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Jason: Hey, good morning. This is Jason Todd, and I'm here to--


--the hell was that?

Anduin: I'm sorry! I was trying not to step on any of the squirrels. They get a bit under foot, don't they?

Jason: Uh, do you mind? I'm trying to do the news here.

Anduin: Oh, are you one of the people who talks to us in the mornings? Do you like doing this? I was asking the squirrels all about it.

Jason: You were...asking the squirrels?

Anduin: Yes, I saw them with their little notebooks and I wondered what they were doing, and...well, it's all very fascinating, isn't it?

Jason: ...Not as fascinating as I think you think it is.

Anduin: Do you need any help?

Jason: No, I'm good, really.

Anduin: Are you certain? I'm a very good reader.

Jason: If I say no again, are you going to leave?

Anduin: Um, it seems as though there's room for more than one person in here. Perhaps I could stay and watch? Quietly?

Jason: ...I'm just going to go back to what I was doing and ignore you now.

Awww, it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship. )

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