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Sup, Fandom. Yo, in case y'all ain't heard yet, there's s'posed to be a major hurricane on its way here. An' for anyone on this island to up an' take notice of the weather, it's probably gonna be a bad one. Y'all should stock up on staples an' supplies, but don't hoard. Make sure there's enough toilet paper an' bottled water for everybody.

Ain't entirely sure why you need to buy out the store's supply of toilet paper an' bottled water when a bad storm is on its way, but the internet assures me this is true.

Speakin' of hurricanes, Peridot was in the Library, learnin' about hurricane namin' conventions. Which are weird, I'mma give you that. Yo, has this hurricane gotten big enough to be named yet? Anyway, in Fightin' an' Fabulosity, students had to fight monsters with their weapons from their first class an' wearin' feather boas. That's some fabulosity right there. Healin' Power of Crystals tried to heal chakra with crystals or maybe tried to heal crystals with chakras. I dunno an neither do you. Summer was cranky cause it wasn't workin', Ahsoka wan't sure what chakras were, an' Xanthippe just wanted Deadpool to stop chantin'. The Magic of Plants learned how to make useful stuff outta gourds. Which is interestin', considerin' no one can figure out how to make anything tasty outta 'em.

Dorms were quiet, but in Town, Eliot was preppin' the house for the hurricane. I bet we got, like, three shelves full of paper towels an' bread now, just wait. Kitty was outside Luke's also preppin'. You heard it here folks. If the hurricane messes up your house, the bar is ready! Covent Gardens got a shipment of chichlids, not orchids an' Groovy Tunes was closed because Lucille ain't feelin' well. Get better soon, Lucille!

Anyway, this is Hardison signin' off. All jokin' aside, take a few extra precautions till this thing blows over, a'ight? It's supposed to be BAD.
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Oh, aren't you precious with your little hats and notepads, and your radio equipment twice your size.


Oh, you're not getting my rum. Nice try though.

The School saw Khadgar falling into a hurricane research hole at the Library. Kinky. Archeology shot creepy bears instead of stealing loot, and Anakin's Quest To Find His Beardy Boyfriend went to Thailand. But alas he wasn't there.


My version's better. Over in the Dorms, Dante got a call from home, which is never a good sign, while in Town, Zack found out about stickbugs 'and y meerkatz r betta' at Furnado, things were a bit fishy at the florist, there were blueberried knobs at the <Post Office, heh, Needful Things weather vanes were acting up, and the music was creeping on Raven at Groovy Tunes. Seems legit.


One last thing, apparently Finnley might or might not be coming to town. Who's that?


Oh, a hurricane.

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Good morning. This is Rey, and once again there's not much news but I'm still here.


No, I will not say thank you.

At school, Science class tried to understand earworms, Getting to Know Your Own Backyard returned to the asteroid field, and the teachers in Holidays class put on costumes to talk about Christmas and why people complain about coffee cups. And Gratuity was in the library, fielding a call from home and then looking up things about sharks.

And in town, Shiemi was at Covent Garden, trying to figure out a shipment of... fish. That is a flower store, right? And Alluka was having a birthday party at Demon Marcus, though she didn't know who it was for. That didn't stop Sparkle from enjoying the party when he brought her a postcard from a fish...

What is happening? Have the squirrels just replaced words in these notes with 'fish'?

Zack came in for clothes and got a party, introductions and a hug, and Ringo was confused that it wasn't Alluka's birthday, but then got an education in how strawberries make cake healthy.

There is your surprisingly fish-focused news for the day. I still don't understand it.
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Hey, Fandom. Try to hide your surprise that it's Monday morning and I'm here once again. I know, I know, it's super unexpected at this point, but what are you going to do?

... Anyway, I have notes. Also a surprise, I'm sure. And once again, all in town. At Luke's, I was caught between the busboy and the cook arguing over cats versus dogs, an argument that was more or less settled when Summer showed up and yelled at them both to just give her the cake she ordered. Sparkle was bored at Demon Marcus, and so he gets a boring note. Jono had more oranges than he knew what to do with at the Boards yesterday. Dante was sick of them from his Groovy Tunes shift, but offered to take some to the vegetarians in his life, and Hannibal pointed out that he has a car, and can just drive Jono and the oranges to a shelter to donate them.

Cara and Surreal were on a date at the 'out of order' onsen, and were just figuring out what to do with themselves when Cara turned into a chipmunk. I don't know what that is, but I imagine it makes dating difficult. And, finally, Atton was wondering what the hell to do with some weird drink mixing ingredients at Caritas when Sparkle showed up to combat his boredom, and they played a game of pazaak. I've got a deck somewhere, I need to see if there's anyone around here who plays. Kitty stopped by as well, and... really didn't want to know what was up with the weird drink mixers.

Nah, that's fair. If you can't pronounce it while drinking, you can't order more. What's the point?

And that's all the notes, so I'm out for the day. We have an asteroid to investigate in class today. I need to help prep the Ghost for that.
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Good morning, everyone. This is Clint Barton, and let's see what news I have for you today.

Over in town, Jono was still dealing with a ton of oranges at Groovy Tunes, so if anyone is in desperate need of vitamin C, you might want to talk to him. Taako got the shipment for Fantasy Costco late, so he didn't have any merchandise out except for a half-eaten donut, which Magnus was more than willing to take. And in the evening, Zack went walking along the beach and Peter caught him by surprise; they introduced themselves and talked about what was keeping Zack out late, and what the school had been like when Zack was a student.

So, that's a nice set of notes for a nice, quiet day. I hope today is also a good one!

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 12:22 pm
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It's Saturday, you mad bastards, so here's the goings-on of the last twenty-four hours.

At the school, Vanessa asked the Alien Conspiracy Theories students to share their thoughts on alien abduction stories, while International Cuisine was off to Papua New Guinea for a seafood buffet dinner.

In town, at Groovy Tunes Dante had Queen stuck in his head, and was grudgingly singing along with "Under Pressure." Which he preferred to the radio that insists on playing nothing but U2. Bloody fucking right.

That's it, Fandom. Enjoy your weekend.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, July 28th, 2017 01:25 pm
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Hey, morning, Fandom. Is it just me, or is it a good one?



Anyway. Racing Battlewagon class kinda forgot what teams we were all in, so it got outta hand. Best Defence didn't have any bears this time, just defenses, so great work living up to your *FEEDBACK*ing name, I guess.

In town, in a move that's gonna be great for everybody, Lucille started her first day on the job at a place that's got Poison in the name. And apparently when I get to work, there's a ton of oranges that Octavia found on her shift, just laying around. At least Ades made it out to open up shop at Demon Marcus, and got a Hyacinthe--


... anyway. Kathy got some new stuff in to check out while she was playing video games, and I stopped by to say hi.


Yeah, that's why I'm having a good day. What of it? *shuffles papers* Kay, that's it. I'm outta here. Later!
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Yo Fandom, it's Hardison. Kinda glad to just be readin' local news today, where things are crazy, but the people generally ain't. An' thanks for that, y'all. Hold each other close an' maybe be extra-kind to each other over the next little while, a'ight?

Anyway, sermonizin' over, let's get to notes about School. Isabelle couldn't make it to Fightin' an' Fabulosity, so Electroclash stopped by to hit play on their movie. The Healin' Power of Crystals had Deadpool bringin' in blood-covered merchandise to promise the class a party at the end of the semesetr if they were good. Then he left to go Ebay that stuff an' the class dispersed, with Peridot an' Summer talkin' about romance novels with crystals in 'em, while Khadgar wanted to verify that the stuff Deadpool had was indeed covered in blood. Summer was hopin' for ketchup, but Shiemi's pretty sure it ain't. Magic of Plants also had a movie day, but Karla was there to have a discussion after it was over. Lucille seemed to have lots of thoughts that Karla picked up on, an' Shiemi stayed after class to talk about agave plants. At the Library, Peridot was readin' her romance novels when Karla stopped by to return a very overdue book.

No Dorms, but Summer was in Town, durin' class, visitin' The Perk. After classes, Lucille settled into her job at Groovy Tunes, playin' the keyboard. An' Peter at Covent Gardens was practicin' flower arrangin'...with tentacles. A'ight then. That's sure a thing I just read.

An' on that note, Hardison out. Stay strong everybody.

Fandom Radio, July 26th

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 11:54 pm
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No I haven't got pla...why do you even care how I spend my weekends?

Moving on, School had classes, with Archaeology looking for help, and Try Not To Die going to South Dakota which is apprently full of tacky things like stickers, plush toys, moustache wax for Anakin's boyfriend, statues, and taffy.

Something actually happened in the Dorms, though it was just Dante playing guitar. While in Town, Tony had pie for breakfast, and possibly got into a fight with Steve over it. There were 'magic' beans for sale at Turtle and Canary, while Summer found gifts for her parents at Needful Things because that always ends well. Nathan went through apologies at Covent Garden, before explaining what the flowers were for to Octavia. Torture. They're for torture, I should know. Zack had puppies for cuddling at Furnado, Kathy was playing games at Dite's, and Kitty drank coffee at Caritas.
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It's Tuesday, so I have the news for the day, and luckily there's not a lot because I will remind you that I did not choose this job as much as I was kidnapped into it. Weekly.

At school, Holidays class learned about Thanksgiving and told the class what we're thankful for. Getting to Know Your Own Backyard took a portal to see Halley's Comet, and Science class... threw things at birds. I... I'd advise against that. Oh, and in the library, Gratuity took issue with the editing of the book she was reading.

And in town, Verity and Tiny were at the Devil's Nest, doing some sort of... escape thing. At Demon Marcus, Alluka debated seeing more than the inside of her room, and at Luke's, the kitchen staff tried to decide what Eliot's... dadsona? would be.

I'll leave you on that note, to Google if you need to.
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I walked in to the station this morning to see two squirrels wearing little conical hats instead of their usual fedoras. I'm not sure what that's all about, but now they're--


... Now they're blowing on little tiny noisemakers. So it's a good thing I don't have many notes. I can read these off and get out of here before I get one to the ear or something. Fortunately, the squirrels didn't bother to wander past town yesterday. Unfortunately, they did bother with Luke's, where the staff relentlessly mocked me for my taste in music, which Summer explained was probably because of the name of it - I'd tell you all, but the squirrels tend to beep that one out on me anyway - and Hera and I talked about Earth being weird and the possibility of arranging a group trip to the mainland for non-humans who have been curious about the place. Sparkle was doing managerial stuff at Demon Marcus when he got a call from Leto and they chatted about last weekend's weirdness. And something about a friendship song? See, and they call my music weird.


Come on, guys.

Jono opened the Boards for band practice yesterday, and totally failed at arguing about music with Dante before talking about why he was in a good mood. He also chatted with Dr. Lecter about composing music together later. And how many puns were acceptable in any one song. Finally, at the Park, Lucille was reading a book in the shade. Sounds like a good way to spend the day, really.

That's all the notes I've got, and now the squirrels are offering me a tiny conical hat and a noisemaker, too. Sorry guys, I'd love to stick around for whatever this is, but I have a class to teach. Maybe next time.
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Hey folks, Clint Barton here with just a few notes from yesterday. In town, Jalian was working on a personal project at Stark's with the help of JARVIS, and Olivia came by to check the place out and met JARVIS too. Jono and his cat had a peaceful day at Groovy Tunes; Eliot came by in need of guitar strings, and he and Jono talked about how weird last weekend was for them, and Jono also talked Eliot into at least considering joining his band here in Fandom. They've got to be better than the zombies, right? Finally, at Caritas, Mike had to deal with a shipment of really strange-flavored beers. That's still better than last weekend. And I'm all out of notes, so that's my coffee cue. Have a good week!

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 11:11 am
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Alright, Fandom, listen up because I've got shite to do.

Lecter took the kids to Mongolia and didn't bring back any food for the teacher's lounge, Dante was earwormed at Groovy Tunes, and Summer was watching classic bad science fiction in the second floor common room.

Right. Done. Now fuck off.


WTFH, Friday

Friday, July 21st, 2017 10:06 pm
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Okay, you know what? I don't got a lot of time for this, so let's get through this fast, all right?

Defence Class spent a lot of time hitting things with swords - favorite hobby of mine - and in Vehicle Class we had a movie day.

That weird guy at Turtle and Canary spent his day being weird by yelling about sleep. And the new girl has been poking around the shelves at Groovy Tunes. Look, Starsmore, I don't do reshelving, okay?

... Unless there's interesting *microphone feedback* in there.

Otherwise, besides the garden chess at Luke's, not a whole lot of *feedback* going on. Good, 'cause I'm late for work. Later!
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*Angry chittering*

Yeah, yeah, I'm late, I know. Sorry, yo, them weird weekends always screw up my sense of time. Spent all day yesterday thinkin' it was Tuesday. But it was Wednesday, an' here's everythin' that happened yesterday.

School started off with Fightin' an' Fabulosity got to go to the mall an' pick out clothes that were cute an' capable of concealing weapons. Man, that sounds like a class Sophie would teach, too. Also, my apologies for folks out there wearin' clothes designed for ladies an' think that pockets are for chumps. Healin' Power of Crystals had a rant from Deadpool about folks not takin' his class seriously. This bein' the same class he bough fifty cent crystals for. Go figure. Magic of Plants was temporarily turned into Magic of Puppies for the day, an' Zack stopped by to chat with Karla. Over in the Library, the books were puttin' on a literal three-ring circus, but Peridot didn't pay any attention at all.

Dorms had an upset Ada from the weekend, but Isabela showed up to help comfort her an' I ain't lookin' at anythin' you squirrels are doin', dammit. Ain't my business.

In Town, Groovy Tunes was tryna drive Lucille mad with terrible music. Covent Gardens is debatin' carryin' "sorry I turned into somethin' weird" bouquets, an' Ino was back in uniform at Pick Your Poison, with Lucille comin' in to see what exactly was bein' sold.

That's it for notes an' that's it for me! Have a good week y'all!

Fandom Radio, July 19th

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 11:36 pm
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No, I had a perfectly normal weekend.

*disappointed chitters*

Yeah, that's not making feel any worse about whatever it was skipping me.

There were classes up at the School, where Archaeology sorted valuable garbage from junk, and Try Not to Die went to a desert in Namibia, but apparently it's too hard if there are dragons and bears. Khadgar read about alternate dimensions in the Library.

Once more, the Dorms were pretty quiet, and in Town, Lucille and Peridot were on the beach, talking about umbrellas and robot ducks, as you do. Miracle Guy stayed home 'repairing his cart'. Summer cleaned at Needful Things, the music was complaint worthy at Groovy Tunes, Taako realised the futility of looking for an invisible umbrella at Fantasy CostCo, Nathan sent apology notes to people who wanted bouquets from Covent Gardens, Zack had to deal with singing frogs at Furnado, the stock rooms were misbehaving at the Post Office, and Hannibal cooked and served for two students' date. Which isn't at all creepy.
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Good morning, Fandom. I'm glad yesterday seemed to have been fairly normal, as far as anything here is ever normal. This is Rey, with your morning notes.

At school, Science class had a chicken and talked about animals and someone called Darwin, Getting to Know Your Own Backyard took it easy with a moon walk, and Understanding Holidays learned about Halloween. Summer and Gratuity talked about the weekend and a conversation they'd had, and the rest of us had to show off costumes. And Gratuity spent her library shift explaining to people back home why she didn't call this weekend.

In town, Alluka was at Demon Marcus, telling her bunny how glad she was that she had a normal weekend. You and me both. Jyn and Hannibal did not, with him offering her some information he remembered, and this all feels very strange to read on radio so I won't. At MCA, Hera and Kanan had a well-earned dinner, and at Luke's, Eliot wanted to set out comfort foods after the weekend. Kanan came in to apologize for missing his shift and to talk about... being embarrassed about not being a cat?


Oh. That's what happens when you change back? Oh.

Anyway, Parker required waffles in order to process the weekend, and Eliot and Hardison just got clingy. Shiemi was mixing something together at Covent Garden, and Kenzi had post-weekend specials at Caritas.

That's all I have. Just remember, this coming weekend will probably be normal.
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Oh look, notes. Many notes. Apparently the island was weird this weekend. I'd say I didn't notice, but I turned back from being a tooka just in time to be chased down by a Jedi Master who's been dead for three-thousand years, so...

Actually Long Enough To Warrant A Cut Radio! )
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Hey folks, Clint Barton here and... yep, it looks like we're having another fun weekend. And hey, for once I'm not affected. I promise to only gloat about that a little bit, so the island doesn't strike me down from inside the radio station.

Okay, let's see. At the school, Ahsoka had a normal shift at the library, aside from Tony spending eight hours on research for some reason, and Ahsoka getting a visit from a Master Kiwiiks. Hopefully, that was a welcome visit and not a weird one.

The dorms were nice and quiet, so I'm hoping that means you all somehow escaped whatever's going on. I know, I'm crazy. In town, Noah woke up at Eliot's place, along with Miss Parker who wanted to know if Eliot had kidnapped her. Eliot managed to convince her that this was the island's doing, not his, and also tried to get Noah calmed down. Above Luke's, there was a Cathy stuck in the attic, talking to a raven bird at the window, and it looks like Stiles and Derek came to visit Mike, except Stiles woke up next to someone named Clark who was clean-shaven and raised by farmers. Okay, you can't tell me that's not at least a little funny. Stiles was certainly amused when he told Mike, and Mike did well meeting Clark and staying cool about the whole thing.

Tony seems to have woken up as a teenager, and so did Steve, so I have a new pre-coffee mission for my day. Liam was confused about where he was when he woke up, and when Magnus brought coffee for, well, the usual Liam, he explained to the current Liam where he was. If you're getting a headache, blame Fandom. Someone named Scaramouche the Merciless woke up in town before going to flirt with the baristas at the Perk, and Galen woke up in Hannibal and Jono's place, but he fed their cats so I'm assuming he's a good guy. Master Kiwiiks also fed the pets she found, and I feel like that needs to be a sign in everyone's apartment: "If you've randomly ended up here, please fed my cats/dogs/whatever, oh and here's the wifi password."

Summer went to the park with an entourage of Mortys - look, I just read this stuff, I've long since stopped trying to understand it - and ran into Tip, who was looking for her cat. Summer told Tip about the Giant Heads who rule her world, and Tip told her how crazy that sounded, but Summer insisted they're wonderful. Riiight. She also ran into Mufasa, a talking lion who insisted he wasn't going to eat her, and Tip and Mufasa tried to figure out where they were. Peggy also didn't know where she was, but she ended up getting into a fight with Tip for being an old-fashioned racist, and had to convince Summer that she wasn't going to battle her and her Mortys.

I think that's the bit of strangeness I'm going out on because it looks like I'm out of notes. Uh, I know I usually tell you all to stay safe, but I really mean it this time, okay?

WTFH, Friday

Friday, July 14th, 2017 06:47 am
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Hey Fandom, it's another summer day or whatever. Hope you're enjoying your Friday before going wild over the weekend.

Lookin' at these notes... Vehicle class started off talking about battle-wagons. Which we apparently have to build, because reasons, I guess? Mine needs a ton of spikes. Meanwhile Defence made people reenact invasions.

... Great plan. [Feedback]ing fantastic.

Outside in town, Jarrus was waving a laser sword around in the park. Okay, that is definitely the worst idea of the week, old guy. Hera showed up to play with his dog, and somewhere down the line, he turned into a cat-thing...? Guess karma for laser swords goes quick.

And I got a new colleague at Groovy Tunes, who showed up wearing leather. Couple of points for that. Magnus turned up and old-timed at him like the weird dude he is, and I said hi.

Lecter decided that the best way to prep for making food for teenagers is reading message boards. People still use message boards? Dude. Just go on Tumblr or whatever. Starsmore managed to spend all of five minutes with the guy before turning into a snake. Harsh. Animals are a thing today, huh?

Anyway, that's all of yesterday's news, I am out. Later. *click*

(no subject)

Thursday, July 13th, 2017 03:51 am
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Sup, Fandom. This is Hardison an' my Nana's just discovered the concept of 'Throwback Thursday' so guess who woke up to bein' tagged in, like, a hundred pictures from high school? Why ain't there a statute of limitations on that nonsense?

Anyway, I'mma read notes real quick then write a virus to destroy alla Facebook, so you should probably back stuff up while you can before I burn Zuckerberg's digital palace to the ground.

So, startin' off, we got School. Healin' Power of Crystals, which I still can't believe is a thing, got to, uhh, experiment? With some magic crystals. Which came in a bucket of glitter. An' had price tags still on 'em. Fightin' an' Fabulosity tackled the most important half of her class title, bein' fabulous. An' no, anyone who's seen me rock a tux an'/or seen me in a fight knows I ain't bein' sarcastic. Magic of Plants used the Danger Shop to learn how to make inks outta various plants, on the off-chance Bic ever goes outta business. At the Library, Peridot was lookin' up the definition of pride because the weekend confused her. Yo, someone help a space-rock out?

Dorms was quiet, bein' the one good thing about this mornin', but stuff was goin' on up in Town. Ino patched herself up after a bad run-in with poison, an' Zack was there to help keep her standin'. That, uhh, sounds pretty bad.

But I guess it was okay, because a few hours later, Ino opened up Pick Your Poison an', I'm just sayin', ain't nobody woulda blamed you for takin' the day off. Covent Gardens saw Peter takin' orders for National Chicken Wing Day, which is not the store I assumed would need to worry about that an' Lucille was at Groovy Tunes, workin' in absolute silence.

That's all I got for today folks! Now excuse me, gotta go destroy your only method of keepin' in touch with your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
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Let's see what we have here.

Up at the School, Archaeology watched a movie, while Try Not To Die went to Antarctica, which explains why Leroy is currently being chipped out of ice. Apparently the students weren't very happy either, since they were throwing snow at Anakin, or at least thinking about it, turning blue, and learning new curses.

My Dorms notes are a drawing of a cricket, so either nothing happened again, or there was a fun new invasion. While in Town, Raven was forced to listen to old music at Groovy Tunes, Taako couldn't find his umbrella at Fantasy CostCo, Kathy had discounts at Dite's, but there were definitely none at Turtle and Canary, there were teacup issues at Needful Things, chicken issues at Covent Gardens and puppies at Furnado, though that wasn't an issue was far as Karla was concerned. Finally Kitty made rainbow drinks at Caritas.
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*sound of door closing somewhat normally, as if someone is getting used to this being ~a thing~*

Good morning. This is Rey. *shuffling papers* And there's barely anything to read but I'm already here so I might as well do it.

In school, Getting to Know Your Own Backyard went to visit an asteroid belt, Science class had some interesting theories as to what causes rainbows- it's light refraction- and Holidays class got a movie day. Also in the library, Gratutity had books on, um, sexuality out, including some she'd rather not read.

And in town, Shiemi was fielding calls at Covent Gardens about the appropriate flowers for National Chicken Wing Day. And to think, class today didn't cover that holiday.

That's all I have so I guess I'll see you next week.
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You know, I was actually kind of disappointed all those flowers were gone this morning on my way to the radio station? Then again, my dog no longer has natural camoflage anymore, so that's a plus. Good morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, and here's the news.

Which all happened in town, once again to my eternal relief. We'll get the businesses out of the way first; everything was rainbows both at Luke's for my shift and at The Magic Box for Anders', though Anders got a bonus visit from Dante to go with them. They talked about whether Anders was going to stop by the picnic in time to see Dante on stage with the band. And then Magnus rushed in stopped by to ask what was up with the rainbows and whether the Magic Box sold food. You missed out on a golden opportunity to eat rainbow pancakes, Magnus. Swing by Luke's sometime. We do have food.

Being a restaurant and all.

Looks like everything else we have this weekend is the Pride Picnic, which was a little bit like a carnival of rainbows with bonus free birth control. I can appreciate that. There was the requisite mingling, where, after a quick dip in Kathy's cleavage - sigh - Dante surfaced with a friendship bracelet. That was not where I was afraid this note would go, and I'm thankful for that.

Being a picnic, there was food, supplied by Dr. Lecter, naturally. Leto was impressed by how much Earth food can be turned into rainbows - I know that feeling - though Dr. Lecter lamented the difficulty of finding anything naturally blue around this planet. Don't get me started. Your milk is weird. Liam found his attention grabbed by the edible glitter, but he stuck around to chat with Dr. Lecter about Liam's past credentials as law enforcement back where he's from.

There were games, like a ball pit that my dog almost dragged me into, and a kraken slide that Kathy skinned her butt on. Aren't you glad the whole island knows this now, Kathy? And there were booths, occupied by Fandom folk. Sparkle was selling flags for charity, and he chatted a little about the meanings of them with Lucille before she offered to make a donation. Tony was surprised that Sparkle wasn't selling clothing, but Sparkle pointed out that clothes are a little expensive for someone who is supplying the merchandise out of pocket for the charity booth. Somehow this conversation turned to Tony blowing up a kitchen with pie, and that's a story I'd love to hear someday. Peter had a booth selling flowers for charity as well, following Sparkle's lead. Tough luck about the island supplying those already, Peter. Bet you really couldn't see that coming. And finally, Kathy was at the Dite's booth with free pamphlets and condoms, as well as friendship bracelets - in plastic containers, not in her cleavage - and hair wraps. I was wondering about those. Sparkle swung by to rainbow flag knight her into some manner of sex nobility, Anders was charged four kisses for a hair wrap, and Eliot swung by to have Kathy tell him that nobody had stopped by her booth for sex advice. You have no idea how relieved I, as the guy reading these notes, am to hear that.

Finally, there was the stage, where Dante played a Lady Gaga cover on his guitar - none of these words mean anything to me - until Jono showed up so they could start covering Queen, with Dante on vocals. Kathy stopped by to heckle, which meant that Dante was dragging her up onto the stage to do a rendition of Somebody to Love, which the squirrels assure me was fabulous.

And that looks like all the notes, just in time for me to grab some caf before running off to class. So, take care, Fandom. Until next week.
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Hey folks, Clint Barton here, and I hope you're all having a fun Pride weekend. It looks like all these notes are about the parade, so let's see what happened there. Everything started on the causeway; Hannibal was impressed by Sparkle's broad and inclusive collection of Mardi Gras beads, and he made sure Jono knew he was proud of him for being at the parade. Eliot complimented Hardison on his sign, and tried to convince Hannibal that a rainbow-colored cowboy hat wasn't a total fashion crime. Parker had water for herself and Eliot and Hardison, and she and Eliot agreed to keep an eye on Hardison to make sure he didn't overdo it. Aww.

The parade made its way through town, where Raven caught up with Jono, and they talked about the difference between bi and pansexuality. Lucille and Cassandra watched the parade, agreeing that it was louder and brighter than others they'd seen, and talked about how same-sex relationships work where they're from. Lucille also made plans with Hannibal to talk to him after the parade. Sparkle got excited at Atton about the rainbows the island was putting out - that was very nice of her, I have to admit - and Kathy was cheering everyone on from the sidelines, and Dante and Anders stopped to make plans with her for later. Tip and Summer watched the parade together since they'd never been to a Pride thing before, and Raven joined Kathy in watching since she didn't feel comfortable walking in the parade with so many people around. Aww.

After the parade, a lot of folks stuck around in the park. Sparkle was excited to see Leto, who'd come to visit for the festivities, and Peter made Sparkle's day even more by giving him rainbow roses. Hannibal and Lucille did, in fact, catch up with each other and talked about how the parade went overall.

It sounds like a fun day was had by all, and apparently there's a picnic today, so be sure to check that out too.

WTFH, Saturday

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 09:39 am
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Hm? What, today? *sigh* Very well, I have a parade to get to, so give me those notes.

Good morning, Fandom. This is Doctor Hannibal Lecter; apparently Mr. Constantine is unavailable this morning. Today is Pride, and I see that even the island is getting into the spirit.

*chittering cheers*

And the squirrels have little flags. Why not? Differing sexualities are hardly exclusive to humans, or even primates.

In any event, here is the news from yesterday.

In classes, Vanessa was surprised to find out she's teaching alien conspiracy theories. She blamed Wade, which seems like a very safe bet, but went on regardless with introductions. And in my class on international cuisine, we handled introductions at a restaurant in São Paulo where we ate Brazilian food. Except for the student who can't eat, and whom I hope will not be dreadfully bored the entire term.

Over in town, Liam arrived at the Trooper Station to an argument between two of the troopers as to whether they really saw a creature in the sewers that one calls a sewer sprite and the other a shit pixie. *pause* This being Fandom, I'm not going to make a guess as to which is right, though I will say that sewer sprite seems a more genteel name, should a possibly hypothetical sewer creature care about that.

At the junkyard, Hera was having some difficulty figuring out what some of the "mystery metal objects" at the junkyard are, and then Kanan dropped by with lunch.

Dante was at Groovy Tunes, failing to convince the sound system to play anything but jazz. Hm. Which might not be a bad thing, depending upon the jazz.

And Kathy was in her apartment crafting things and preparing for Pride, which included pamphlet-folding and bracelet-making. Eliot brought her lunch, then confused her by suggesting many sorts of elaborate friendship bracelet styles.

And that seems to be all of the news that I have here, so I'm heading off for the causeway to begin the parade. I hope that everybody has a lovely day today and that I see you all there, and don't forget the picnic tomorrow. Thank you.

*more chittering cheers*

WTFH, Friday

Friday, July 7th, 2017 02:13 pm
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Hey, Fandom. 'sup? It's a pretty good Friday so far, besides the part where you made me roll out of bed.

Vehicle Proficiency actually got to the vehicles right outside the bat, which is better than their track-record last term. Defence class went straight to the dragon-fighting - seriously? That sounds kinda cool. And...


... that's it. I got out of bed for this shit? [feedback] [feedback]


I was having a good time-- anyway, I'm out. Later.
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Yo, leave off. Yeah, I'm late. It's too hot to move fast. Gimme the notes an' lemme get on with it, okay?

School had the first week introductions. Fightin' an' Fabulosity had students pick their choice of weapons as an introduction technique. Were there computers? I do alla my fightin' over computer. An' somehow, Dante already had to stay after class, but the squirrels won't tell me why. They just keep squeakin' 'OOOoooOOOH' an' pantominin' bein' in trouble. Helpful, guys. The Healin' Power of Crystals has...some kinda introductions. I mean, they talked? Look, Deadpool wanted stories about crystals or strippers an' the students complied an' I don't wanna know who talked about which. Xanthippe didn't seem excited to be his TA again, but her rant was directed at Deadpool who was all just shrug emoji about it. Then Karla is back--Eliot will be happy to hear that--with Magic of Plants an' started off havin' the class make papyrus. Wait, is there no--nope! There were still introductions, she had the class play two truths an' a lie. She thanks Lucille for bein' her TA an' then Hannibal dropped by with chocolates.

Man, ain't no one brought me chocolates when I was teachin'.

The Library had Peridot with some gremlin bodyguards an' I don't even wanna know the rest of that story.

Town is quiet, everyon' restin' up after the holiday, but my girl Tali has a work ethic, showin' up at Stark's to work on a drone.

An' I'm out, 'bout to go enjoy air conditionin' like a civilized human.

Fandom Radio, July 5th

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 02:50 am
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Do I even want to know why the place looks like this?

*hungover chittering*

Well, you should know better by now.

And classes were back at the School, with Archaeology improvising 'friendly chats' which is usually an euphemism. Hyacinthe was confused about what he'd signed up for then lied about a bunch of things. Then Aphra took over Try Not To Die because Anakin had a bad hair day, which was somehow different to his hair on every other day, and took the class to Australia. She did bring all of them back, right?

While in the Library, Khadgar read books about aeroplanes instead of fireworks.

The Dorms were still quiet, while in Town, Summer read cookbooks at Needful Things, the flowers were festive at Covent Garden, and Zack looked after animals at Furnado as opposed to looking after root vegetables.

There was a party in the Park with food provided by Hannibal. Kanan was mostly interested in Summers Jello mold though. Miracle-Guy introduced himself to Hannibal, Hera had Kanan's dog, Alice had two people answering her questions about fireworks, and Eliot and Hardison admiring her look, before going off to talk to each other about burgers. Also the wrong flags were up as decorations. Summer's Jello molds continued to be an object of weird fascination, and Octavia stumbled on the party accidentally. As you do.

Since she was missing the party, Kitty stuck fireworks in the drinks at Caritas, though only Liam was game enough to take her up on.
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*door closes without slamming for once*

Right, good morning. I understand this is a holiday so happy whatever this is supposed to be about.

At school, Science class talked about sciencing more and then did introductions, Getting to Know Your Own Backyard did introductions and then went to the sun- everyone's fine- where Peebee got to learn about Aurebesh and Hera offered to teach Khadgar the non-takeoff and landing parts of flying. And Understanding American Holidays learned a little about today and did introductions, and happy birthday to my teacher.

And then in town Eliot had to convince the Luke's staff that yesterday was not the Fourth of July, and that's all I have.

So have fun today, and don't blow anything up that was not intended to be blown up.
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Huh. There are actually notes today besides the same four. Would you look at that?


... Yeah, I know you've already seen them. You wrote them. It was an expression.

*Chittering* Yeah, whatever. Give me those before I change my mind about reading this. At least everything was in town again, that's good. We've got Octavia - you guys sure you didn't just leave the 'n' off of Octavian? No? Okay, so someone new - Octavia waking up after some bad dreams in the MCA, and Bellamy running in to check up on her, and she told him a bit about what's up. Elsewhere in town, Doctor Lecter was out and about, hanging posters advertising an Independence Day party in the Park tomorrow. That's the big 'yay America' thing, right? Maybe I'll check it out. Looks like Summer ran into him and wound up volunteering to make a... jello mold?


... Yeah, I'd probably still try that.

And then we've got the usual bunch of notes. Sparkle at Demon Marcus being bummed out about missing Canada Day, but then getting excited again when he heard about next weekend's Pride. What and what?


Yeah, I don't know what 'hugging a mountie' is supposed to mean, but hey, great to know that humans on Earth will still find the stupidest reasons to oppress people. Good on you guys for having the guts to stand up, though. Maybe I'll show up to cheer you on.

Over at Luke's, the staff were all collecting on bets when Summer showed up to tell me about her new phone. Hard luck on that last one, Summer. Hopefully this one will last you a while, and the number of boob pictures people keep sending you will ease off a bit. Unless you're into that. At the Boards, Jono asked the band what kind of music they'd like to play for Pride. He and Dante discussed the possibility of just doing heavy metal covers of Queen songs, and seriously, I don't know what half my notes today are actually talking about. Great. Peebee talked with Dante a little bit about Pride and the concept of gender binary, which led into a chat about going to the mainland wearing a helmet versus pretending 'it's just cosplay?'


Ooooh. Yeah, there are a few people around the island with that problem. We could probably gather up all the aliens around here with lekku or head tendrils or non-human colored skin and do a group run to the mainland together if there's anything anybody wanted to check out over there. Anyway. Notes. Jono and Peebee talked for a little while about Pride as well, and about oppression, before the conversation turned to talk about messing with people using his flames. And Dr. Lecter said he mostly has to tap out because he's taking care of the food - hey, can anyone attend this Pride picnic thing? - but he'd be interested in playing a few songs for their heavy metal Queen... thing.

Last but not least, Atton walked into Caritas and announced that last week was the most boring week. Which the band took to mean he was trying to jinx them. What is it with people automatically assuming that, anyway? The island's going to throw stupid poodoo at us no matter what we say.

*Chittering* *thunk*

Hey! No throwing acorns!

*thunk! thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk-*

I swear, I'm gonna--
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Hey everyone, Clint Barton here with a usual-sized pile of notes. That's always a good sign of a peaceful weekend.

Over at the school, Ahsoka meditated on the library desk. Like, on top of it? *chittering* I guess that's better than under it or something. In town, Jono was making posters for next weekend's Pride Weekend at Groovy Tunes, and Octavia came in because she was curious what the store is all about. Taako got Fantasy Costco all decorated in red, white, and blue because, as he told Magnus, his boss wanted him to, but he didn't know what the colors were for. I don't know if these are guys who should be informed about the concept of fireworks, but if anyone's wondering, Google the Fourth of July and the whole thing will make a little more sense.

Now I'm thinking about apple pie, mmmm. I'd better get out of here before I make myself hungrier. Have a good one, folks!

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, July 1st, 2017 11:16 am
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It's break-week, so there's no school.

In the morning, Kanan was at the park pretending to hit things near the duck pond while Stance makes sure all the ducks are going to need therapy for years Eliot came by with Val and complimented Kanan's form, then hopes his actual weapon is better balanced than the stick he's using. Eliot nagged at him about how he needs to train with something better than a broomstick until Kanan finally relented and reassembled his lightsaber. Now pretending to hit shit with a glowstick. Because Fandom.

Jenkins was having a half-off special on tarot card readings at the Magic Box yesterday, while Liam was at the Trooper Station drinking coffee and trying to go through backlogged paperwork. Welcome to the madness, fresh meat.

Lovely Hera's attempts to get the junkyard organized were kind of ruined by someone literally dumping a giant load of junk in the middle of the place, and Kanan stopped by later with Stance and also food.

That's it, Fandom. Someone go take that Liam-sod off to Caritas and introduce him to the band sooner rather than later.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, June 30th, 2017 07:52 am
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Oh, now where has that Dante kid run off to? Whatever. It's break, there can't possibly be a lot of notes--


... Okay, that's more than I expected. Whatever. You suck, Fandom.

In the dorms, Hyacinthe lazed around on the deck, where he ran into Summer, who's apparently been off doing whatever these past couple of days. I don't care. They flirt, because they're teenagers and so big hormonal bags of... hormones.

Jason also shows up to beg for drinks and talk about football. These kids. No imagination. Then he and Summer pretend they don't know each other and uggggh.

In town news, Hardison spent his time at the diner slathering crap in ketchup because Americans, am I right? When Tony showed up, he claimed it had something to do with scurvy. Yeah, nobody believes you. Nerd. You just sound like nobody put you in enough dumpsters as a child.

Cara returned to Caritas to serve drinks, where she met Magnus, presumably looking for drinks. Match made in hell or wherever, I don't know the guy.

Also that weird guy is still running the grocery store. Now he's making everything smell bad.


No, being mayor doesn't mean I can fire people. That's it for today. Now scram.
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No notes? There are no notes? Then what the hell did y'all little buggers get me up for? I'mma just...go home I guess?

I don't even know what to do with myself. Get me up for no notes, this is ridiculous...


Fandom Radio, June 28th

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 10:30 pm
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Go away, it's my week off.



Nothing happened either at School or the Dorms, because it's a break week. Over in Town, Liam checked on his shuttle in the junkyard, Kathy did arts and crafts at the Dite's, which seems like a terrible idea, and Octavia wanted to know what kind of store it was which sounds like a worse one. Apparently it wasn't yet break for ferrets at the Post Office, Taako was hot at Fantasy CostCo, Nathan played ball with a plant at Covent Gardens, and someone brought at gremlin into Furnado. Heh.
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*door slams*

*papers rustling*

Really? This is three notes. You got me here for three notes? *sigh*

Good morning. Nothing happened in school because there is no school right now. So in the dorms, Ringo took over the fourth floor common room to work on her ATs. There is a garage for that, you know. Less chance of people stepping on leftover pieces there. And in town, Verity sent a zombie from the Devil's Nest to audition at Caritas, the Merchant of Miracles took some "unicorns" to the park, but that's in quotes so I don't know how real that is.

That's it. I'm leaving now, goodbye.
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Ah, even on break week, there's always the news. Good morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus with all the notes the squirrels bothered to grab for me from in town. Maybe they're actually starting to pay attention when I tell them no stuff from the dorms.

Or possibly they just dropped that note on the way to the station and were too drunk to find it in the bushes. Either way, I'll take it.

In any case, the day's notes seem to start in the morning, with Octavia was out and about the streets of town, frowning into the window of the comic book shop. Don't much care for the brain rot, huh? Jalian passed her by and noticed that she was new, which led to an explanation of shops and why there were things in display in the window. Liam noticed here looking in the window and introduced himself, and then gave her a crash course on Bitterwoman. I might need one of those, too. I'm seeing merch about her everywhere and I have questions. Tony noted that she looked new - Octavia, not Bitterwoman - and talked a little about being from a place with disappointing aliens. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only one from a place where it's mostly the humans who are no-good backstabbing bigoted sleemos. And Anne, trying to be helpful, stopped to tell Octavia that the place probably wasn't open on Sundays.

Over at the Boards, Hannibal opened the place for band rehearsal while Jono got himself ready for their vacation. Dante swung by with his guitar and chatted with Doc Lecter for a while about their plans for over break week. While I was ignoring the kitchen staff at Lukes while they attempted stupid acrobatic tricks with pancakes, Summer swung by with her suitcase to order a milkshake and chat with me about the way things are at home. She'll be back. Sparkle was dancing with a mannequin to pass the time at Demon Marcus when Anne showed up looking for some help getting new summertime clothes. Seems like a lot of people just don't know what to do with hot weather like this. And at Caritas, Atton was once again having trouble getting Tino to leave him the hell alone. Should have just stuffed him in the maintenance closet again this week, Atton. That seems to be working out better for you.

And that's all the notes the squirrels bothered to bring, so until next week, Fandom. Try not to blow up the island during the break or anything, alright?
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Good morning, Fandom. I hope you're all feeling well-rested and/or well-caffeinated today. Let's see what the squirrels spotted yesterday.

Up at the school, Ahsoka was trying to clear some leftovers from the llamas out of the library, which hopefully wasn't as unpleasant as it sounds. In the dorms, Summer was relaxing and napping out on the deck, and in town, Jono was trapped in Groovy Tunes by Joni napping on his lap. It's true, you can't wake a sleeping cat, it's too mean and they'll make you pay for it. Finally, Mike had to listen to the zombies playing old TV tunes at Caritas. That could be entertaining if they're playing good ones.

And that's all for me for today. Stay safe, everyone!

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, June 24th, 2017 11:14 am
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Fine fine, I'm here. Calm down, you fuzzy little arseholes.

Philosophy of Food wrapped up the term by having the students taste-test foods from their own cultures as made by Hannibal...unless people wrote essays, in which case they get them back printed on edible paper...what the fuck is wrong with this place? Japanese Art broke things and put them back together but with gold, which is apparently an art and philosophy thing called kintsugi. The more you know, kids.

Meanwhile in town, all the screaming you heard was Dante blasting Spanish death metal at Groovy Tunes, and at Turtle and Canary, the goat-that-is-not-actually-a-unicorn is loudly pining after Thursday's drama llamas.

That's it. I'm out of here. Go do something interesting, Fandom.


WTFH, Friday

Friday, June 23rd, 2017 04:59 pm
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What? I'm not late. I was on my way to work--


Real work. *feedback*, you've heard of that, right? Scram.

Woodworking and Vehicle Proficiency class kicked off with the teacher apologizing that they hadn't gotten around to the vehicle part. What is this, a cliffhanger? Best Defence ended in Cara taking everyone down to the onsen, while Pole Dancing for Fitness - mmm - did spins.

Ada's day at work was interrupted a few times by llamas - not that llama - but seemed good otherwise. And... that's it. Enjoy your last day of classes for the whole next week, guys.
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Hey it's Hardison an' welcome to summer! Glad we're finishin' up the last week of classes so y'all can get your relaxin' on before the heat gets terrible an' its back into the AC we go.

So let's get this goin', huh? School started off with Resolving Conflict Without Violence talked about scenarios that just needed to be fixed by violence. Seems to go against the spirit of the class, but a'ight. Iron Fandom kidnapped two judges--dammit Eliot! Talk to your kid about kidnappin' because who else will? Anyway, the last class was about cheese an' I'm glad I was a judge back when they were still just askin' folks. Deadpool was tired from all the teachin' he'd done the day before, so Arts & Crafts just made their projects up. An' at the , Peridot apparently went to my Nana's School of Dealin' With Kids, an' kept yellin' "I caught you!" even though the books were behavin'. Mmmhmm.

Dorms were quiet an' in Town, the plants were super-moody at
Covent Gardens an' Tali was dealin' with creepy electronics at Stark Industries.

A'ight, that's it for me today. Later, Fandom!
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It's going to be a long day, and some furry little bastards got me up early, so let's get this done.

Up at the School, Archaelogy had to explain things, largely about said things being on fire, apparently, Show and Tell came up with their own topics, which involved less fire and more party cannons, thanks Pinkie, and Ringo showed off her ATs, again. Try Not To Die had to deal with Deadpool in a blond wig. Heh.

The Dorms were the usual Tuesday deadzone, while in Town, Kathy texted and made tacos for Dante, Eponine dealt with complaints and scented lotions at the Post Office, Taako had a frappe problem at Fantasy CostCo, Zack was playing with puppies at Furnado when Leto came in for a pet rock, Nathan discovered why he should have taken my advice about getting rid of the plants because they're now hugging, and Kitty had to deal with zombie arguments at Caritas.
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*door slamming*

And I'm back. Again. *sigh*

At school, Science class went to Selkie Cove and watched the waves, for science, and Getting to Know Your Own Backyard went to Neptune. The squirrels also have very strong opinions about someplace called Pluto?

*angry chittering!*

Whatever you're complaining about, I didn't do it, stop yelling! Anyway, Advanced Takeout learned how to make something called ramen, and that's it for classes.

In town, Mary was at the Arms, being presented with something called a Guntherburger Streudel, which... sounds wrong somehow, and I'm not quite sure why. Liam is new and he landed in the park, only to get taken away by troopers to be the new sheriff, or perhaps arrested? No, sheriff, because he's who Nathan got to talk to when he came in to ask about current weapon policies. He wasn't the last new person, because Octavia arrived in the park and met up with Bellamy, who she seems to know anyway.

Welcome, new people. I get to leave now. Till next week, probably.
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Hey, Fandom! The squirrels are taking it easy on me again with no dorms notes to be found, and so I'm in a pretty good mood. The notes I was handed are the usual contingent from town. I can live with that.

So, today's report of yesterday's news. Sort of news. Gossip, mostly, and even that's a loose word for it.

Over at Demon Marcus, Sparkle was putting out rainbow stuff and got a visit from Dr. Lecter with a rainbow apron for a gift and a meal of rainbow trout. I'm sensing a theme there. Don't give me a hint, it'll come to me eventually. Summer paid me a visit over at Luke's mostly to rope me into a shopping trip, but also to boggle at the pancake and hamburger concoction that the cook thought up. And to order one, I guess. Jono opened the Boards for rehearsal and Dante showed up to talk about being proud, I guess? Or maybe just Pride in general, as, like, an emotion. I don't entirely get this note, honestly. And finally, Atton once again shoved Tino into the maintenance closet at Caritas, which I think is the most sensible note I was given this week.

And that's all there is, so take it easy, Fandom. Especially on Sundays. Saves me the work.
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Hey Fandom, this is Clint Barton hoping everyone's having a good Father's Day morning, if that's something you celebrate. I'm going to be quick here with my few notes: in town, Taako had a delicious caffeinated drink with him at Fantasy Costco, and Magnus stopped by to ask if he could borrow one of Taako's skirts since it's been so hot outside. No judgement here, welcome to summer in Fandom. They also talked about the need to bring frappes back to their own world, and Magnus tried to talk Taako into teaching. Everyone should try teaching here for a little while at least, the students are highly entertaining.

Now my usual need for caffeine is even worse, so I'm out of here. Have a good one, folks.

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, June 17th, 2017 10:33 am
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I cannot believe you fucks get me up for this. Fine. Let's get it done.

School happened. Philosophy of Food got treated to a demonstration of Hannibal cooking steak and kidney pie, and he wanted to know if anyone has plans for their final projects. Mate, they're teenagers. They'll all pick something the night before and stay up to get it done. Japanese Art learned about sumi-e, which is like painting and calligraphy at the same time or something.

In town, Dante spent most of his Groovy Tunes shift looking at cat pictures, eventually remembering to put on music since it's a music store. And Xanthippe was at the beach in the afternoon, without her phone, so she just stared at the water since apparently she doesn't understand how to interact with the world without her digital leash. Kids these days. Go swimming, for one. Or build a fucking sandcastle. Fuck if I know, use your fucking imagination.

That's it, Fandom, I'm going back to bed. Try not to do anything weirder than usual.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, June 16th, 2017 07:59 am
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Hey Fandom, 'sup?


Look, do you want me to read this or not?


I still don't understand squirrel. Just saying. *shuffles* Oh, they're excited because Woodworking class proposed making squirrel houses. Just don't promise them a walk-in closet or anything, it won't end well. Defence class had a movie theater set up, probably to let people kick back after all the punching last week. And then there's the triumphant return of Pole Dancing class, which is all up to splits now!




Just 'cause I'm taking doesn't mean I'm dead. *FEEDBACK*. Peridot was in her room playing with ducks when Rufus stopped by to offer her a ticket to the space program or something. Huh. I'd opt out, it's *feedback*ing Baltimore Pride this weekend. But whatever.

Kira spent her day squealing over new puppies at the pet place - that's why the roommate was in such a good mood the other day.

And on that one, I'm out of here. Later.

*loud guitars play out*
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Ow! Ow! Quit it! Yeah, I know I'm late, I'm so--ow!

Yo, if y'all could stop throwin' acorns at me for a few minutes, I could read the notes that y'all thoughtfully left Ow! Dammit, Leroy, I'mma--ANYWAY, in School, Resolving Conflict Without Violence had to figure out how they could meaningfully improve one another's lives. Sorry, fantasy!France kid, that doesn't include flirtin' with people. Iron Fandom had beets as a secret ingredient--the squirrels say that's just mean, TA--and special guest judge was Verity. An' since the notes don't say otherwise, I'mma just assume she showed up of her own free will an' everyone was happy. Arts and Crafts made flags outta glitter an' felt while Deadpool played Candy Crush. An', lastly, in the Library, the children's books were followin' Peridot around like little ducklings. Awww.

Dorms had a bit of activity today to my eternal chagrin. Ada was makin' edible glitter in the second floor common room. She an' Peebee agreed that just eatin' the glitter was a terrible waste--see, this is why coverin' dorms makes me cry. Ada also explained what she was doin' to Jughead and Summer, who had no idea that glitter could be edible.

Back in Town, which makes me feel so much better about reportin' on, Tali worked at Stark Industries, cause she's gonna get that air conditioned suit to work, goddammit, while Ino opened Pick Your Poison an' enjoyed a pleasant chat with Hannibal over tea, talkin' about how she makes everythin' in the shop personally. At the Park, Kanan is practicin' forms with a broom, which actually makes sense when you think about it. Old Man Jenkins walks by an' asks about the form Kanan is usin' an' gets a lesson in force which sounds kinda aggressive but okay. Peter grabbed a sword of his own an' asked for a spar, which still seems kinda uneven, considerin' there's a broom involved. In non-violent news, Anders got to oversee puppies bein' born at Furnado an' every squirrel in here just Aww'd in unison. Not me, though. I'mma wait a coupla weeks until their eyes open an' their fur grows in before I start awwin'.

Ow! An' apparently that's enough to get 'em flingin' acorns again, so I'm out! Bye Fandom!

Fandom Radio, June 14th

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 11:36 pm
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[personal profile] wrongkindofsith wrote a story too? In addition to the fiction you regularly hand me?

*papers shuffling*

Very funny. I can see someone doesn't want any rum today.

Classes continued at the School, with Archaeology raiding a treasure room, Show and Tell watched YouTube which somehow led to bunnies and Ino dropping in to organise a zoo trip. Try Not to Die went to New Zealand, one of the prettier places to avoid death in.

The Dorms continued to be deserted, while in Town Hannibal opened Counselling again, I Doubt The Effectiveness of Bought Miracles had discount problems at Turtle and Canary, Summer had old horse sale signs at Needful Things, no idea if there were old horses to go with them, Raven liked the music at Groovy Tunes, be unfortunate if she didn't, Kathy did yoga at Dites, Eponine had butterflies to deliver at the Post Office, that can't be right, and Zack had a cuddly puppy at Furnado. Rufus grumped at Book Haven which made things tense when Zack came looking for a book and presumably when Ann did the same. Finally, at Covent Gardens Nathan watered the snap dragons, with poison hopefully.

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