Students Live And Stuff

The roof apparently has a brief respite from the emo when Walter visits. Which is good, because everyone needs variety, even plants.

Nadia's leaving gifts outside people's doors. For some reason, this worries me. Nadia, are you okay, dude?

John's talking to Aeryn and certainly no one else omg, and after they talk, Aeryn goes back to her room. Belthazor snuggles with Phoebe, awwww. And Callisto snuggles with Angel, awwww again. Veronica's making phone calls, so's the dude, Nadia contemplates stuff in the bathroom, and Walter has giggly shoes. Well, with all the emo going around, it's good that some people are still in a good mood, I guess. Even if those people are, um, shoes.

Angel has a stare-off with some of the tiny bunnies. Dude, those never end well. Not that I've ever tried to stare down a bunny before. Pippi is bunnypiled, awww. And some can-can dancing bunnies try to cheer up Nadia, but sadly, they can't-ca- no, I'm not even finishing that joke. Forget it.

In the gym today, - Anakin and Angel what? *sound of headdesking* Apparently they got in a fight that... didn't end well for either of them. Well, duh. I could've told you that and saved you the trouble, dudes.

D'anna and Krycek textmessage each other, Angel is all recovering from getting into a really stupid fight, Kiki is thinking about stuff, Phoebe is worried about Bel, which is understandable, considering what happened in class today. For what it's worth, I hope things get all cleared up, dudes.

In HQ today Cally- what? Apparently stuff exploded. Cally, are you okay?

Sam instructs the bunnies on proper dancing technique, and talks to Isabel. Then Isabel and I also hung out for a little while. Officer Lion-Girl tells Aeryn to go talk to Peter, so she does. And Nadia... damnit, I knew something was wrong. Nadia is apparently gone. She'd better be coming back. Or else.

That Place Where You Can Buy Stuff

In the Trooper station, Weevil reports the demon attack from last night, Fraser brings Bel in, and Piper later comes by to visit Bel.

Officer Lion-Girl picks up her laptop from Sparky Repairs. In other computer-related news, Giles is apparently considering one. In non computer-related news, Nadia came into the bookstore to pay for a book, and to All & Sundries to pay for... I'm guessing sundries.

Isabel and Molly have lunch and chat about stuff at the Perk.

Wonka's and Cafe Fina are both quiet today. Caritas, however, has customers. Professor Cregg and Archie both stop by and chat with Veronica.

And at Galactica Point, Nadia is brooding, and talks to Cally. After that she... oh, no, no, no. Thankfully, Walter is around and manages to stop her from doing something completely crazy. Whew. And that's all for town, except for the clinic.

That Place Where You Go When You Get Into Stupid Fights

The school clinic is quiet today, which is good, cause the town clinic is hella busy.

Anakin comes in all injured, and is later visited by Rory. GOB is visited by Fraser and Becky.

Allie is visited by Nadia and Boone in the morning, and Piper and Weevil in the evening. And Grissom also stops by.

Anyway, I think that's everything. If I missed anything- ummm... blame whoever it was that spilled coffee on the notes. Yeah. That's it. Bridge Carson, signing off!
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Bridge: Hey everyone, Bridge Carson here, with my special guest co-host Rory Gilmore. Who is an actual other person, and not just me speaking in a weird voice.
Rory: Yes, seriously. What is with you schizophrenic people? Though I would be very impressed if you actually managed to imitate my voice effectively, Rufus.

Class-Like Stuff

Bridge: Impressions are not my strong suit, Barnaby. So I'll just stick with roping people into co-hosting with me. Anyway, in Music today we talked about music from Wizarding England, which is different from Non-Wizarding England somehow. Maybe the spelling, I don't know.
Rory: Oh, I've totally been there. Xander and I got something from a really gross shop. So maybe Wizarding England just smells bad. Anyway! In ACJ, we had a guest speaker...Consable Fraser. Hee.
Bridge: Okay, and here's where I have a question. Everyone seems to be, like, fascinated by people in uniform. I wear a uniform! Most of the time, even! So why does nobody notice?
Rory: ...I noticed.
Bridge: Yeah?
Rory: ...yes. Yes, it's a very nice uniform. MOVING ON. No Professor Pierson in History of Medieval England today. Woe. That is very sad. Very, very sad. Yes.
Bridge: Professor Cregg's out too. Huh. Weird. Professor Sidle, however, is present, and Chem blows stuff up. I wanna blow stuff up in my classes!
Rory: I'm sure you will, at some point. I'm very, very sure. Just saying. Anyway, Tactics of War kids get invites to meet their new professor at Cafe Fina. That's kind of cool. They used to do that at my old school, sometimes.

Bridge: Hey... you taught a class today? That's kind of cool. What'd you do?
Rory: I subbed in Political Campaigning, 'cause Angel can't, y'know? We learned about direct mail fundraising. Which is basically where people mail you money. Which is pretty cool.
Bridge: I should try that sometime. Okay, in the psych classes- 101 talks about designing exp- no, Experimental Design. And Jung works on their papers.
Rory: Oh, and my mom teaches about intellectual property and safety in the workplace. Yay mom! I totally figured out the name for the baby today. *pause* Sorry, that was kind of random. Anyway. Moving on.
Bridge: ...to Sex Cultures! Where they watch March of the Penguins. I don't think I've seen that one.
Rory: OMGPENGUINS. They're wee! And fluffy! And...wee and fluffy! PENGUINSOMG. *clears throat* Anyway. Classics learns about Latin grammar and Foreign Lit starts on a new story.
Bridge: Creature Languages is taught by... a raven. If it were in any other class I'd be disturbed, but since it is *creature* languages I suppose that makes sense.
Rory: Yeah...didn't Zero guest-teach as a kitty? So...not so surprising. And Arthurian Traditions turns in their papers. Yay them.
Bridge: And in Archaeology, they learn about pharaohs. As one does. I think that's it, for classes. Anything good happen in the Library today?

Rory: Well, I openinated, and you came by and we talked about stickbugs and meerkats and stuff.
Bridge: And then later, a whole bunch of dudes come by, two of whom then... disappear.
Rory: Into Special Collections. Not just into thin air. Don't fear the library, people.
Bridge: One of those dudes also talks to you about baby names and stuff. And then Cam comes in and talks about Jaye.

Rory: Hee. Hee, hee, hee. Um. Anyway. The only thing that happened in the cafeteria today was that Pippi ate alone. And in the teacher's lounge, Dr. Grissom had Mentos out, but no one wanted any. That's sad.
Bridge: Aw. Uh, Zordon says to watch out for the ghost fish and the anthropomorphic clay. Personally, I'd be more worried about robots making 'ping! ping!' noises. But that's just me.
Rory: There are robots that do that? Weird. Who says 'ping!', anyway? Stupid robots. Um, and in the clinic, it's all empty during the day and then Marty and Ivanova both see Dr. Pevensie.

Dorm-Like Stuff

Rory: So, stuff happened in the dorms. Like, Nadia told Veronica about how Dr. Seuss confuses her. I would say something about foxes and boxes and goats and boats but I am tired. Use your imaginations.
Bridge: And then Phoebe and Bel have a very long talk. About... whatever it is people talk about when they have long talks.
Rory: Possibly the habits of anteaters and sea creatures. But I wouldn't know. And then Kiki stops by to be all giggly with Phoebe.

Bridge: And Cal and Angel wake up all handcuffed together. Eventually they must have dehandcuffed themselves, because Cal came back during second period. And she couldn't have done that if she hadn't left first.
Rory: 'xactly. Lana comes by and Sean greets her like the excitable little puppy he is. And Molly gets candy from a thingy that someone put outside Angel's door. Nice idea, whoever thought of it.
Bridge: Well, apparently it was needed, 'cause Janet stops by for lunch, Logan stops by after lunch, and then Veronica stops by during the last period.

Rory: And then in places other than room 238, Janet studies, Alphonse and Walter play with a robot, and Cameron sends email.
Bridge: Paige meets up with Sawyer and they do... whatever it is that Paiges and Sawyers do, I guess. Cameron sends more email, this time to John, and John talks to Aeryn. And- well, I've already seen it, but what did *you* do today, Rory?

Rory: I cut my hair off! And then I went to the common room and Alanna, Cameron, and you all admired it. And wait a second - you just called me Rory.
Bridge: Am I only allowed to call you Barnaby now?
Rory: No, it's nice that you're keeping me on my toes, Bridge. Anyway, Jaye and I talked in the common room and she was all cute with Cameron. They're adorable.
Bridge: And then you told Peter to get a tattoo, for some reason.
Rory: He wanted a change. *yawn* Ah, sorry. Long day. Anyway, Professor Cregg is back and she has presents. Yayness!

Town-Like Stuff

Bridge: *yawns* ...know what I hate about yawns? They're contagious. So let's move on to what happened in town today. At Caritas, Bel learns that a certain contest has been postponed, and Weevil comes to hang out with Veronica. That's ni*yawn*ce of him.
Rory: Mm. And - *yawn* - and at Cafe Fina, Marty 'n Angela celebrate their anniversary. So cute. 'm just going to lean back a li'l in my chair, okay? And rest my eyes.
Bridge: No, wait, we still got radio, 'n Professor Calendar was flaily and Rory, Rory, wake up?
Rory: 'm 'wake. Professor MacGyver talkinated to Mr. Giles, yay, and...yeah. 'm 'wake, seriously. Yes.
Bridge: No, s'other Mac. Girl Mac. Hair's longer, s'how you can tell.
Rory: Mrphrigh'. Yes. Oh, 'n stuff with candy happened. 'm sleepy. Nigh', Rufusbridgeythingperson.
Bridge: Night Rorybarnabyranger... mppph, sailing.

*several minutes of snoring and the occassional mumble can be heard*

Rory: Uh huh. Mrph, thingy.
Bridge: mmmrph c'est la vmmmm.
Rory: Nuh uh, s'my potato. Can' have, nope. Mmm.
Bridge: Mmmmph, fivemoreminutesskydunwanna... *click*
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Bridge: Good evening Fandom, I'd like you all to give a warm welcome to tonight's co-host, Ro- Barnaby.
Rory: My name is not Barnaby!
Bridge: It is now.
Rory: Fine. You're Rufus.
Bridge: ...hey, we switched initials. Cool! That works.

Here & There

Bridge: Anyway, to start off today's broadcast, we've got Principal Washburn, who held office hours. Nobody stopped by, though. Cause it's a holiday!
Rory: And first thing this morning, the bus left for Baltimore! It's a gorgeous city. Wish I'd gone, Rufus. But I was busy with, y'know, stuff here.
Bridge: Right! Like getting emails and rescuing me from being stuck in a barrel of cereal. Thanks for that, by the way!
Rory: No problem. It seems while we were doing that, Angel was writing something in the clinic. That might have been last night, though. I'm not sure. In any case, Angel, stop writing stuff. That's not conducive to getting better.
Bridge: Unless he's trying to become a better writer. But somehow I doubt that was what he was doing. Um, Nadia's cat was sulking, but scritches won out in the end!

Rory: Aw, sulky kitty. How cute. And speaking of cute, Cally and Anders got a computer! And...um, if my notes are right, there's something about Cally dressing up like a cheerleader? That's...nice. I guess it's sweet Anders has a supportive girlfriend, right? That's what they mean by cheerleader! She'll always cheer him on!
Bridge: Yeah, I'm sure there was nothing dirty at all going on. Even after Anders finished putting it together.
Rory: No dirty. Nuh uh. And if anyone tries to tell me otherwise, I'll...throw a seahorse at you or something. Anyway! Belthazor is kinda grumpy with Phoebe for giving blood again, I guess. And the kitties aren't talking today. Woe.

Bridge: And then you were replying to that email you got earlier today. After which, lots of us- including me and you! went and hung out in the second floor common room.
Rory: Yes! And you almost fell asleep. Are you sleepy, Rufus? Because my very important job is to keep you conscious on the air.
Bridge: Nope, I'm still conscious. Elsewhere in the Common Room, some dude talks to Cam about Darla, and then has a conversation with Barnaby about girl stuff.
Rory: Thanks, Rufus. It wasn't "girl stuff." I mean, it was, but not like in an embarrassing way. Um. And now for something completely differ - Archie was talking about seamen? Hey, Rufus, my notes are kinda smudged...is that dirty? Because I think it might be.
Bridge: Let's move on to something not dirty, shall we, Barnaby? Like Molly and Blair, who hung out and talked. As one does. Or Callisto and Parker, who talked prophecies.

Rory: And elsewhere, in the gym, Pip and Pippi worked out. Okay, I have to say: this is like if I had a friend named "Ror." Or, as you insist, "Barn" or something. I dunno. I think that would confuse me.
Bridge: I'm sure you'd be able to figure it out. Nadia hung out on the roof, and then went inside and opened a present!
Rory: Nice segue. And Parker found out what Angel was writing earlier. And I'm not going to talk any more about that, because I am not going to cry on the air. Hey, should we tell them we rescheduled the contest?
Bridge: Good idea, Barnaby. New contest date, everyone. Monday afternoon, because Angel has to participate.
Rory: Yes. And damn it, Angel, you're going to. There will be a turtle on your head if I have anything to say about it! Anyway. Stuff happened in town, too.

Little of Column A, Little of Column B

Bridge: Like Victor got some... bot surgery? Right. Okay.
Rory: Can you even have surgery on something that's not biological? That doesn't make sense. Anyway, Angela went to see Marty at Empire Records before going on her trip, aww. And then Professor Cregg stopped by and caught up with Marty.
Bridge: And then Angela, Professor Cregg, and Barnaby stop by Giles's shop. That's the one with the books and that name that I can't spell.
Rory: Yeah, I can spell it, but don't ask me to pronounce it. I'm going to be a Watcher, did I tell you? Go me! But on a completely random note, 'cause as you've shown, segues are overrated - Walter and Nadia buy random stuff at All and Sundries

Bridge: As you do. And then Walter shows up for lessons at Alfred's. Do we even want to know what goes on behind closed doors?
Rory: No dirty. We've had too much of that in this broadcast. And...okay, Orlin totally bought drugs from those two guys who are always hanging around. And then Professor Cregg met them, but she didn't buy drugs. Just say no, guys.
Bridge: Professor Camulus hangs out with a cat, Orlin, and Phoebe. I really have nothing more to say about that.
Rory: And Quark and Crowley talk. Whoo-hoo!

This & That

Bridge: And that's it for town. Well, most of town. There's still the Clinic, where Angel's kinda doing better, maybe, and Bel, Cal, Janet, Logan, Marty, Barnaby and... can you read these last two names, they're kinda smudged on my notes?
Rory: Looks like Parker and Xander. Kind of. But that can't be right, so I'll just say Mystery People. So, aside from visiting Angel, a bazillion Chosen One-y types went by to give blood. Oh, and people? Chosen One-ness is not contagious. Just FYI.
Bridge: It's true, I checked. And I should know, I spent all day telling people they were Chosen Ones. And at least once I had to convince someone to come donate.
Rory: Good of you to do that. All of it, I mean. The handwavey and also the pulling people in. Yay Rufus. Oh, and Veronica went by in the evening to visit Angel. And people, you can't see me, but I'm crossing my fingers here. And I don't do that.
Bridge: Things will work out. I'm sure of it. So everyone, keep your hopes up and your heads high! This is Barnaby and Rufus, signing off!
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Bridge: Hey, Fandom! If anyone's listening. Is anyone listening? Seriously, where is everyone? It's like you all just... disappeared. Or went to England. Like Rory, who went to England, but through the magic of technology is tonight's co-broadcaster!
Rory: I'm just that cool, guys. Do you miss me? Because I totally miss you. All like...four of you who aren't on this trip.
Bridge: We miss you, dude. Things have gone crazy without you!

Here and There

Bridge: Like, this morning? Molly woke up early. To go running. And, okay, Cam made her, but still. Weird.
Rory: ...seriously? Molly, you're weird. You too, Cam. I slept all late. And then...stuff happened. But my day is not important! What is important is that Lyta? Had breakfast and watched Shall We Dance. Excellent taste, Lyta.
Bridge: Lana also had breakfast and watched TV. But not in the same room as Lyta. Wouldn't it be funny if they were both watching the same movie, though? I think it'd be funny.

Rory: It'd be really funny. And kinda weird. But not really Fandom weird. Just...normal weird. Anyway! So, it seems Bel had a little emo moment this morning when he woke up. Woe.
Bridge: I hate when that happens. You know what I also hate? Visions that come outta nowhere. Poor Cordy. Luckily, Anders was around to help her out. Yay!
Rory: Poor Cordy. Feel better soon, seriously. And not to be a downer, but let's all hope Angel gets better soon, 'kay? Because we're doing what we can over here, and I'm glad to see Veronica, Phoebe, Piper, Paige and Cordy are all working, too. So yay teamwork!
Bridge: Um. Yeah. I have no idea what's going on, really, aside from what's in these notes here. Which would explain why me and Cally were so bored this afternoon. Anders stopped by and filled us in a little, though, because he's helpful like that.

Rory: Oh. Well. Angel's sick. We'll get to that in a minute, though, since our notes kinda cover that. Callisto spent the night taking care of him, though. I think that's really sweet. Let's all hope she's not going to killinate me for saying that, heh. But it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm in England and also she's really tired.
Bridge: It is sweet, man.
Rory: It totally is. They're kind of adorable. And again, Cal, please don't kill us for having eyes and noticing this, okay?

Bridge: The dorms this evening weren't exactly hopping with activity either. John Connor and Professor Cregg watched the Oscars. I didn't, because I already know who won. Seriously, my dad watches these every year. I'm not allowed to talk while they're on.
Rory: Hey, those are seriously a big deal. I'm all sad I'm missing them. But yay that the gay cowboys won for stuff. Boykissy wins again! YAY BOYKISSY!
Bridge: Totally yay! Sam was just hanging out in her room doing Sam-things, and then Lee stopped by to talk about Lee-things. I wonder what those could be...
Rory: My notes say they talked about the play. Let's all remember that the play, which I am co-directing, yay, is a week from Friday! Come and watch! It'll be fun!

Bridge: Hey, speaking of Fridays and fun and things that you are co-running... think we should mention the contest?
Rory: Ooh. The contest. Yes. Okay, people. On Friday? We are all going to try to balance things on our heads - eventually animals, even! Like turtles!
Bridge: There will be prizes. So come play! It'll be fun. Awesome and a half, even.
Rory: Yes, and please don't come just to point and laugh, or I'll sic Vladdie on you. And he will totally attack you. Seriously. Or Yoda. Scary attack turtle, yo!
Bridge: I'd be worried, people. But anyway, back to our regularily scheduled programming. I hung out in the second floor common room with Peter, Hamlet, and Archie. And that's actually all that happened on school grounds, so now we're gonna talk about town!

Little of Column B, Little of Column A

Rory: Yay town! Okay, so this morning, Luke opened up the diner for brunch. Hi Luke! Also hi Mom, if you're listening. And hi to as-of-yet unnamed baby! Anyway, it's just Professor Cregg and Tonks at Luke's this morning.
Bridge: Hi Luke and Rory's mom! I'd wave, but... radio. Lucas is avoiding brownies and listening to Gilbert and Sullivan. I'm not gonna ask, dude.
Rory: Probably safer that way. I mean, I like Penzance as much as the next girl, but c'mon. Oh no, Mr. Giles feels all useless and contemplative, until Veronica and Cordy stop by. Hello, Mr. Giles! I'm the girl who you called today. Um, instead of Xander. 'Cause he doesn't have a cell phone. Which I really don't get. I mean, I couldn't not have a cell phone.

Bridge: 'cause then you wouldn't get to do stuff like this! Elsewhere in town, John and Aeryn are all heading off to be... secretive. In the junkyard. As you do.
Rory: Hmm. I wonder what they're up to. Because I'd speculate cuteness, but...no. And not in the junkyard. Because that's weird. And speaking of weird, that one creepy guy stops by the, ew, brothel to talk to, ew, Becky. And according to these notes, he's an idiot. How do you screw up with a hooker? That's sad.

Bridge: And earlier in the day, Professor MacLeod is shovelling his walk, when Janet stops by. Sorry to jump around chronologically like that on you guys, but you're smart. You can figure things out!
Rory: You're all sharp like...toothpicks or something else that's kind of pointy. But just to jump around a little more, back at the Sin, Jarod's sick. God, it's a week for sick people. I think he just has a cold or something, though, because he was okay enough to talk to Parker on the phone. Aww.
Bridge: Definitely awww. Though it's kind of weird how illness seems to bring out the cute in droves.
Rory: That is kind of weird. It's the Florence Nightingale complex. But I don't think Parker has that.
Bridge: Neither does Orlin. Which is good because I don't think he can pull off the outfit. What Orlin does have is booze, emo, and choices to make. Good luck with that, dude.

Rory: And...oh my God, am I reading this right? Bel and Logan got in a fight? Color me surprised. Also color me disappointed, but whatever. Bridgey, do you know where they were fighting? Wasn't at Quark's or anything, right?
Bridge: No... it says here it was outside the clinic? Which was really busy during the day, actually.
Rory: People visiting Angel, right? Obviously he was there, and Janet, who was on duty. And then Cal, like we said, as well as Isabel, Paige, John, and then the idiots who fought.
Bridge: That was all during the day, though. Nobody stopped by to see Angel at night. Which is probably wise, because there are scary people who come out only at night in this town, you know.
Rory: No, really? Hadn't noticed. Seriously.
Bridge: Well I know you know. It was a general you. And... on that note? Goodnight, general you.
Rory: Goodnight, general you! I'll see you all on Wednesday. And night, Bridgey, because I'm getting off the phone now. 'Cause I've kinda been on the balcony for all of this, and England? Is really, really cold. So bye! *click*
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Bridge: Once again, ladies and gentlemen and assorted others of Fandom, it's ABC Damage Control bringing you the hows and whys and wheres of today's happenings!
Anders: And maybe even the whos and whats! Seriously, Cally's actually here, she's just mostly quiet.
Bridge: It's entirely possible. So... let's start with classes.

Classes and Schooly-Type Stuff!

Anders: Which I totally did not have today, because -- dude, where did Doctor Oliver go? Not that I know why I'm asking you.
Bridge: He probably had a top-secret mission or something. Um, speaking of teachers who aren't in class, neither is Professor Cregg, who has her students watch a movie instead.
Anders: And neither was Professor Camulus, 'cause Phoebe's still covering Celtic Studies. What's up with the missing teachers, dude?
Bridge: Really, really important secret mission?
Anders: Oh, Lords. What if they've got some kind of huge evil midterm exam torture plan?
Bridge: Well, then we'll just have to form, like, the Magical Fandom High Midterm Attack Squad and fend them off.
Anders: Just don't call it a study group or people will get confused. Anyway. History of Art watched movies today too. I bet they had corners.
Bridge: ...corners?
Anders: Never mind. What's Forensics, dude? 'cause your notes here say that Professor Sidle was happy during that class, like there's something kind of weird about being happy during Forensics.
Bridge: Well, it's like, science-y stuff that you do to help solve crimes and stuff. And crimes aren't like, happy stuff, and neither is going against your personal convictions, which is what they talked about in Journalistic Integrity today.
Anders: And Journalism 101 talked about their friends. Is that news? What is news is that Professor MacGyver has a tail. At least, I think that's news. 'cause I don't think he had one before. I would've noticed, right?
Bridge: We had a class with him all last semester, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a tail then, dude.
Anders: Yeah, I think you're right. It would've gotten in the way of a lot of stuff. But yeah, he was talking to Grissom about it, and Janet and Liz went to visit Professor Pierson, and hey! You dropped by Professor Calendar's office!
Bridge: I totally did. And unlike last week, I looked like me at the time. Uh, what do those notes say about the announcements? I think the Detention Lottery, uh, "winner" (and you can totally hear the airquotes) was supposed to be announced today or something.
Anders: Yeah. Ouch. Sorry 'bout that, Blair.

Bridge: Sucks, dude. Okay, moving right along, we've got the library. Which was opened by Janet today. Pippi came by with candy, and then Angela and Janet talked about candy and freakishness, like maybe they're connected in some weird way.
Anders: I haven't been in the library in a while. I should do that in case people start thinking I can't read again. Parker was there, reading about sailing and being horrified by Kennedy . . . I mean, by the cast for the play, which Alanna wanted a copy of. And Professor Jackson was there talking to Janet.

Bridge: Today's Student Council meeting was run by Dean Washburn, who I still haven't met... actually, I haven't met any of the school administrators except for Zordon. Weird. Or maybe that's a good thing? Um, anyway, today they discussed the possibility of school trips that would be able to include the sunphobic.
Anders: What the frak is sunphobic? I missed out on Bel brooding in the TA lounge, dude. Should I be glad? 'cause apparently he had awkwardness with Phoebe, who was talking to Lana about, um . . . what the frak does that say?
Bridge: Um, chemical compositions? And rocks? They were talking about the chemical compositions of rocks!
Anders: Well, that kinda rocks. Isabel and Bel-dude were talkin' about Angelus for some reason, before this MoralityBot thing of Nadia's got sicced on Bel.

Dorm Life is Wacky, Guys!

Bridge: Professor Cregg is moving in to the dorms. So I guess that explains why she's not in class today, she was busy moving! There goes your theory about evil midterm plotting, dude.
Anders: And there were flowers. Lots of 'em. For Mitchell, Isabel, Allie, and Blair. And there was this MoralityBot thing that, um, we'll get into later. But I bet it doesn't dispense candy.
Bridge: I'm pretty sure it didn't, yeah. Um.... Cam and Hat-Girl played tag with marshmallows. What? Oh, oh, marshmallow *guns*. That makes sense, then.
Anders: But it still sounds dirty. Especially with Jaye getting caught in the middle.
Cally: ...that makes it sound even dirtier, champ.
Bridge: I'm pretty sure Officer Lion-Girl was not in the middle of anything dirty.
Anders: You never know with Tyler, though. Dude, Blair was helping Professor Cregg unpack booze? And going to the movies with Molly? I really kinda hope THAT wasn't dirty.
Bridge: Okay. Moving on, moving on, moving ooooooon. Pippi and Walter conducted experiments with disappearing things and spaghetti. Right then. Seriously, the longer I am at this school, the less things make sense.
Anders: That's when you try not to think about 'em. And Professor Tick-dude's goldfish died? Suck! I guess there was a funeral for it and Rory was herding people to go.
Bridge: Oh yeah, I was totally there. Um. And Archie, uh, showed up. At the last minute. To pay his respects.
Anders: Should I be glad I missed it?
Bridge: In a word... yes.
Anders: Yeah. Let's just not go there. Kind of like I didn't go to the wake for the goldfish in the common room which was right next door to my room. Because, um, I was kind of busy.
Cally: Me too.
Bridge: Yeah, and three guesses as to what you guys were busy with. And the first two don't count.
Anders: Dude, I bet other people were busy too.
Bridge: Other people... and animals. Seriously, I was an animal magnet today, or something.
Anders: Don't wanna know, dude. Let's focus on the people. Like Veronica and Piper talking about the recent weirdness. As opposed to the usual weirdness, I guess. And Nadia was bein' all squeaky.
Bridge: Cam... reflected. Did he get turned shiny or something? That'd qualify as recent weirdness, dude.
Anders: Probably. I haven't seen him today though. "Environmental defense" sounds like something weird, though, and it was what Pip was teaching Blair.
Bridge: Kiki and Phoebe were doing "witchy spelly" things. Is that weird?
Anders: Around here? Nah. But if Alphonse was literally "hanging" like these notes say, that could be weird.
Bridge: Victor stopped by Lana's and they talked about...tongues. Okay, not gonna ask.
Anders: Also, camcorders. Which is a weird combination. Weirder than Lana and Bel talking in theories, whatever that means, or Isabel and Angel talking about Bel. Callisto dropping by Angel's? Definitely not weird.

Seriously? Town is Weird Too!

Bridge: So, I wonder if anything weird happened in town. Well, especially weird, anyway, because weird is normal around here, as we have previously established. Huh, the bakery was unusually busy today. And unusual is another word for weird.
Anders: Frakkin' Jeff's, man. Everybody was there except me. What's up with that? Except Echolls was, like, bumping into a bunch of people. Maybe even literally.
Cally: I wouldn't mind him bumping into me, some time...
Anders: What?
Cally: Kidding! Kidding!
Bridge: There were some serious clumsiness issues today ... and then Logan fell down and hit, like, everybody.
Anders: Ow. Down at Sparky Repairs -- dude, we have competition? Nadia and Orlin were there, and Pippi was talking about the Internet with Agatha. You can get some seriously frakking cool stuff on the Internet, dude.
Bridge: But probably not anything that dispenses candy even if it's not supposed to. I'm just sayin'...
Anders: Or, you know, milkshakes. Or other drinks. Like our stuff does. Yeah, um, that was totally an ad. What is not an ad is that Orlin's, like, everywhere or something, 'cause he was buying pet stuff at All and Sundries, and Lilah was at work. Which had nothing to do with what I said before that.
Bridge: You totally should have mentioned that shouty dude was at the park, too, after you mentioned the pet stuff.
Anders: I couldn't read that part of the notes, dude, Cally's arm's in the way.
Cally: Sure, blame me, champ. Sheesh.
Anders: Hey, I kinda like your arm where it is. Lucas didn't really like the music at his own record store today, though.
Bridge: Awww. I hate when that happens. Not that it happens at all, because I don't own a music store, but if I did... yeah. And Giles seems to be having store-related issues today too, because that bookstore with the name I can't pronounce was closed.
Anders: Anybody who knows how to pronounce it? I will buy you cupcakes. Wait, that's not really a bribe, is it? And that Jarod dude got a phone call down at the Fourth Sin. I never get phone calls. How come I don't get phone calls?
Bridge: ...because everyone you know lives in the same building as you? We could just knock, dude.
Anders: Oh, good point. Heh. Looks like the theater was busy in a whole different kinda way today, too. But I'm so not touching that one.
Bridge: What? I'm sure Blair and Hat-Girl were just hanging out and doing totally innocent... things that people who are fourteen do.
Anders: As opposed to totally not-innocent things like Mitchell and Tyler were up to. Okay. I seriously had to say that part, 'cause, dude, Kennedy . . . in your face, man.
Cally: The sound you just heard was me smacking my boyfriend in the back of the head, folks.
Bridge: Accompanied by me facepalming. Because I should have seen that coming.

Anders: I am so ganged up on. So Bel, dude, I feel your pain about that MoralityBot thing we're going to talk about now.

Bot of Morality, Turn, Turn, Turn!

Anders: Apparently it chased him through the dorms, and again, I missed it! Victor got video footage, though, which I'm gonna have to see. How do I miss these things?
Bridge: Don't ask me dude. Hell, I miss them half the time too.
Anders: Well, Nadia didn't miss Marty, 'cause she ran into him while she was running away from Bel. And I guess Marty rescued the bot from Bel, too. I bet they were glaring at each other . . . dude! You said hell again!
Bridge: Am I not allowed to? Hell, hell, frakking hell! So there.
Anders: Hold me, coach, I'm scared.
Bridge: I'm totally rolling my eyes here. Anyway, I guess that was the thing that came through the common room during the wake for RT, it was muttering about minding our Ps and Qs or something. And it spat glitter at me!
Anders: Obviously somebody was emo and the bot didn't like it. Again, I'm wondering how I missed this.
Cally: You were kinda tied up at the time, champ.
Anders: Um. Speaking of tying things up, there's a couple of things to mention about the clinic and we're tying things up for the night.
Bridge: Namely, that no one stopped by today. Wow, we managed to get by today without a major injury! Go us! We should have one of those signs.
Anders: That was the town clinic, anyway. Janet talked to Doctor Pevensie in the school clinic and Mitchell stopped in for a counseling session. And seriously, if Bridge here says "hell" one more time? I'm gonna need counseling too.
Bridge: Hell.
Anders: Okay, I lied. But seriously, dudes, we're tapped out here.
Cally: So this is me shutting off the radio, before these two dumb boys take up any more of your time. Goodnight folks.
Anders and Bridge: Dumb? Hey!!!

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Hey, everyone. Bridge Carson here, bringing you the latest and greatest happenings here in Fandom. Or the latest anyway. I make no claims about the "greatest" part.

Little of Column B, Little of Column A

Advanced Criminal Justice- um, I was there, and I'm still not sure what we did, other than hand in our essays. Chem limits reagents. Archaeology watches Time Team, Classics talks about somebody named Homer, and Foreign Lit talks about... a bunch of people from Argentina. Cool.

Creature Languages talks about Cat. I know someone named Kat, I wonder if she speaks Cat? Nah, that's just silly. Jung- uh, the class about Jung, he didn't exactly come in for a lecture or anything- talks about modifying your attitudes. Sex Cultures, for some weird reason, doesn't talk about sex. Well, that's misleading!

Psychology discusses cognitive psychology. Speech 201 talks about love while 301 talks about how strangers draw your in. Which is why your mom told you never to talk to strangers. Political Campaigning develops the message, History of Medieval England talked about royal infighting and signed up to participate in a trial. Since when is being put on trial voluntary? Huh.

In Music today, we talked about some place called the Rim, which I've never heard of, and I thought I knew the galaxies pretty well. You learn something new every day, I guess. Professor grumpy dude has some issues with his notes in Arthurian Traditions, and the Business Classes hold reviews for their midterms.

As far as Office Hours go, Professor Ted has two vistors, while Professor Cregg doesn't have any, and neither does Dean Washburn. Aww. The Principal visits Zordon, though, and Logan stops by to see the Vice-Principal.

In the Library today, Rory opened it up. She totally wasn't sleeping when Angela came by, because the two of them were passing notes. Isabel stops by too, it doesn't say why, but I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say books, because hey, library. Nadia, not-so-coincidentally, is also looking for a book. Shocking, I know.

Professor Grissom sets out a picnic spread in the Teacher's Lounge, and man, now I'm hungry. Apparently Professor Cregg was pretty excited about the salad. My notes have the word "squeal" in them.

In Club news, Belthazor sends out an email for the Beautification Team, and the Newspaper meets.

Today at Lunch, Blair and Pip talk about animal appendages and dating, although I don't know if those are two topics that really mix all that well. Victor, Ed, and Pippi talk about rats and cats who drank love potions. And also crack? I don't think that's exactly on the list of approved substances, dudes.

Stuff and More

Caritas is pretty quiet tonight, just one song from Phoebe. I'm sure it was a good one. Some guy I've never met named Giles makes a phone call. Artie is... being Artie. Whatever that means. Over in the new Clinic, or is it the old Clinic, just with new people? I'm not sure. Well, whatever, over there, Doctors Troy and Lambert have a completely innuendo-free conversation. And then Faithful comes to visit.

At Sparky Repairs, Agatha and the shouty dude talk about relationships and hangovers, Professor shouty dude drops something off to be repaired, and Jake picks up something.

Over at Aereo- wait, they expect me to pronounce this? I can't even spell it! Over at the bookstore, that guy I've never met and Marty have a conversation. Marty also talks to Faithful over at Empire Records.

The Cat Business Office seems to be pretty busy with a lot of cat and... crow...? traffic. Okay. Wonka's is quiet, despite the post-Valentine's sales. Are you people crazy? Cheap candy! Sheez. Peter and Isabel hang out at the Perk and talk class schedules and game nights, then Faithful comes and hangs out with Isabel too. That's one busy cat today!

This and That

Next door, Cam wakes up all disorientated. Further down the hall, Aeryn sneaks out before anyone can wake up. Yeah, she's gone. That sucks. And hey, guess what? So's Vala. Double-suckiness.

Phoebe and Belthazor wake up together. But I thought they weren't back together? I'm so confused. Lyta's up and about after avoiding Valentine's Day.

In John's room, Cam, Angel and Rory all stop by to try and cheer him up. Hopefully it worked.

Veronica sends, like, a whole bunch of emails.

Kiki declares war on Thursdays, Walter hangs with Pippi and Victor, and Nadia hangs on the roof.

Jake's got a present for Krycek. After he leaves, Callisto and Rory stop by and... meet said present. Okay then. Krycek then goes to deliver some presents to Isabel. And Anders and Cally are hanging out at HQ, working on fixing Cally's scooter.

Over in the- okay, you know what? Screw it. Over in Parker's room, she makes a phone call. John then stops by with food, and Janet totally just follows him in the door. Jack adds booze to the equation, which makes it officially a Fandom High dorm party. Callisto soon joins because she's bored, and she and Janet are totally up to no good. Sam stops by to laugh at Janet, and then everyone moves over into the next room. Cameron stops by on a booze-seeking mission, and apparently following people in the door is the thing to do, because Kawalsky-dude wanders in after Cam, and then Liz joins the party too.

That's a wrap, guys, hopefully tomorrow morning we'll wake up with the same population that we had tonight. Bridge Carson, signing off.
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Bridge: Hello Fandom! Tonight's broadcast is brought to you by the letters A, B, and C. Or, okay, it's actually just A and B.
Anders: Yeah, 'cause guess what? Seriously, this is news. Cally is actually not attached to me at the hip. Like, she's not even here right now.
Bridge: Seriously, that'd be weird if she really was. And probably uncomfortable.
Anders: Well, yeah, which is why I don't get why everybody keeps saying th -- anyway, moving on. Seriously, dude, nobody wants to hear us just talk at each other when there's actual stuff to talk about.

Bridge: Right! It's Sunday today, so no classes, haha! However, in the dorms? Stuff totally did happen.

Seriously, Stuff Totally Happened in the Dorms

Bridge: Like, for example, Quinn got some roses. From Marty. Who is apparently back together with Angela. Yay!
Anders: He is? Dude. Cool. Way to go, Blank!
Bridge: John Connor... well, all it says here is that he woke up. Dude, was he in a coma or something? Because I woke up this morning too, and that's not on the radio- well, except now it is I guess.
Anders: Waking up is news now? I guess so, 'cause around here, y'know, sometimes you wake up a week later, or something.
Bridge: I actually think that happened to me once, way back in September. Huh. Hey, speaking of sleep-related things, Janet, Liz, and Sam were apparently talking about recurring dreams. And hey, Archie woke up too! Yay?
Anders: He did? Damn. I mean, uh, yeah. Way to go, Kennedy. (See, I'm tryin', coach!)
Bridge: Down in the gym, Alanna practiced swordfighting. I guess everyone else was feeling kind of lazy today, because she was the only one there.
Anders: I can definitely say I was feelin' lazy today.
Bridge: As was I! I didn't even leave my room today. Hell, I'm still in my room.
Anders: Dude, did you just say -- OMG KIDS' SHOW! Dude. You said hell.
Bridge: Would you prefer frak?
Anders: Look, just 'cause you've suddenly decided you like kissing people . . .

Bridge: Hey, there was so totally nothing sudden about me liking to kiss people.
Anders: It's news to me. But sidetracking again. Gimme those notes. What's next? Hey, Pippi was making pancakes. I should learn to do that sometime.
Bridge: Mmm, pancakes. Well, hmph, now I want some. Thaaaanks, dude. Moving on, Han was... does that say boiling a small child in a kettle of mead? What? Does that even make sense? Who wrote these notes?
Anders: I didn't know kids were an ingredient in -- dude, if that has something to do with our sociology projects, I'm not complaining about having to do the Polish wedding any more.
Bridge: Uh, wedding? Dude, I am so out of the loop.
Anders: Trust me, in this case, be glad. Right. And in the second floor common room that we're totally not actually in for once . . .
Bridge: We had Rory watching TV. And Vladdie has an invisible friend. Which is cool, if that's your thing, I guess. Cam was kind of grumpy and hungover. Marty and Angela are... apparently giving you and Cally some competition in the schmoop department?
Anders: What? Competition? Dude, NO WAY.
Bridge: We should totally have, like, a schmoop-deathmatch. Because, jeez, we've also got Angel giving Callisto a backrub, and Archie and Jaye being all couple-y.
Anders: No schmoop deathmatching when I'm not around. Who else was in there?
Bridge: Peter, Elizabeth, and Cally. But not you. Thus further disproving the "joined at the hip" theory.
Anders: Wait, wait, wait. Archie was in there talking to Cally? Kennedy! You motherfrakker! I'm gonna -- notdoanythingtoyou'causeIpromisedIwouldn't. Dammit.

Bridge: I'm sure it was totally innocent, dude.
Anders: Yeah, but I bet he has, like, sea cooties or something.
Bridge: ... sea cooties?
Anders: Never mind, dude. I'm just gonna change the subject and point out that Sean and Vladdie were being all cute and puppyish, too. But considering Cally was in there, they weren't the cutest things in the room, least if you ask me.
Bridge: *laughs* Yeah, and I'm sure that's a totally impartial opinion you're giving there.
Anders: I refuse to be impartial on that subject. But people were doing a whole bunch of emailing today. Like Blank, and Parker, and Parker -- uh, Peter. Oh. Hahaha, dude, Crichton, you frakked up Aeryn's laundry? See, this is why I don't buy bleach, like, ever. Oh, and I dunno what the Olympics are, but Lyta and Ivanova were watching 'em in the third floor common room.
Bridge: Oh man, that's right! Take it from me guys, you'll want to be watching this year.
Anders: Watching what? Why?
Bridge: The Olympics, dude! It's like, this big interplane- international sports competition.
Anders: Sports competition? This is a sports thing and nobody told me? Oh man, you are all fired.
Bridge: Oh yeah, dude! I think maybe no-one told you because we suspected you'd spend the next couple of weeks, like, glued to the TV if you found out.
Anders: Was anybody else watching the Olympics that nobody told me about and so I hate you all now? Oh, Piper and Veronica were. Seriously, you guys. Fired. Even if I don't know you, Piper.
Bridge: Dude, at least you know now, though? And let's move on, 'cause we've got lotsa stuff to cover here.
Anders: Yeah, like, um, my Beautification Committee boss-dude bein' broody on the roof, and Walter and Victor being, um, emo? No way, dude, Vic always seems so cheerful when I talk to him. That's weird. Huh. Oh cool, and Angela dropped by to visit Al.

Bridge: Hey, it says here that Ivanova woke up too! But I think that's different in this case, because apparently she was asleep for like, days. Good job on waking up, then!
Anders: See? See? I told you! Wow, Ivanova, weren't you all, like, super hungry after that? 'cause wow.
Bridge: She should make pancakes. Heh.
Anders: Stop making me hungry, dude. Hey, Mac, or one of the Macs anyway 'cause I think we have a bunch now, is going home for a few days. Maybe she'll make pancakes while she's there.
Bridge: You're hungry? I'm hungry! Especially since it says here that Xander went off to buy doughnuts or something.
Anders: Yeah, and it says something about his manly handwriting too, but I don't know what that has to do with doughnuts. And I don't wanna know either. Oh, and not that this has anything to do with doughnuts that I know of, but Mars stopped in to talk to Crichton about Skeeter. And I think that's all for the dorms and stuff.
Bridge: Dude, no, you skipped something. See? *papers rustling*
Anders: Aw, frak, I did. 'cause Mitchell apparently slept in the TA lounge, which is technically not part of the dorms but whatever 'cause he was sleeping, until Isabel came by and woke him up this morning, all hung over. Mitchell was hung over, I mean, not Isabel. That I know of.

Bridge: Okay, that's all the dorm-related news for real now. So we're moving on to...

Town, where some other stuff totally happened.

Anders: All kinds of stuff happened at the movie theater today. Holy frak. Where they were showing Return of the Living Dead 3. Seriously, if they return that many times I don't know if you should even use the word "dead" any more.
Bridge: Hey, speaking of the Living Dead, Cam had to work while still dealing with his hangover. Sucks, dude.
Anders: Last time I was hung over it turned out pretty well for me, but I guess that doesn't always work for everyone, huh? That new dude with the hat, what's his name? Fraser? Yeah, he was there, and Harris, and Harper. Um, who's Harper? And -- HA! Dude! Blair got Jaye to go out on a date with him? And Jaye was hitting on Fraser? Take that, Kennedy.
Bridge: Um, there was also this really grumpy dude and some guy who shouted a lot, and I think that's everyone.

Anders: Stuff happened outside the theater, too. Like Blair and Nadia on a date at the best bakery ever, Jeff the God of Biscuits -- Blair, dude, are you trying to beat Mars's record or something? And somebody named Natalie hanging out in the park at night, and Parker and Jarod at the Perk which is not the park.
Bridge: The shouty dude from the movie theatre talked to Nadia at the record store about the radio. Dude... don't blame us, we're just reading from the notes here.
Anders: And Blair got talked about a bunch by Pip and Nadia and then Veronica and Nadia, which is sort of not surprising considering he's on this crazy date spree or something.
Bridge: Serial dating, maybe? Peter stops by that shifty-looking-guy's place and drops something off. I'm pretty sure I don't wanna know what that's about. I'm kind of scared, actually.
Anders: And there was breakfasty stuff with some guy named Giles, and laundry stuff for Natalie, and, um, dirty stuff with shouty dude and grumpy dude.
Bridge: Maybe they should do laundry, then. Or something.
Anders: Yeah, that's kind of a good idea, afterward. Anyway, um, Parker and that guy who was singing outside the window the other week were out at Selkie Cove, and the scary dean who could kill me with her pinky dropped by the emergency clinic to talk to some dude named Tommy.
Bridge: I didn't know Dr. O worked at the- oh, there's another dude with the same name. That's confusing.
Anders: Doctor O? That sounds dirty. And there was brunch. At Wonka's. And a whole frakton of people were there. Like Pippi and Alfred and the Baron, and Xander, and Jay and Silent Bob, and Zhaan, and Ivanova, and some of those freaky troopers. But Valerii doesn't think they're freaky, I guess, 'cause she was ogling them. Just not at Wonka's.

Bridge: Uh, and is it just me or do these notes say something about a chocolate monkey?
Anders: Uh. Yeah. Moving on. Except I don't think we have anything left to move on to. Oh, but this one note about Parker and Jarod being cute. Okay, seriously, you guys, stop trying to out-cute me and Cally already.

Bridge: Seriously, people. I'm saying... schmoop-deathmatch. No, okay, actually, I'm just saying goodnight. Goodnight!
Anders: Yeah, so am I, 'cause I'm not falling asleep in your room, dude. No offense, but even if RIC is a cool broadcast toy? He's just not that cuddly.
Bridge: Yeah, I'm... totally with you on that one, actually. Goodbye and goodnight, everyone!
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Hey dudes, and... other dudes. Happy ballerina day! This is Bridge Carson, bringing you Thursday in all it's Thursday-ness.

This And That:

Okay, so this morning in ACJ we had our first quiz! Yay, exciting! Well, okay, not really, because tests are never exciting. But it definitely was interesting. Joining ACJ in the quiz corner today are Chemistry and Arthurian Traditions. Their quizzes were probably not as interesting. I'm just sayin'.

And in Jung, they talked about playing in sandboxes and drawing pictures and stuff. No, really. I am totally serious. Maybe they should hang out with the guys in Medieval History, who apparently played with dolls today. It's good that we're getting a well-rounded education.

The guys in Archaeology give their classmates the dirt on their artifact samples. Yeah, okay, I know that wasn't funny. Foreign Lit talks about Russian, while Classics continues on with the whole Greek Mythology thing- all I know about the Greeks is that they were the ones with all those cool gods, like the god of running around and jumping and stuff.

In Music today, we talked about music from the Twelve Colonies. I totally need to visit there one day, especially Caprica City. Creature Languages is lectured by a rat, Psych learns about conditioning- the mental kind, not proper haircare, Sociology talks essays, and Speech... does speeches. Big surprise. And reads some essays.

Political Campaigning does some stuff that's totally over my head, and Piper makes Ms. Gilmore-Danes' students hand in their essays. Gym today was Ultimate Frisbee. Hey, I wonder if there's Penultimate Frisbee...

Right, okay. Moving on. The Doctor and Professor Sidle have no visitors in office hours today. Woe. Elizabeth stops by to see Professor Cregg, Anakin and Cal go to see Professor Carter, and Professor Carter and Fraser go to see Professor Skeeter. And hey, speaking of office hours- did anyone hear the music coming from the Principal's office? Why would he play the same song over and over? Does he really like "It's A Small World" that much?

Rory opens the Library today, and Anakin comes by to pick up party supplies. By the way, if you haven't heard already? Party tomorrow, 2nd Floor common room. It'll be awesome. Anyway, yes. Lee decides to demonstrate why he belives that Fandom High should institute a nap period. Peter talks to Isabel and torments poor sleepy Lee. Angela asks the library dudes for advice on proper date-wear, and Janet and Liz discuss Government homework. Which is totally exciting, if that's your thing.

In the Assistant's Lounge- note to self, still need to visit that someday- Kawalsky hangs out. And Vala and Cam are, and I quote, "snuggly". Huh. I only hope it was a PG-rated, appropriate-for-public-places kind of snuggly, guys.

The Clinic's busy today- Dr. Pevensie and Alanna show up for shifts, and then Anders and Ivanova stop in.

Little of Column C, Little of Column B:

The gym was pretty busy today- I should know, I was there and stuff. So were Aeryn, Lee, Isabel, and John. John who needs to seriously work on his laundry skills, dude. Aeryn's so gonna kill you if you wear anything like that in public.

Lana avoids studying. Professor Grissom deals with a drunk Lilly and Lisa in the Lobby- oooh, alliteration. They claim they were abducted by aliens. Did they tell you their names? Maybe I knew them!

Up on the cool floor, and that's cool as in awesome, not cool as in temperature, because temperature-wise we're just the same as the rest of you guys- AKA is on in the Common Room. And then Jarod shows up and there's some singing happening, or something, and then Fraser shows up and then the dude with all the shoes, she tells him to make the singing dude go away.

And then on the fifth floor, which just might be cooler temperature-wise, because temperature decreases as altitude increases- Pip and Nadia watch the movie that never ends, it goes on and on my friends- no, wait, sorry, The Ongoing Tale.

The dude from earlier, with the shoes and the singing, is making a list, and checking it twice. Least, that's what I hear. Rory sends some email about the study group. Phoebe's upset about something. What it is, I have no idea, because my notes tell me nothing. Nothing! Piper seems troubled, though. Maybe they're connected? What are the chances of that, do you think? Ivanova and Lyta fight, because Ivanova is being stubborn about her injuries. Blair's upset 'cause people are leaving town. Or because his plant isn't growing. Don't worry dude, I'm sure little Hank'll sprout in no time! *slight giggling*

Sawyer's- oh man, I really, really hope that wasn't literal. Isn't that supposed to be a sign of some deep-seated emotional trauma? Either that or he's a monkey.

Janet and Veronica chat about, er, girl stuff, I guess. Veronica then calls Lindsey, and they chat about- well, whatever a guy and a girl are gonna chat about, I guess. And then later Veronica has a date with Logan. In her room. I'm sure that was entirely innocent. Sam's hanging out in her room and studying, Cam and John are hanging out on the roof and kinda brooding, and then Aeryn and John discuss laundry and scrapbooking.

Stuff, Yanno...

Out and about in town, Maia drops by Aziraphale's shop and chats with, well, Aziraphale. And Crowley and Kiki were there too, apparently. Sparky Repairs is open, and Orlin stops by, looking for... time? That's what my notes say. I didn't know you could buy time. Cool! Harper also stops by, looking for wrenches. Is it just me, or have a bunch of mechanically-inclined types popped up in Fandom out of nowhere all of a sudden? Sanctity is open, which apparently isn't unusual, but I guess it's unusual that there's someone behind the counter? All and Sundries is open too- and, okay, what's up with that name? Because technically, the "All" implies that the store carries everything, so what's a Sundry and why isn't it included under the "All"? On the other hand, "All" probably wouldn't make a very good shop name. So I guess I just answered my own question. The Cat Business Office is open as well. Here's another question- what's cat business? Deep.

Ivanova is hard at work at Wonka's, and still in pain from the weekend- should'a listened to Lyta, I think. Paige is hanging up some Valentine's Day flyers around town before heading to work at Chaucer's. Sawyer comes to visit, but things start to get kinda a little crazy, so a couple of those clone trooper dudes show up. After all that, though, Pippi shows up and meets Geoff for the first time. Blood Gulch Arms was closed today. Weird.

Walter and Alfred talked about whatever it is that Walters and Alfreds talk about. I'm sure it's very interesting, if you know what's going on. Which I don't! And Dr. House comes by to visit Dr. Wilson, and they have a very deep and meaningful talk about adult things.

Angela brushes up on music from the last decade over at Empire Records. That sounds like a good idea, actually. Huh. Button, button, who's got the button? Paige, actually. In case you were wondering. Cause I know I was. Orlin, too. Though he got some music as well. Why'd he get music? Well, it says here that Agatha came by to his place for dinner, so I'm gonna assume it was mood music.

And that's all that I've got for you guys tonight, except for this: would you rather have a flying pony, or a tiny robot that went 'beep!'? Bridge Carson, signing off!
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Hi guys! Bridge Carson here, broadcasting from my room via RIC 'cause there's no way I'm going outside in the freakin' snow when it's dark out and stuff. But tomorrow? So there, dudes.

This and That

Okay, for those of you who skipped class today, listen up. And, uh, bug your classmates for lecture notes and stuff.

In Speech today, 201 sang out against the man. Literally, dudes. There was singing. No singing in 301, though- they talked about the give and take of power in messages. In Music, we talked about music from the Galactic Republic, which is, according to what I've heard, located "far, far away". Um. Hopefully those of you from there have some more specific star charts, because those are some totally vague directions there.

In Advanced Criminal Justice, we talked about, like villains from our homes. I talked about Space Ninjas. Well, a Space Ninja. Hey, I wonder if that ninja in town is a Space Ninja? That'd be cool. Also, I noticed a lot of school-supply abuse going on. Shame, you guys. Shame. Chem did some equations with Dalton's Law today. Talk about a high-pressure class. Hope everyone did okay with that.

Foreign Lit talked about those dudes with the helmets. You know, with like, the horns? Vikings! Those guys. And some other stuff, I'm sure, but who cares, cause funny hats! Psych 101 and that other Psych class with the really long name that I don't remember had quizzes. Creature Languages also has a quiz, but theirs was about Spiders and Dragons, and then watches a movie about some lady who can talk telepathically with animals. Huh.

Sex Cultures watches some videos too. Uh, that don't involve animals. I hope. You know what? I'd rather not know. Today in Business Classes, there was a discussion of ethics in Business Law, and then in HR Management, they discussed job analysis. In Political Campaigning, they talked about messages and what makes a successful one.

History of Medieval England talks about the Norman Invasion and a tapestry which somehow had something to do with whatever. Archaeology talks about digging up dirt on stuff. No, seriously. Like, literally they talk about the procedures for excavating sites. In Arthurian Traditions they- Kawalsky, you got kicked out? Dude. Okay, moving on- they played volleyball in Gym today.

Belthazor sends an email to the School Beautification Committee. Nice to see that's made a return, dudes. Professor Lyman emails the Student Council to tell them that there's a meeting tomorrow. So if you guys didn't check your email, I guess now you know. There's an email to the whole I-Club that tells everyone that we're having seperate meetings for each branch- so if you're new and don't know which one you're in, get that straightened out fast! Veronica then emails the Investigative Branch.

The Newspaper has their first meeting of the semester. And the Investigative Branch of I-Club meets too.

In the Library today, Broots asks Angela out, Archie gets a library card and looks for books about cars for Driver's Ed. Anakin and Rory talk about that Journalism Professor that turned John in to a monkey yesterday. Lee brings cupcakes- I still find it weird- but cool! that we can have food in the library. And Officer Lion-Girl is on a mission to defend her good name.

In the Assistant's Lounge- which I still haven't checked out, despite having a key and everything now- Belthazor has one hell of a conversation with Angel. Later, Angela talks to Sam and Xander about the ghost she's convinced is hanging out in there. In the Teacher's Lounge, Mac and Professor Carter have a discussion about blowing things up and families. But not blowing up families. In the clinic, Ivanova goes to see Dr. Pevensie, and Professor Autolycus goes to visit Vala.

Professors Sidle and Grissom have dinner together. Dean Washburn and Doctor had office hours, which no-one took advantage of. Though the Dean got some mail. Zordon plays video games during his office hours and gets a visit from Victor. Ms. Gilmore-Danes gets visits from Piper and Professor Grissom. Did I hear something about a party?

And there was a substitute lunch-dude today... for some odd reason I'm strangely relieved that I never eat in the cafeteria. Walter and Victor ate lunch together, Blair and Pippi talked about spirit animals, Officer Lion-Girl and Veronica talk about ninjas and flags. Seriously, guys, Space Ninja? Yay or nay? Lemme know what you think. Then Officer Lion-Girl and Anders talk about the radio and stuff. Meanwhile, Veronica's struck up a discussion with Angel. Oh! Dude, Angel, that stuff you needed fixed is all done now, so you should come pick that up. Han and Maia talk about- okay, whoever wrote these notes- I can't make it out. Really. Uh, they talked something. The end.

Or not the end, because the Principal Dude seems kinda fixated on Officer Lion-Girl, or at least her sex life, or something. Yeah. I don't know what that's about, but it's kinda creepy, dude. Also the Vice-Principal talked to Logan, about something that I have absolutely no idea about. Yeah.

You Know... Stuff

In other news, Marty and Veronica were...my notes say 'USTing' whatever that means in the hallway. Good luck with that, guys! Cam was being all manly and buff in the gym. The girls from 239/240 who aren't Aeryn-dude hung out with the dude who has been acting a little odd these past few days. What with the declaring her love for the Principal in public and all. John's not a marmoset, which is good, cause marmoset? Not a good look for you, dude.

Kawalsky- who was apparently looking quite smug about something, although all I can think of is the fact that he got detention and why would you be smug about getting detention?- and another dude stop by to visit Sam. Officer Lion-Girl calls her sister, who is apparently Lawyer-Girl.

Cal visits Angel, and they talk about... okay. My notes say board games, so I'm gonna go with that.

Nadia's cat has gone missing. Uh-oh. That's definitely not good. John, who's still not a marmoset, stops by to see Aeryn.

Maia and Pippi have an adventure in owl-hunting. But not actual hunting, just hunting in the "looking for" sense. They find an owl as well as Tonks, who is definitely not an owl. Later, Maia is visted by a bored Pip.

Jack - the one who likes to get naked - is visited by Isabel and Lee. The former talks whipped cream, and the latter alcohol. All in all a fun night for Nudist Jack.

Buffy sends some email. I don't know to who or what about because if I did that would mean I was spying on her or something and that's just creepy, guys. Sheez.

Anakin is also writing a letter, and gets a visit from Cally. But not a 'visit'. Totally platonic dudes. Although if it wasn't, there'd be a fight between Anakin and Anders, and someone could sell tickets. Someone not me, of course. Anyway, Anakin's not allowed to do that kinda stuff, so this theoretical fight? Not gonna happen.

The Elrics hung out in Al's room and didn't do anything involving ferrets. Yay! I hear there were cupcakes, though.

Jessica gets some cool stuff from her secret sib- by the way, Pippi, I'm real sorry that I ruined the surprise for you. I'll totally get you something cool to make up for that, though. The rest of you who haven't spilled your identities yet? Don't forget to treat your secret sibs to good stuff!

The second floor common room is back with a vengeance, dudes! We're painted and furnished and everything now. It's kinda girly though. Wait, no, my notes say it's totally not girly - except it totally is - and that it's good for dudes as well as girl-dudes.

And on the fifth floor, in their common room which isn't as cool as the second floor but still cool enough, Togusa, Nadia, Walter and Pippi danced the cha cha. I'm just reading what the notes tell me.

A Little of Column C, a Little of Column B

In town today, Walter stops by Sparky Repairs, which is nothing like ABC Damage Control - call now for a 2-for-1 offer! What was I saying? Walter. Sparky.He was talking to that old guy Alfred about shops. Wait, no, shop. As in what guys do. We guys. We like-minded techie guys.Moving on!

Barbossa gets a visit from Tex. Who decides that doors are beneath her, since she's hovering by his window.

Lorne's place, Caritas, where the singing just won't ever stop no matter how much we might want it to sometimes, is getting some guest musicians in this weekend. Will it be still going? I hope it is.

Dru and Darla have story time, but my notes say it's not the kind of story time that kids should go to. The Space Ninja throws knives at Jarod, because I hear that's what space ninjas do. I'll bet if you throw knives in space they'll just keep on going until they hit something.. Wilson and Aziraphale watch the snow fall which is a very grown-up thing to do. Everyone knows when it snows you are supposed to go out and play in it.Phoebe talks with Crowley about stuff. What stuff? Who knows? I wasn't there.. Ivanova is the proud vic- volunteer in a gumball-related experiment, which she then tries to convince Tonks to participate in. You should try to talk Anders into it. I hear he likes gumballs. I wonder how that started...

And it looks like Lilah's sending emails at the Wolfram and Hart offices today. Go Lilah! Embrace technology. Technology loves you and we should love it in a hug-and-buy-it-new-features kind of way, not anything Rory might think is dirty.

At the Emporium, Kiki was talking to Michael, and Anders drops off a list of weird questions he never got around to asking. Professor Lyman buys some water guns- good thing I'm not the kind of person who falls asleep in class. Er, not that it matters, I guess, since I'm not in any of his classes. But it's the principle of the thing.

In the park, Wilson and Aziraphale play some soccerwhich is football if you're from England and...actually, I don't know what they'd call it on Mars. Or KO-35. Or Onyx. Or- you guys totally get my point, don't you? Quark meets Granny Weatherwax and they talk professions- by the way? Dude with the ears is still looking for help, if anyone needs a job or knows someone or something. Ivanova and Alanna stop by Deb's to get something to eat, which is what you do when you go to Deb's since they sell food..

Pretty much everywhere you look, there's posters for the grand opening of Alfred's new cafe tomorrow. Speaking of posters, there's also some slightly-scarier looking ones up because apparently Tex is running for mayor. And some advertising the services of a general contractor. There's also apparently a Tachikoma wandering around town. Is that anything like a zord?

Chaucer's had some business today, which is good since it's a business. Maia and Tonks who I'm sure are both nice people but I've only met one of you once, but hey anyway, went looking for parchment and poems.

Professor Autolycus has another business meeting. What kind of business? Why don't you all ask him next time you see him, cause I ain't telling. Jarod and Fraser - who has a cool hat, or so I hear, talk to Becky, who... now that I think about it, kinda looks like Rory but different. And then the pirate dude and the Space Ninja share pie. Not a euphemism, people. Not. A. Euphemism.

At Caritas, there is, perhaps not surprisingly, singing going on. Tonks and Ivanova perform a duet and hang out at the bar. As do GOB and Belthazor- hang out at the bar, I mean, not perform a duet. And someone else, but I'll totally get to that in a minute.

At the bookshop, Kiki chats with Ben, Tonks, and Lana. And then has a private apple-pie-party. What's with all the pie today? Didn't we already have National Pie Day?

And Now For Something Completely Different

Okay, I mentioned this earlier and I'm gonna explain it more now:

So Rory was at Caritas, and then this totally scary chick grabbed her. But she got away, yay! And went to see Angel. After that, she went back to her room, where Anakin was waiting to see if she was okay.

So that's all tonight- stay smart, stay safe, and don't forget to bundle up. See you all outside in the snow tomorrow!
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"Bridge Carson here, guys, broadcasting from somewhere that's actually set up like a radio station, and not a robot dog, like last time. I still don't know how that happened, exactly, but it was fun. Anyway, here's what happened today!"

A Little of Column B, A Little of Column A

"Okay, so dudes, this morning? Cam and Marty held a second-floor breakfast. Only it wasn't actually technically a second-floor breakfast, because a bunch of guys showed up who aren't from the second floor. Like Belthazor, but it's okay because he made coffee and I don't even wanna think about what things would be like if there was a breakfast without coffee. Kawalsky is totally a pancake ninja, and Marty totally fails at pancakes. Dude, I didn't know it was possible to fail at pancakes. Pippi and Alanna talk about pets, and, okay, that reminds me... does anyone around here have what could be considered a ‘normal' pet? I mean, okay, technically normal is relative so for example I'm pretty sure Faithful thinks that talking is normal even though it's not normal for other cats to do that, but you know what I mean. Pip comes in talking like a zombie, but is not a real zombie, which is good because we all know how that ended. Unless you weren't here last semester. But then again, you've probably heard about it, haven't you? Liz talks about knighting Cam after she gets elected to the Student Council, or something. Oh yeah! Sophomores, you should totally vote for Isabel and Peter and me. Because we have lots of good plans about cool stuff to do this semester that I think you guys will all really like. Maia and Pip talk about- whoa, whoa. They talk about possibly becoming nudists, all right? Yeah. Aeryn stops by, she and Cam talk about- they talk about John and Aeryn and their plans about becoming nudists. Wow, everyone on this school is really keen on being… nudists. I'm not one to judge, but guys, this is seriously weirding me out. Still, whatever butters your muffin. Chiana talks to Aeryn about the coolness of the second floor, or possibly the insane-ness of the second floor, which are probably not actually mutually exclusive. I mean, maybe the second floor is cool because it's crazy! Didn't anyone ever think of that, huh? Huh? And, okay, I wasn't there at the breakfast this morning so you've gotta tell me guys... was there any toast? Was it-" there's a slight pause "-buttery?"

"So did you guys see the really cool posters Isabel made? I think they're totally awesome, but maybe I'm biased. But I think I'm allowed to be biased in this case. Vote Peter, Isabel, and Bridge! Who is me. Not that there are any other Bridges at this school, but I thought I should clarify just in case. Lily with one l- although, actually, there are two l's, they're just not right next to each other- she put some posters up too. They move and stuff, which is, okay, pretty impressive, even if she's a rival for the Student Council position and all. But dude, they wave at you! Wave! Jake put up some posters too, but they're not for Student Council, they're for his art show, which I kinda meant to go to but I got distracted by um, well, it involves my computer and some bagels."

"Up on the fourth floor, Lana and Allie talk about... uh, how to get detention? Or, at least, that's what this says. Dudes, why do you want to get detention? I think it's supposed to be a bad thing!"

"Officer Lion-Girl-Jaye says vote for Angel but not for Marty! And, dude, she can't spell Aeryn's name? It's spelt how it sounds, that's not hard! John catches Cal stealing posters of Angel and teases her about it. Dude, Callisto can kill you dead in like a million ways. Are you sure that was a good idea? Angela said something about Marty and it got printed on the flyer but it wasn't what she meant to say. Or well, it was, but she didn't mean for it to be taken that way. Angel and Angela talk about important things like Student Council and soulmates. And, okay, John and Angel? I'm looking at the description of what you guys were doing, and I think you actually may have successfully negotiated a peace treaty in Intergalactic Sign Language between the warring factions on the planet Onyx. Too bad none of them will ever find out about it. You could have ended years of fighting!"

"In the 5th Floor Girl's Room, Pippi proves that the washrooms aren't just for humans, or, well, actually I guess it's humanoids, isn't it, because we do have a few aliens or other beings that aren't classified as "human" at Fandom High, don't we?

"Pip hangs out with Maia on the roof, where they dance to the greatest dance songs ever. Apparently. I don't know, I wasn't there, so I can't say for sure."

"Walter, Pippi, Al and Victor make some pie for Principal Smith on the 3rd Floor, and I'm told that's not a euphemism. I hope that's not a euphemism, people. Also, personally, I think buttery-" another short pause "-toast might go over with the dude better."

"Down in the Lobby, John, Rory, Chloe, Anakin, and Aeryn play on a slip-n-slide. And there's no nudity. None. Nobody even thinks about becoming nudists."

This and That

"Becky, which is apparently the name of the scary monochrome girl who winked at me that one time and reminds me vaguely of a friend of mine, stole a yacht. GOB's yacht, to be exact. And since he's now yacht-less, he goes to ask Becky, who is surprisingly happy to see him, if he can have a place to crash."

"Okay, so, dudes, in The Emporium? Michael and Inara talk about Chiana's Safe Walk program, which is a totally cool idea, and mad props, dude, for thinkin' of that. Inara and Michael then try and explain modern Valentine's day to Walter, DEATH, and Macbeth. DEATH and Macbeth- dude, that totally rhymes, cool! - DEATH and Macbeth also talk about berets and the possibility of colour tyranny. I wonder if I'm a victim of colour tyranny? I mean, for some weird reason almost all of my clothes are black and grey. I have a few green things but that's it."

"At the Movie Thea- we have a Movie Theatre? Wow. I so did not know that. Which makes sense since I haven't been to town much so how would I know it's there if I haven't seen it? Anyway, at the theatre, Blair gets a job. Yay! Did you get your plant yet, dude? That girl who gave me makeup advice that one time, even though I don't wear makeup, was talking during the movie, which pissed Aeryn off. Dude, why is everyone, like, failing at not pissing Aeryn off these days? Maybe there's something in the water. I wonder if we could get that checked."

"Over at Professor Ted the Music Dude's place, Professors Lyman and Skeeter move in. Professor Autolycus greets them wearing only a towel, which, okay, I'm not going to judge. I don't want to think about any of my teachers dressed in just towels, but maybe it's some sort of traditional garb from wherever he's from?"

"Professor Autolycus then goes to the Sin, where he has some sort of business meeting or something."

"The Clinic needs some qualified help. So, dude, someone apply, because it'd suck if you were like, in an accident or something and they didn't have enough staff to help you out, right? Not that I think that'll happen to anyone but it could so it's best to be prepared!"

"There's singing at Sunday Mass today. Lana grabs some dinner and talks to Deb at, well, Deb's."

Oh, You Know, Stuff...

"In the clinic, Dr. Pevensie arrives and apparently finds things a bit... unnerving. It's okay, dude, you'll totally get used to it. I'm sure you will. I guess nobody got injured today, 'cause Alanna hung out by herself. Well, not strictly by herself, since Faithful was there, but he was asleep so I'm not sure that actually counts."

"Jake's art exhibition is pretty cool, with people stopping by to see Callisto, Chloe, Duce, Lilly, and... dude! That's some awesome work there, man. Good job."

"Liz hangs out in her room instead of working on last-minute campaign things. I heard the phone ring across the hall from me in Cam's room, but I didn't hear his end of the conversation, and even if I did, I totally wouldn't tell you guys 'cause that's not cool. Anakin writes a letter home. Ivanova gets some fish- as pets, not for dinner or anything. Angela arrives back in the dorms after spending a weekend at home. Then she talks to Marty, and they- they broke up? What? That's crazy!"

"And I'm totally not ending the broadcast on that note, so I'm gonna ask you all: would you rather have a bear in a silly hat or a goldfish made of steel?"
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Jaye: Hi! This is Jaye and friends, who are totally not up to any mischief, and you’re not actually hearing any of this, and we did not hijack the radio frequency to tell you what’s happened since last week. Nope. Definitely not.

cut for length, because omg )

[Preplayed in chat with all involved parties. Much thanks to those of you who jumped on the link grabbing omg so fast, and especial thanks to [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines for letting us do this. *blows kisses*]

[ETA: So the links are causing problems. And I have no idea how, as the coding is actually right. *boggles at LJ* FIXED, OMG.]

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