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D'Argo: How does this... Oh. Does the red light mean it's on? *taps microphone*

Uhhhh, so. My name is D'Argo and I'll be... bringing you the news, I guess. You know, I thought maybe John would be here. Guess not. So, let me see these notes, thank you, skirl-

*sounds of chittering, followed by a door opening*

Cher: Hey, what are you doing here? OH MY GOD WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE.

D'Argo:: Nothing. What's wrong with yours?

Cher: There is nothing wrong with my... Really? Is there something wrong with my face?

D'Argo: What are you doing here anyway?

Cher: I asked you first!

D'Argo: I asked you second and I have the tongue.

Cher: Look, I'm flattered and all, but what kind of girl do you think I am? Desperate?

D'Argo: You would not have to be desperate-

Cher: Oh, as if! The alternative would be to get me drunk and I could not let myself get that sloppy in public. Or ever.

D'Argo: I'm not hitting on you-

*sound of a door opening*

Hermione: What's going on here?

D'Argo: I've asked that a few times already.

Cher: I'm just trying to get some more radio time, since no one was scheduled! The secret to success is to put yourself out there.

Hermione: Shut up. I'm supposed to be here. I'm the one with actual radio experience.

Cher: What's she doing here?

Jaina: I saw this one walking here all purposeful. Thought I should tag along.

Hermione: Look, stay if you must, but I'm going to start reading.

Cher: The guy with the face already did.

Jaina: Guy with the face? Oh, look, it's the job-stealer.

D'Argo: I said I was sorry!

Hermione: *sigh* Just, someone start reading.

cut because who knew, it gets longer )
Hermione: I think that's it.

D'Argo: You missed one.

Hermione: I did not.

DArgo: What's this paper that says radio voting is up?

Cher: That's the most important one! Remember, people of Fandom, vote early, vote often, and vote Cher!

Jaina: I'm really glad I don't see politics in your future, because those words are terrifying.

D'Argo: Are we done? Can I go back home? Or maybe for a very large drink?

Hermione: I think we all can. Say goodnight, everyone.

D'Argo: No.

*dead air*

[My brain is wrong.]
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RORY: Okay, hi, everyone! This is Rory and I'm here with a much, much better guest tonight than the mean and obnoxious people who were with me last night! Say hi!


RORY: You're so enthusiastic.

AERYN: I was before. It's all gone now. Now I'm normal.

RORY: As long as you don't poke at any random wounds you might be sporting, I'm happy.

AERYN: ...I don't think that will be happening.

RORY: Good. Because it was very upsetting. And icky. And ickily upsetting.

AERYN: I'd imagine so. Though really, it's only a knife wound... Do you just want to do this?

Yes, she does. Not dirty. Why do all my cut tags lately say that? )

AERYN: Should we maybe end on that? Make sure everyone else is still picturing it?

RORY: Sounds good. No new mental imagery for any of you, mwahaha. Night, people!

AERYN: ...You just said 'mwahaha.' Good night.

RORY: It's my evil laugh. I'm trying it out. Anyway. Night for reals!

AERYN: *sighs*


[MUCH thanks to the wonderful [ profile] can_be_more!]

Fandom Radio, July 5

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 09:57 pm
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JAYE: Hi. This is Jaye. I'm going to say stuff now.

AERYN: No, she's not.

JAYE: You're not the boss of me!

AERYN: She's had a little bit to drink.

JAYE: Teensy bit. You shouldn't pull your hair back like that, Aeryn, it makes you look scary.

HERMIONE: Remind me why we're letting her on the air like this? She keeps making faces at you.

AERYN: I'm aware. I'll hit her when she's sober enough to feel it.

cut for length, cuz yeah )

JAYE: You both suck.

*sound of something hitting the floor*

HERMIONE: Did you hit her?

AERYN: No, she just fell over. Let's head back.

HERMIONE: We can't just leave her!

AERYN: Yes, we can.

HERMIONE: No, we... Oh, for heaven's sake.

*radio clicks off in the middle of squabbling*

Fandom Radio, May 14

Sunday, May 14th, 2006 09:12 pm
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This is Aeryn and I'm doing radio. Don't ask. Unfortunately Jaye is not here for me to hit this time. This is disappointing.


Apparently this is still going on. Professor Tick held office hours, with Willow paying him a visit, and Dr. Jackson posted grades.


In the gym, Peter- I suppose we're calling him English Peter? Yes, that one- discussed swords and centuars with Callisto before she and I sparred. Peter also talked to Ranma, who I did see there. Another name to remember. And then Cameron stopped in and he and Peter talked about weaponry. You know, the next time something attacks us, I don't think we'll have much of a problem.

River went looking for Kaylee, Dean, who I met yesterday cut his brother's hair, and Jude joined Sakurazaki while reading. This paper, if I'm reading it correctly, says Tim was dashing to and fro. I have no idea if that is a euphamism.

Buffy ordered pizza in the fifth floor common room, and the monkey was upset. I can't believe I just said that. I'll pretend that note was written as a joke. Ha ha. Alec agreed with Buffy that it is a shame we don't have cheerleading. You're frelling kidding me. We don't have sports. We've been over this. She was also disturbed that Bel knew the other Buffy. *long pause* Someone needs to explain this Other Buffy thing to me because the pieces don't exactly fit and it is frustrating. The note says Marie considered embracing her destiny to make Bel cranky. I have no idea what that means but for some strange reason it makes me like Marie. And no, Buffy, the strangeness here? It's all real. Sorry to have to tell you again. Marie was not impressed by Alec, though D'Anna was. Am I really supposed to read all this? It's one meeting after another... Though there are mentions of John on the radio and a frog invasion. *sighs*

*pause* Actually, that did happen once.

Peter- the English one- watched a movie with Dean and Willow, and Elizabeth, Sam and Cally watched another somewhere else. Apparently Greg- right, the confusing one- was making things glow in his room, so Dawn stopped by to see why, and Peter Parker appreciated his roommate, which I admit sounds very wrong phrased that way.

Al took Pup from Seras and they discussed Walter, and Parker and Bel spoke to Veronica about Nadia. Veronica then broke into her room. That would be the room of Nadia, who dreamed in the clinic. I have no idea how you people know this. I have no idea what Tim was doing either.

Alec cleaned all evidence of Jaye being a tralk- hardly surprising. Cedric offered to disrobe for Hermione, which is also not surprising, having met him. Neither was Jack stopping by after yesterday's date. Ranma scared him, though, so Cedric had to have been surprised. I'm glad one of us was about something.

Sakura is staying for the summer, Demyx, Jack, Peter Parker and I all visited Isabel, who was busier than I thought. Dawn wrote a letter, Willow, Cameron and Jack did things with E-mail, and Callisto and Pippi made phone calls, and how is correspondence news?

And- All right, I am serious, I want to know how anyone knows what I do in a room with the door closed. Someone tell me.


At Sanctity, Stark paid Zhaan a visit. Hello, Zhaan. I did get taller, by the way, thank you. River and Orlin both went to brunch at Wonka's, and Sawyer and Paige spoke in the park before she did some weird thing and she and Pip and Tim were gone. I don't even pretend to know.

Ellie worked at the Perk, and at the park and yes those are two different places, Elle talked to herself. Those are also two different people. I think. They're spelled differently.

I'm... not exactly sure what happened at the hotel except that there was a confrontation with Pippi and Walter, and there was statue-breaking, and I knew I liked Molly for a reason. Cameron took care of her afterwards.

The clinic during the day, which only had Tyler, Nadia and Al to attend to, exploded but not literally in the evening, Stark- why do I feel like I should know that name?- had to deal with Pip, Walter and Pippi being admitted, with many visitors following. To the new people, see, this is what we were telling you about.

I'm turning this off now.
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JOHN: Hewwo! My name's John! Hi! I'm seven and three quarters! Hi again! Can you all hear me! Does anyone else wanna say hi? Say hi guys!


[Thank you to Angel, Bridge, Cam, Sam, Anakin, Barbossa, Xander, Angela, Marty, Aeryn, Jaye, Rory, Sean, Vladdie, Chloe, and Veronica for helping with all this. If a link got missed, please forgive me. This day was absolutely HUGE and I couldn't get it all.]

Fandom Radio, March 29

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006 10:00 pm
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Jaye: Hi, this is Jaye, bringing you your USDA recommended daily allowance-

Aeryn: Hi.


Aeryn: Well, we've spent so much time together lately, I figured I should watch you at work.

Jaye: No.

*long pause*

Jaye: Security!

*long pause*

Jaye: Fine, so I do the broadcast with Daffy.

Aeryn: No, you're the duck.

Jaye: You are.

cut omg )

Jaye: That's it for us. Thank god. I'll be back next week, without the Oblivious Folder Helmet Hitting Bitch.

Aeryn: Of course you will.

Jaye: OW! Someone tell me they heard that!

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