Fandom Radio, May 31st

Thursday, June 1st, 2017 12:06 am
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What have you done to that poor rum?


Not it doesn't look tasty, it looks like, nevermind. Anyway, yesterday's classes at the School involved Archaeology tackling paperwork, Show and Tell talking about food, which in a shocking turn of events led to Pinkie expounding on cupcakes, and Try Not To Die going to Botswana.

The Dorms were once again quiet, while in Town, Nathan took a sword to Covent Garden's stock, drawing the attention of Anne, wh no doubt congratulated him on that brilliant idea. Kathy skipped work and got texts from Anders, there were no deliveries at Fantasy Costco, possibly because of Eponine's butterfly problem at the Post Office, the Merchant of Miracles invented a holiday to get rid of excess stock at Turtle & Canary which explains a few things, Summer displayed something resembling common sense by being creeped out by creepy dolls at Needful Things, and Zack had 'cat' problems at Furnado. You might want to give him time to air the place out.
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What the -- hey!

*door slamming*

Really? Really, we're going to do this? You're kidding me, right? No, I'm not going to -- ow! Ugh, fine. If I read your weird, creepy notes will you let me leave?


Fine. Whatever. Congratulations on making sure I never change my mind and think you're cute, because that is not going to happen now. Nope. So let me get this over with. Starting with school, where Getting to Know Your Own Backyard took a trip to Jupiter and its five billion moons. Really? Talk about overcompensation. Steve was back this week for Advanced Takeout, which was covering how to do a barbecue without actually cooking since yesterday was apparently a holiday here. Summer said she was going to bring a Jello mold with beans in it, aaaaaaaaaand there's a squirrel retching in the corner. Look, if I have to know about it, so do you. And finally in my weird, weird Science class, we were talking about chemistry. Except the people kind, not the actual science kind. There were rulers, it was weird, I tried to get Isabela to help me out with the assignment, do people really need to know about all of this?


OKAY ALREADY. Over in town Alluka was eating cookies and looking through a catalog instead of dealing with the rompers they had in stock. Rompers? What are --

*electronic beeping noises*

Oh. No. Those are -- no. Anyway. Shiemi was apparently really busy at Covent Garden for once, because of the holiday, especially since one guy ordered two hundred poppies. Anne was in the park, doing something the squirrels tell me is called tai chi.

*more beeping*

Well, that looks interesting. And apparently it was a good night for faculty to mope around at home? Sarah was binge-watching vids on Netflix. She invited Tony over and said he was easy, so you can fill in the blanks from there. Steve was drinking to deal with the holiday, but at least Tony tried to make him eat something.

Seriously, you little furballs, you have weird hobbies, with the creeping and the note-taking and -- wait, are you done shoving little pieces of paper at me? Finally! Later, Fandom, this is Peebee and I am outta here.
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Hey, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here once again with a bunch of drunk squirrels and what can only be described as a frosting hangover. Apparently there's an upper limit to how much of the stuff I can eat without crashing. Who knew?

Anyway, there are squirrels, so there are notes. Starting with the - dammit - the dorms. Where Shiemi was doing some maintenance in the garden. Something about colorful pillows? I'm torn between being relieved this wasn't a sex note, and wondering why the hell there are pillows in the garden.


... The squirrels are telling me that they grow there. On a tree. I worry about you guys, I really do.

In town, Doctor Lecter went to break up a catfight in his home, but found out the hard way that one of the cats involved was actually a gremlin. Which really explains so kriffing much. Jughead was at the Perk, trying to figure out what to write - the squirrels would like you commend you for attempting to use drinking to assist, but recommend Caritas for writer's block around here - when Dr. Lecter rode his bike through the place. Summer wasn't riding a bike, but she did nod hello to Jughead. Which hopefully helped with that writing block.

At the Magic Box, Anders was hard at work cleaning out the storage room, which meant that he missed when Dr. Lecter rode through on his bike. Lecter hit Demon Marcus too, while Sparkle was dealing with a surplus of rompers that he apparently hadn't ordered in. At Luke's, the kitchen staff was making cakes out of pancakes, and I might never eat cake again, when Lecter rode his bike across the kriffing counter. I cleaned up after him, don't worry. Then Summer stopped by to order the traditional weekend sandwich.

Jono was hosting some kind of jam... band audition thing... at the Boards. Peebee stopped in and chatted with Jono for a while before auditioning. Lecter rode through there, too, much to Jono and Peebee's bemusement. And then Dante stopped in for the jam and to see if anybody else had stopped in to play. Don't look at me, I can't carry a tune for love or credits.

And, finally, Atton was loudly playing something called Metallica at Caritas, to the zombies' dismay, but that didn't mean he missed the opportunity to film Lecter as he hit both the stage and the bark with that bike of his.

Anyway, that's all the notes I've got. Try to keep out of trouble, Fandom. If you see a gremlin, avoid it. If you see Dr. Lecter, take away his karking bike.
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Hey folks, Clint Barton here.

*weetiny adorable roaring*

And Kitty says hello too. This isn't quite what I had in mind when I thought about sharing the radio booth with my wife, but hey, it could be worse, right? Anyway, I just have two quick notes today before I leave you to your day and I go back to lion-sitting: over at the school, poor Ashoka was still getting paint colors off of herself at the library, and in town, Jalian ended up working on a toaster at Stark Industries even though she didn't want to and the customer was stupid.

That's it for me. Say goodbye, sweetie.

*more adorable roaring*

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, May 27th, 2017 09:04 am
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Fucking hell. Morning, Fandom. Let's get this done.

Philosophy of Food met in the Danger Shop this week -- which sounds like the set up for a food fight, but that's not happening with Lecter -- and discussed how environment may or may not affect people's food choices and preferences. Japanese Art also used the Danger Shop, and learned to make traditional mochi, which the squirrels insist is an art. What the fuck is a mochi?

*squirrlish chittering*

There is a lot of fucking weird food out there, isn't there?

Mostly town dealt with the effects of the paint-rain. At Turtle and Canary, the Merchant of Miracles is annoyed and blaming Apu for his "unicorns" being bright red, despite the fact it's raining fucking paint, and he goes through the store's shampoo stock trying to clean them up... look, mate, if you're a fucking merchant of 'miracles,' fucking miracle it away. Fucking tosser conartists...


Yeah, but the con isn't my magic, Leroy, it's everything else. So fuck off.

At Syndulla Scrap, Hera is not fucking happy about being painted different colors because of the rain. Fuck off, Fandom, she's already a perfectly nice color. Leave the lady alone. Later on, Summer came in to see Hera's ship and have Chopper help her look over some maps. Dante was practicing his guitar skills at Groovy Tunes, and on the domestic end of town news, Kitty and Clint had pizza and talked about how some of his work friends turned out to be evil. Man, that always sucks. Sorry, mate.

That's it, Fandom. All the news unfit to print, delivered straight to your ears. You're welcome.


WTFH, Friday

Friday, May 26th, 2017 11:07 am
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Hey, Fandom. Hope you're having a good day even if the weather's crap.


Oh, *FEEDBACK* it. Right, Woodworking checked on everybody's work, boring. Best Defence dumped people in the middle of nowhere and then made them punch shit. Okay, less boring. And Pole Dancing class... wasn't happening. Awwww...

In the dorms, I hung out texting Kat when Anders stopped by like an *FEEDBACK* and we talked about shit. Just shit, don't look at me like that.

Over in town, the chickens at the pet shop decided they wanted Kira to play taxi. Chickens do that? So weird. Lecter had to counsel some guy whose kid was an octopus - that's a sucker of a time right there - and Ada was fitting party clothes at Demon Marcus.

Okay, we have not had a party in at least like, two weeks? We gotta fix that.

... anyhow, New Guy at Turtle & Canary was freaking out because shit was on sale, and that's all for yesterday.

I'm done. Everyone make sure to bring an umbrella when they step outside unless they wanna wind up red with polka dots or something. *click*
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*Loud sneeze*

'Sup Fandom? This is Hardison, hatin' on every tree an' plant on the island right now. My allergies got allergies, yo. So let's get through these notes real quick cause I got a bottle of Claritan with my name on it.

School did its thing, with Resolvin' Conflict Without Violence talked about the difference between directly hurtin' folks an' standin' idly by while folks were hurt. Sounds pretty heavy. Unlike where I laughed my way through Iron Fandom at all the Eliot clones. The secret ingredient was bread this week an' Eric won. Good job, Eric! Xanthippe was in charge of Arts an' Crafts cause Deadpool bailed, an' so it was googly-eyes day. Sounds legit. An' in the Library, the books were misbehavin', but only when Peridot wasn't lookin'. Books are gaslightin' rocks an' this island just keeps bein' weird.

Just one note in Dorms, Summer was tryna bribe her brother for information about their Grandpa. That sounds like an interestin' family dynamic there.

Over in Town, Tali was at Stark Industries fixin' a vaccum robot. Was it in a knife fight? Anders was lookin' up non-eating options for chickens at Furnado. There are some? Ow ow! Stop throwin' acorns at me! An' the flowers were alive at Covent Garden. Ain't they supposed to be? Would be a terrible flower store if they weren't.


Oh! The snapdragons were sentient. Makes more sense.


Wait, no it doesn't. Anyway, that's it for the notes. Hardison out.

Fandom Radio, May 25th

Thursday, May 25th, 2017 12:35 am
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Do I want to know why Leroy is covered in glitter?


Thought not. Moving on.

Up at the School, there were classes. Archaeology went down. Heh. Show and Tell played with toys, and Try Not To Die went to Estonia despite Anakin not knowing where that is. Let's hope he counted the students before coming back.

The Dorms were quiet, again, and over in Town, Zack built a chicken coop at Furnado, and Philomena asked if you needed a rooster to get eggs, no that's how you end up with baby chickens, honestly you people. Summer cleaned at Needful Things, Nathan ignored dragons at that store, there were lots of cats at Groovy Tunes, and the Merchant of Miracles wrote notes at Turtle and Canary, probably to do with all the wildlife. Taako opened Fantasy Costco only to have Magnus complain about a lack of adventure, next time the island goes insane, blame it on him, while Jenkins wanted to know about mockingbird gum. Ew. Eponine had copier issues at the Post Office, and had to deal with the Miracle Peddler wanting to send mail. Very Important Mail.

Also, everything was terrible during Kitty's Caritas shift. Because Tino was there, probably.
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*door slams*

All right, fine. Good morning... or whenever, this is Rey, a little late today because no one told me I'd be kidnapped by squirrels weekly.

At school, in Getting to Know Your Backyard we went to Mars, Tony was flying solo in Advanced Takeout where he taught the students how to tip for pizza, and Philomena realized her Science students were just going to keep coming back so she talked through a Shakespeare movie. Peebee and Peridot were mostly just confused and think it's strange here. Well... yes. Oh, and in the library, Gratuity was focused on a care package of books from home.

And in town Shiemi got non-holiday work done at the flower shop, and Sparkle celebrated his birthday- happy birthday- at the Perk with a recreation of something called a unicorn frappucino? Once again I don't want to know. And even if he wasn't broadcasting his birthday- my apologies for literally broadcasting it- Hannibal came by with a gift. At Luke's, Eliot was dealing with staff wearing a... luchador- don't know what that is- mask.

That's it. Sorry for the lateness, we'll see if I can escape the squirrels next week.

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Are you guys sure it isn't earlier today than the usual time? It feels earlier today than the usual time.


Yes, I see the clock. That doesn't make me feel any less like I've been hit by a hoverbus. Better give me the notes so I can slink back to-- right. I teach today. Give me the notes so I can try to catch ten minutes of sleep in the copilot's seat before class.

Oh good. There's a dorms note. Which is about how Summer was watching Ball Fondlers in the second floor common room yesterday evening, and kriffing hell, Summer, some things really shouldn't be done in public spaces.

In town, the Merchant of Miracles was lamenting people's lack of interest in unicorns at Turtle & Canary. I'm guessing I'd be more interested if I knew what a unicorn was. Magnus stopped by looking for something called Baja Blast, and wanted to pet the goats. See, goats, I know about. Unicorns are some kind of subspecies of weird Earth goat, you heard it here first, folks. Anyway, apparently the goats aren't for touching, so Magnus left.

At the Boards, Jono was advertising for some kind of Talent showcase, which Dante informed him had better not be named 'Fandom's Got Talent' before suggesting they get the band back together. Sparkle got in a shoe order to replace the missing shoes from last week, so now Demon Marcus has too many shoes, which he tried to pass off on Leto when he phoned, to little avail. At Luke's I was helping out in the kitchen when Summer stopped by with Red Bull--


What do you mean, there's my problem? I wasn't even mixing it with anything!


Okay, fine. The squirrels want me to formally and publicly apologize for blaming my tiredness on them doing their jobs, when apparently 'Red Bull crash' is a thing. Happy?


Good. Then I'll close out these notes by sharing that Tino was completely insufferable at Caritas, and so Atton was avoiding him by staying behind the bar and snarking. And that's all the notes this week, so I'm going to go grab another Red Bull so I can hair of the dog this fatigue before class. Kanan out.
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Hey everyone, Clint Barton here, and from the stack of notes I've got here, it looks like yesterday was a peaceful day in Fandom. 


"Peaceful" is not the same as "boring."  Sometimes it's nice to wake up on a weekend and just be yourself, you know? Anyway, over at the school, Ashoka had to keep an alot of glitter occupied at the library so it didn't get any glitter on the books. It doesn't look like anything major happened in the dorms, and in town, Taako was dumping things all over the place at Fantasy Costco, Jalian was working on some tech with Jarvis at Stark Industries, and Jono's cat was hunting the little blue men who live under the shelves in Groovy Tunes. Yeah, that definitely seems like a note to end on. Have a safe week, everyone!

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 10:25 am
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Right then, let's get this done. It's time for all the news that's unfit to print, courtesy of the voyeuristic squirrels.

*squirrel cheers*

That wasn't a compliment you plonkers.

School had two classes: Philosophy of Food discussed the question of why we eat, and Hannibal had people choose one out of pairs of foods and explain why they made that choice. Pretty sure we eat to live, mate. Japanese Art learned about-- fuck me. Do..doro-dang-o? Fuck if I know. Which is apparently the Japanese art of making shiny polished mud balls. Apparently that's a thing. Hannibal checked in on the class and talked with Algren about the 'virtues' of playing in mud as adults. I mean, I don't turn the telly off if it's ladies' mud wrestling, if that's what you mean. And Steve showed up to tease Algren about the mud pies, and Algren tries to convince him to try it.

Over in town, Dante was playing around with a guitar at Groovy Tunes until Ada showed up with ice cream sundaes for lunch. Sounds like a plan to me. At Luke's, the cook is still a sheep -- sucks to be you, mate -- but Parker won't let the staff make all the specials lamb again today. Alots are also off the menu. That's just fucking disturbing.

Hera opened up the junkyard to try and sort through and organize things, good luck with that. Summer went to the Perk to try and study, and ended up people-watching because there was a customer making a huge deal about the size of the coffee cups and the amount of foam and spoons and other fucking yuppie nonsense. Hera came in on her break, and asked Summer about some of the ingredients on the menu. They talked about Hera's galaxy and whether it's the same Galactic Federation exists in her world as it does in Summer's....Also Hera may be trying to give Summer tips on how to locate a high security prison. Well, I guess that's a hobby.

That's it Fandom. I'm going back to bed, don't do anything I'd do.

WTFH, Friday

Friday, May 19th, 2017 07:51 am
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Hey Fandom, what's up? You just booted me outta my morning nap to do this. So let's get through it.

Pole Dancing class did crunches today. ... ... ... ...


Yeah, I'm still here. Best Defence was more boring. They just hit shit. Dummies, even. Cara encouraged Cassandra to hit them as an example. And Woodworking class was all about ducks, because... making ducks is cool... I guess? I don't know. Some of these teachers are weird.

Over in town, Starsmore was also all about the ducks, 'cause he spent his afternoon moping by the duck pond and then Lecter texted him to ask if he wanted duck for dinner. Seriously, the *feedback* is with all the ducks?

At least Kira mostly had bunnies wandering around at the pet shop. That makes more sense. Out at the Causeway, Kathy was hanging around looking for something to do, so she called some.

*squirrels groaning*

At The Magic Box that guy Jenkins had a weird magical conversation with... something, I got no clue. Verity or whatever her name is swung by to talk about hexes and tango. *feedback*ing old people shit.

It was quiet at Lecter's weekly therapy thing, so he aired things out. Ada was at work at Demon Marcus, reading books - aw, *feedback*, I forgot to stop by this week - and that bartender guy Mike celebrated his birthday with Verity at home.

That's it. Gotta go to work, catch you later.
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What up, Fandom, this is Hardison hittin' you up with all the news the drunk squirrels could be bothered to find.

*drunken cheering*

An' now it's time to get to the news cause encouragin' 'em isn't good for anybody. So, Introductions were over at School, which means classes were gettin' along. Resolvin' Conflicts Without Violence got to talk about the hypothetical situation of findin' out your family was sick with a highly contagious an' fatal disease an' what you'd do about it. Good to see this class is off to a cheerful start. Summer an' Hyacinthe paired up to talk about what they'd do, somewhere amongst all the flirtin'. Iron Fandom had a special ingredient in cherries an' a special guest judge in Eliot an'--wait, Eliot was involved in this? He seemed extra not impressed with the sous chefs that all look like him, an'--excuse me a second.

*Howling laughter that took up entirely too much time*

Ahem, sorry, I just had to-- *more chuckling* --anyway, Raven an' Kathy congratulated themselves on bein' more relaxed this week, but agreed to go right home an' nap after this, and Kathy accused Eliot of lookin' judgey. I know the exact expression you mean, girl.

Arts & Crafts made art outta popsicle sticks an' glitter an' I'm pretty sure the glitter's gonna be a constant theme. In the Library, the books set up some kind of racetrack an' made Peridot deal with that. Sorry Peridot. Then Summer came in, got weirded out by the books--same--and talked to Peridot about sharin' a class together before the conversation turned to talk about the Galactic Federation an' weird bug people.

An' on that note, I'm changin' the subject cause that ain't a conversation I need to think about. In Dorms--ahh hell, there's notes. Anyway, in Dorms, Dante--ahh hell--got left a bottle by Peebee in thanks for...somethin'. Ain't askin' what. Or what was in the bottle. Nope. Anyway, Peebee an' Dante flirted down the hall with one another an' then Ringo came by to ask about Dante's roadtrip.

Movin' to Town an' I escaped the Dorm notes relatively unscathed. Thank you baby Jesus. Anyway, lots of folks were at their jobs today. Tali--hey girl!--was at Stark Industries an' talkin' to JARVIS about rebuildin' a drone that had come in. Pick Your Poison featured Ino an' the scent of lilacs, which is pretty much how spring smells, I'm just sayin'. Coven Gardens is hirin', in case there are any newbies out there interested in workin' at a flowershop. It was also havin' a sale on anythin' that wasn't a rose or a mum. An' at Turtle an' Canary's, the Merchant of Miracles--that's a damn mouthful--was renovatin' the space for--somethin'.

An' that's all the news of yesterday folks. Hardison out.

Fandom Radio, May 17th

Thursday, May 18th, 2017 12:28 am
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Seems like longer broadcasts are going to be a thing again.

Now that introductions week is over, classes continued up at the School, Archaeology went to an ancient temple, Show and Tell went to the zoo, and Try Not To Die went to Jamaica, well, I'm sure at least one of those was dangerous. Ahsoka was displeased with a detour and Merrill fell in a river. Khadgar found books on trees in the Library though whether that means subject wise or literally is anyone's guess.

The Dorms were back to being quiet, but over in Town, there was lube missing at Dite's and Sparkle brought Kathy a stuffed koala...I'm not even going there. There were chickens and horses at Furnado and carnivorous plants at Convent Flowers, that will surely end well. Eliot was suspicious about Taako opening Fantasy Costco, but again, carnivorous flowers, though maybe the vampire slaying kit Summer found at Needfull Things would also work on those. I'm sure we can all relate to the Merchant of Miracles finding Turtle and Canary less than impressive, while the Post Office was lemon fresh and glittery and the music at Groovy Tunes was educational. Tino was nowhere to be found when Kitty opened Caritas...Atton did remember to let him out of the broom-closet, right? And Summer didn't know what to order when she stopped by.
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-you can't just push me in here like this, I have things I need to do!

*door slams*

*banging on door*

Is this how people end up in here, reading notes? I always wondered how that happened. Guess I should start on it so they'll let me out. All right, so. Oh, and this is Rey.

At school, In Getting to Know Your Own Backyard, we went for a flyby of Venus, and How to Science All Things Sciencily- I'm just going to call that "Science"- learned about leaves changing color and had to make a collage, where Gratuity and Peebee introduced themselves while talking about maybe burning the leaves. At least they're working. Advanced Takeout learned about online ordering and got to try it, and Summer teased Dante about eating a lot. Also, Tony asked Steve about his trip home that turned out to be bad. Better a bad trip than none at all.

And in the library, a book convinced Gratuity to watch the television show it was based on. That must have been a good book.

It looks like there wasn't anything in the dorms, so in town, Shiemi tried to figure out which upcoming holidays needed flowers, since she has to work at the flower shop. Alluka worked out some things with her bunny at Groovy Tunes, and at the Gig, Dani came in with what the squirrels called a 'breakup hangover'? I'm not entirely sure what that is. At Luke's, the cook was turned into a sheep but they were serving lamb because someone felt like being dark today. Magnus thought the sheep was just really fresh lunch, and Eliot explained that sometimes they hire other species, and told him about... Mayor McDog.

I won't ask. I refuse.

And then they got into a fistfight about cups, which had Hardison wondering how that happened when he came for a visit, and again, I'm not asking. It also brought Kathy down to see what all the noise was. Finally, at the Devil's Nest, Verity was looking everywhere for a form.

All right, that's everything. Can I leave now?

*long pause*

*slow sound of door unlocking*

About time.
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Hey there, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here once again with all the news the squirrels figured you needed to hear, whether you needed to hear it or not. And all of it happened in town again this week. What, guys, you didn't feel like creeping on the students in the dorms this week?


No, that isn't a complaint! Just give me the kriffing notes. Preferably with as little spying on whatever the kids are doing in their spare time, because that poodoo makes me seriously uncomfortable.

Okay. Good. We'll start with Sparkle at Demon Marcus dealing with the mysterious disappearance of all of the footwear in his stock. Of course that meant that yesterday was the day Lucille called to order a pair of boots. Tough deal, Lucille. At Luke's I gave in and let the staff make pancakes again, because I'm an idiot. Summer stopped by to ask for a burger and we chatted about parties and something called Red Bull, and Steve paid me a visit in order to show off what I can only bring myself to call his 'functional spangles.'


... No, that wasn't actually intended as innuendo, but go wild if you ever want to use it that way, guys.

Outside the Things Reborn, there was a flash of light and a sudden case of Elf. The squirrels tell me his name is Taako, so, welcome to the island, Taako. Though it looks like Magnus was there to greet him, and they talked a bit about Magnus' new body and why they were both on the island before making plans to get back home. Good luck with that, guys. I mean that.

Atton was working his first shift at Caritas, which mostly involved telling the zombies to deal with it themselves when their parts fell off, and talking to Cara about the new job and how he locked Tino in a closet. Living the dream, Rand.

In the apartment above Luke's, Kathy was cooking in preparation of having Dante and Anders over for dinner. Of course they immediately flustered her with innuendo, because of course I can't avoid reporting this stuff about students even when the squirrels avoid the dorms, and talked about eating vegetables.

'Eating vegetables' isn't nearly as fun an innuendo as 'functional spangles.' I'm on the fence about that one, guys.

And finally, at 29 Chimera Court, Algren was putting on some kind of 'we survived a week of teaching' party. Which was much improved, I hear, thanks to the fact that they now have furniture courtesy of Magnus. I'm going to have to hit him up about getting a new table or something, maybe. Magnus also talked to Algren about carving ducks and his buddy Taako. Dr. Lecter showed up with food, surprising nobody, and chatted a little with Algren about Mother's Day, and with Magnus about Taako and a pissed off warlock. And, finally, Peter stopped by with apology Scotch for Algren after throwing him to the wolves this week at the flower shop.

And here once again I wasn't even aware that there was some kind of holiday going on. Ah well. Take care, Fandom. Don't forget to eat your vegetables.
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Hey everyone, it's another lovely Sunday in Fandom, so I'm Clint Barton here with everything the squirrels caught us doing yesterday. Let's get right down to it, shall we? Over at the school, a well-caffeinated Ahsoka was working at the library as usual, and in the dorms, Summer threw a party for the students. Dante introduced himself to Summer and they talked about where they came from before ending up in Fandom. Peebee teased Dante about having a shirt on, and he suggested that she join in the shirtless fun at the next welcome picnic. Peebee also shared her alcohol stash with Summer, for the sake of the party, and Jason let Peebee pick out a drink for him that wouldn't give him alcohol poisoning. That's a very low standard for a drink, just saying. Summer welcomed Isabela and congratulated her on surviving the first week of classes, and Peebee and Isabela seemed very interested in each other. I suppose that's better than reporting on people fighting. Mara and Summer talked about the drinks that were available, and Jason talked to Mara about weirdly named American drinks, like Mountain Dew. Jason and Summer talked about how their first week of classes went, and Rey came by to support Summer's party-throwing efforts; she and Peebee talked about space travel in their respective worlds, and Rey congratulated Summer on throwing a good party.

Over in town, Tamsin was having a casual get-together to watch Eurovision, and Tony stopped by to join her, and hopefully not get any new ideas for costume designs. And Jono was at Groovy Tunes, writing paychecks for his employees like a good boss. That looks like it's everything from the notes, so I'm going to go reward myself with some coffee. Have a good week, everyone.

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, May 13th, 2017 12:12 pm
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Morning, Fandom. Must be Saturday, and I'm John Fucking Constantine. New kids, you've survived your first week. I think. At least none of the notes say anyone died from the weirdness, so we'll go with that.

There were two classes up at the school: Philosophy of Food did the traditional first week introductions, though not before Hannibal went over the class rules. Japanese Art also did some introductions before Algren taught them a little bit about origami.

Summer was going around the dorms, putting up flyers advertising a party in the 2nd floor common room on Saturday night to celebrate making it through the first week of classes. You'll go far here, kid.

In similar fashion in town, Algren was passing out invitations for a teachers' party at his place on Sunday.

And down by the causeway, Anders and Dante got back from vacation, and noted that the island is still standing, but also that it felt weird being back, especially with Anders not being a student any more. Kathy was doing laps around the island when she sees they're back, and Anders apologized for not being able to give her an exact time for their arrival, but they're happy to see each other. Dante also got a sweaty hug from Kathy, and they discussed the possibility of future excursions.

And that's it. I'm out, Fandom. Try not to have too much fun.

WTFH, Friday... Ish?

Saturday, May 13th, 2017 06:02 am
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*loud, angry chittering*

I was on vacation! Get off my back! Who the hell remembers about radio--?


Fine. Jesus. *FEEDBACKING* hell. Blah blah the class week starts with Woodworking - am I in that? I should check - kicked off by... introducing themselves while working wood. Sounds legit. Cara's Defence class kicks off with her being intimidating at everyone which, whatever, same old. And Pole Dancing for Fitness--

... what. Am I in that class? Please tell me I'm in that class. I gotta see this.


No, I don't wanna be a pole dancer, I've just met people who go to school here. Gotta. See this.

Out in town, Hardison had to deal with diner staff starting shit with Chilly Boulder. Look, just mop up the blood and ice cream when they're done, if they wanna be asses about it. Sparkle stopped by Lecter's place to have dinner and talk food, while Ada got all bored down at Demon Marcus.

Sorry, Ades. I'll make it up to you next week. Sounds like Hya fixed it for now by coming in with stories, though.

And... that's it. I'm outta here. Time to sleep off the road trip hangover.

[[ sorry. yesterday was weird. ]]
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Yo, hey hey, welcome to the first week of classes! For everyone that's been here awhile, y'all know what that means, for those of you who're new, you've probably figured it out by now! Introduction week!

I'm Hardison an' this is your Thursday mornin' newscast, brought to you by the drunkest squirrels you'll ever meet.

*Squirrely cheers*

...That wasn't a compliment, but sure. Anyway, we had classes today at School an' I'mma tell you what happened in all of 'em: introductions. But more specifically, Resolvin' Conflicts Without Violence--a class all y'all should be takin', for serious, asked students for a situation that had been solved by violence but didn't need to be. Anne, I'm pretty sure you're new here, so I'mma warn you now: the answer on this island is almost all of 'em. That's bein' said with love, but also truth cause I know y'all.

Next up was Iron Fandom, based on the reality cookin' show, an' their first secret ingredient was rice! Aww, my TA's all grown up an' teachin' her first class. I'm so proud! Like a mama bird. They asked the standard intro questions, plus another one about dietary restrictions--makes sense--before lettin' the students cook. Tony stopped by with coffee an' pastries for Kathy, cause she's his Teachin' Buddy an' he'd missed her at the picnic, but made sure to share some with Raven, too, an' they talked about Steve, who is generally perfect except his continue delusion that Brooklyn pizza is somehow good. An' Kathy an' Raven talked about what their plans for the afternoon would be after class let out, since they were both a bundle of nerves. Their plan? Watch Inspector Spacetime, which is a quality decision on their part.

Then we had Arts 'n Crafts which was mostly deadpool unleashin' more glitter on the island because that was a problem that needed fixin' apparently. Everyone had an assignment to make art that showed their inner selves an' everybody's inner selves inexplicably required a school dance's worth of glitter each. Again, newbies, that's a measurement that'll make sense one day, I swear. They do introductions an' Deadpool's TA, Xanthippe threatens to go to the administration when she discovers she's not TAin' a science class

We also had Peridot holdin' down the fort at the Library, which means now the Library is also covered in glitter an' I don't wanna be near Constantine when he finds that out the hard way.

Nothin' happened in Dorms, but Town saw the Grand Openin' of Pick Your Poison, which, in this town, could be anythin' from a literal poison store to a bar to anythin' in between, an' saw Peter hatin' everythin' about Mother's Day preparation at Covent Gardens.

An' that's it for the news from yesterday. Have a good Thursday y'all!

Fandom Radio, May 10th

Thursday, May 11th, 2017 12:38 am
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*rustling thud*

Well, it's different to the single sticky-note.

Let's see, up at the School, introductions week continued, with Archaeology doing theirs after Aphra compared archaeology to grave-robbing, somehow this led Rhys and Peebee into talking about computer viruses. Show and Tell also did introductions while emptying their pockets, Pinkie was impressed by Ringo's AirTrek which suggests Ringo had very big pockets. Anakin decided to skip introductions in favour of going to Peru in Try Not To Die, which his class had opinions about.

Over in the Library, the cookbooks made Khadgar hungry.

Something actually happened in the Dorms for once, with Jason having pizza and pirates in the Third Floor Common Room, Rhys wanted to know if Jason had been kidnapped, and also pizza, while Summer wanted Rhys to tell her about trampoline parties, because it seems those are a thing, she's also onboard for pizza and told Jason how much she dislikes the squirrels. I see she's met Leroy already. Peebee scanned the pizza before talking with Summer about where they're from.

Meanwhile in Town, Steve discovered that Tony failed to make coffee, didn't they just do a class on that? Mary had to make breakfast at the Arms because Gunter was freaking out, Eponine couldn't turn the Post Office radio off, Rufus couldn't get his dog to kill dust bunnies at Boook Haven, he probably would have had more luck leaving them with the rest of the bunnies at Furnado, while Nathan tried to get used to working in the flower shop. Ghanima had new, hopefully uncursed, stock at Needful Things and Summer tried to get a job there after finding out she wasn't some guy called Needful.

Finally there were painters at Caritas and Atton bummed a job off Kitty. Have fun dealing with Tino.

Radio Schedule!

Monday, May 8th, 2017 10:24 am
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The summer schedule is up under the friendslock on the radio comm. If you can't see it and should be able to, please apply for community membership and I'll set you up!

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Okay, Squirrels, let's make this quick. I've still got diagnostics to run on the Ghost before class, and I should probably at least find out what the name of that planet closest to your sun is.


Mercury. Okay. So you name your home planet after dirt and you name the other planets after metals?


Gods. Okay. Right. Remind me to never talk badly about the god, Dirt.


Just give me those notes. We'll make this as quick and painless as possible, starting with Rufus doing some work and then messing around on his laptop over at the library.

In town, Alluka was getting herself reacquainted with the stock at the Groovy Tunes. Jono was looking at scripts and occasionally playing guitar at the Boards, and Sparkle wasn't wearing his make-up over at Demon Marcus.

Meanwhile, over at Luke's, the kitchen staff was finally over their weird obsession with pancakes, to my immense relief. Summer stopped in - oh, that's her name? - and asked for a raincheck on the milkshake and pie I promised her if she paid a visit, and Dr. Lecter swung by later to talk to me about how to eat kiwi. Apparently you can peel it first. I did not know that.

And that's everything that passes for news around here. I'm taking off before Chopper booby-traps the copilot seat.
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Good morning! Since we have a bunch of new people in town, I'll go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Clint Barton, and if you happened to spot a squirrel running around the island yesterday, well, this is why. Yes, they take notes on the daily activity of the town, and yes, there's someone who reads those notes every day. Hopefully, that's not the weirdest thing you've heard yet.

Picnic Radio! )

Radio Reminder!

Saturday, May 6th, 2017 02:07 pm
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You have until tomorrow to sign up to help with the radio this summer!

(Broadcasters who have already signed up, if you can note whether you'd squirrel your own links or would prefer someone to do them for you, I would love you EVEN MORE THAN I DO ALREADY.)

Also, head to the new radio comm to bask in even more MP header awesomeness.
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Morning, Fandom. Hope you're ready for the shuttle to get back, because those of you up at the school are about to have free lunch. It's the reason I still work here, I think.

Absolutely nothing happened around here yesterday, because there was a field trip to DC in a preferable alternate reality. Can we just move the entire island to that reality? Just asking.

There was a tour of the Air and Space Museum, and Kanan was extremely amused at the footage of Steve doing the kickline and is never going to forget it. Someone tell me he recorded it for the rest of us. Mary also watched the footage, and Steve points out that he's not that scrawny any more, though she thinks he was kind of adorable that way.

There was a tour of the White House available, where Anakin was taking pictures of all the dishes -- is that a Jedi thing? -- and SHIELD HQ was also available for tours. Tony's hanging around there making the tour guides uncomfortable for 'the lolz', and points out to Steve that his Cunning Disguise is not working that well. Sorry, Steve, you're noticeable in a crowd. Clint checked out the memorial wall and wanted to know if Tony has one in his reality, because that's something people say around here.

There were also tours for the memorials on the Lincoln Memorial side: Goody and Algren discussed how it looks different in person, and also very different from their time period. Also a thing we say around here. Faraday and Goody looked at the war memorials and puzzled by the wars that haven't happened for them yet. Some people opted to hit up the museums; Eliot and Parker chose to visit the National Museum of the American Indian.

And some of the kids opted to hang out at the Mall. Rhys was sulking about getting hit by a softball because he walked through where a game was going on, and Mara laughed at him before they determine that yes, they actually do go to school together and aren't total strangers. Gold star, kids. Also they wonder whether Rhys might end up with another llama roommate. Only if karma hates you, Rhys, which, it seems to, so... Peridot kept having to tell people that she's not lost and doesn't need to find her parents, and when Tip came over and offers to help deflect the glares, Peridot noticed her lack of hair and wonders if she can shapeshift. And thus does Peridot learn about haircuts. Right then, 'Dot, I'm giving you another stack of books to read.

This ends the news, Fandom. Go out and get some food.

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Just a few notes today, an' all from Town--

*annoyed chittering*

My bad, there's one from School. Peridot was in the Library, investigatin' why all the writin' on the book's covers was missin'.

Anyway, back in Town, Lucille was wishin' for the Silence to come back in Groovy Tunes where everythin' was anythin' but. Tali--hey girl!--was gettin' used to JARVIS for her first day at Stark Industries. An' last, Coven Garden Flowers, Peter was gettin' ready for Mother's Day makin' bouque--

*Long pause*

...Anyone else hearin' screams in the distance? Weird.

Fandom Radio, May 3rd

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 10:52 pm
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Ugh, couldn't you annoy the llama again? Fine, let's see...

School. Nothing.

Dorms. Nothing. Colour me surprised.

Town. Zack had chickens and bunnies at Furnado, which is starting to sound more like a meal than an animal shelter. Raven was a pop star at Groovy Tunes, yeah, I'm going with gremlins, and there were problems with pigeons and petals at the Post Office. Poor Eponine.
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Hello, everyone still left on the island, not eaten by the graduation that a traditional graduation thing, guys?

*non-committal chittering*

Guessin' that's a yes. We're done with classes--some of us forever, BOOYAH, never learnin' again!--so we're basically catching you up on the suckers with jobs. Oh, and Dante and Anders, who left yesterday on a road trip. That sounds fun! They should've invited me.

*pointed chittering*

No, we're not friends, per se, but I like fun! And that brings us to to Tip, who was at the library with her new haircut: she now has no hair, which the squirrels assure me she is "rocking".

...and that's it? Really? Cool. I'm going to go pack up and blow this popsicle stand because Yzma and Kronk came for my graduation, even if they didn't stop to hello afterward, which is super rude--and their world revolves around me so it's time to go home!


No, I don't see how that can possibly go wrong. Shut up.'s been something, Fandom. Byeeeeee.
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Hey, Fandom. Or, well, whoever the hell is left on the island after that whole graduation thing? That apparently had a snake as a guest speaker? I'm not entirely clear on the details, I got waylaid while doing groceries, but hey, congratulations to those of you who are, I don't know, if not going on to bigger and better things, at least done with kriffing high school.

... Am I not supposed to say anything bad about high school? I don't know these things. It isn't like I ever attended it.

Anyway, there are notes, because the semester break is for students and teachers, not squirrels and radio broadcasters. And anything that was worth reporting on went on in town this week, it seems like. We had Jaina at the Perk a little later than she had intended to be, firing off texts to the people she knew and chatting up Skywalker on the topic of his potential pending great-grandfatherhood - should I be congratulating you yet, gramps? - and comparing graduations and, I quote, "That time Luke thought he was part of Sigfried and Roy."

I don't know what that means. Is Luke the guy they named Eliot's diner after?


For those who can't see through the radio, the squirrels are doing something fairly disturbing involving a diaper and a banthabell. I'm going to just assume Luke is the Luke's guy, for the sake of my brain. Speaking of, during my shift there yesterday, I got to serve pancakes to Kuzco's guests, Yzma and Kronk. In case anyone is curious, Yzma doesn't like gravy. These are the important things our fine radio programming makes sure you're all in the know about.

Sparkle was doing his nails over at Demon Marcus when Dante showed up to talk about road tripping and digging up blackmail photos of Kathy. Something about fashion, I don't know. I don't understand half of what people wear around here anyway. Earth and its weird obsession over shirts with buttons.

At the Magic Box, Anders was putting in a shift, complete with a visit full of updates from his friend Karl from back home, before that road trip that Dante and Sparkle were talking about. And also, apparently, before a date night with Kathy, who he texted back and forth with a few times before arriving to pick her up for at her place.

And that looks like all the notes. I'm gonna get the kriff out of here before those squirrels figure out how to play that banthabe--

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Hello, my darling Fandomites!*

*re-dons stunning Media chapeau*

It is the time of year where we look for seven people (or pairs, or sentient animals who speak, we're open) to broadcast the news of the island for the summer! If you are able to grab your own links as you broadcast, that makes us love you even more, but we are also looking for squirrels to do that--it's really not a lot of work these days because we're all sucked into real lives, especially in the summer.

We're also looking for pinch-hitters who would be open for maybe a few broadcasts over the summer as people go on vacations, drop off the internet to give birth to another human (*cough* me *cough*), visit parts of the country/world without internet (THE HORRORS), etc.

Please, please, please think about helping us out, and then sign up below as a broadcaster, a squirrel, or both! You have until next Sunday, May 7th to make me do a frankly embarrassing happy dance at my parents' house by signing up.

*Autocorrect wanted to change that to Sodomites, which wow, no.
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Hey folks, Clint Barton here, and for once, I know exactly what these notes are going to be about before the squirrels have even handed them over. In case you were hiding out somewhere and missed the excitement, yesterday was graduation over at the school. Like most of the time, it started out okay: everyone's guests arrived as all the seniors came in in their terrible, goofy robes. Ada and Anders were less than impressed with the outfits, and Isabela got to explain the tradition of graduation robes to Jalian. Zoe and Anakin gave speeches, along with Isabela in her role as Student Council president, and then everybody got their diplomas, aww.

Now, if you've attended graduation before, you know this is where the fun usually starts, and it was no different this year - some guy showed up and turned into a giant snake, which is both gross and kind of offensive. Like, can't the graduates get a break one year? Anyway, people kind of freaked out and thankfully a bunch of the grads were armed and able to take the snake down while those who didn't want to fight stayed safe. I suppose it could have been a lot worse, but I'm just glad everyone's okay.

That's it for me; stay safe and enjoy a nice, quiet week before all the new people show up next weekend.

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, April 29th, 2017 11:20 pm
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What do you mean I should 'keep it clean, there's company'? Fuck that. This is John Fucking Constantine, and if you want my fucking news, you'll cope.

School was quite since there weren't classes. At the library, Lucille was reading a book while a bunch of smaller books chased each other around and she ignored them.

Town was a bit livelier. Dante was busy at Groovy Tunes, digging through the music selection. Though apparently he had an ultieror motive... since in the evening, Dante threw a party in one of the warehouses.
Lots of people showed up to indulge in some fun the night before graduation. Ada showed up extra glittery and shared some of her spare glitter with Dante, and Anders got a hug and she helped him glitter-up. Ahsoka's there and takes Dante up on his offer of a drink, opting for the sparkly super hard stuff. Rhys talked to Ahsoka all insistent that the place is a death trap and she pointed out there's no robots trying to kill you here. Point. Today. Peridot appeared to have second thoughts about showing up, and Dante's impressed that she did. She discovers she likes being glittered up, and he gave her a crash course in human dancing via YouTube.

Tali showed up, and Dante wanted to know if she ever takes the helmet off, or if she can even drink with it on. Tali didn't care, she just appreciated that he threw a party because there's dancing. Ada's glad to see Tali and they talk about going scavenging in the junkyard before dancing. Tali remembered Rhys from the whole thing with HAL in the Danger Shop, and they wonder about whether someone is going to drunkenly fall off the trampoline. Hell, that's half the fun.

Rhys is not at ALL convinced this is safe -- probably because this is Fandom -- and Dante gets him a bottle of glittery, fruity booze to calm him. Rhys also insisted to Anders that the booze and trampoline are a recipe for disaster, and somewhat convolutedly explained to Anders how he's not actually his normal age here. Kuzco wanted to know who invited Rhys, and this devolves about as well as you'd expect into an argument about whether llamas can drink alcohol and whether drunk llama emperors should go to the vet.

Kathy was lurking in the shadows with fruity booze and Dante offered to show her around since she doesn't know most of the people there.
Hyacinthe is there in glitter and tight tight leather pants; the alternate Fandom High uniform for men, I hear. Dante offers him glitter booze, and he enjoyed it, after being surprised at how sweet it is. Anders arrived with extra booze and was kind of sad about this being his last party as a student. Dante told him not to worry, he's gonna get laid so it can't end badly.

There was food and drinks for the party, and that's where Isabela was hanging out. She and Dante agree they're not going to be sober for graduation, and how her grad plans definitely involve Zevran and nudity. Anders wants to know when she's heading home, and she says she's planning on sticking around for the summer.

And because this is Fandom, and you might as well do dumb shite the night before graduation, there was a trampoline. Ada and Isabela bounce on the trampoline, agree that Dante had some ulterior motives in including it for the party, and wonder how many people they can fit on it. When Dante asks, Ada approved of his evil brilliance and got him to come join her instead of just looking up her skirt. Kathy wasn't sure about the trampoline, but Anders convinces her to join him on it.
Kuzco got on the trampoline and was regretting it. Probably because Rhys was filming him.

There were upstairs areas to hang out in for private-ish stuff, though Rhys was mostly just concerned about the mattresses being covered in venereal diseases. Mate, you know shite doesn't transfer that way, right? You might need another term of sex-ed.

That's it, Fandom. I'm going back to bed until graduation.


[WTF sorry guys I had no idea this post hadn't gone through before I left for work. My bad.]
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Slow day yesterday as y'all gear up for graduation. This is Hardison with news of Town. We start with Furnado Animal Shelter, where Anders unloads pet toys and has a "come hug a puppy" sign up. That just sounds like quality life advice there. In the parking lot, Dante's doing motorcycle maintenance, an' Anders comes around for lunch and relationship talks, eesh, an' Kathy gets offered a bike ride to help her get her mind off stuff.

That's it for me this semester. Best of luck to the graduating seniors!
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Really? You had to get me up this early during a break week?

Nothing happened at the School or in the Dorms. Surprise.

Meanwhile in Town, Kathy was talking to the television, even I know they can't actually hear you, Anders visited to talk about their kids, Ringo also visited, and Eliot texted her. Eponine offered a grad shipping discount at the Post Office, the music at Groovy Tunes was unfamiliar to Raven, Zack didn't know what what to do with baby chickens at Furnado, while Kitty offered a free round at Caritas.
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Greetings, ungrateful peasants. Once again it is I, Emperor Kuzco, who will remain an emperor even if you didn't elect me on last weekend, which only goes to prove how useless democracy is.

Classes are finished, which I know you're all grateful for, but the weird kids were back--no one saw any awesome ones who looked like me before Rhys turned me into a llama, right? Because I didn't go looking.


That doesn't make me a bad parent. That's why nannies exist. Helloooo. Tip was on the phone at the library because she's waaaaaay more conscientious than me trying to explain why she didn't go home last weekend. Because she wants to witness the glory of me graduating, no doubt.

Karla was at the Perk during the day, and Zack came by without a kid but Zack being there at all was enough of a surprise for Karla. Leto dropped by with his and Karla's daughter Helena, and Leda and her daughter Rain met Karla, too. Hannibal stopped by just to say hello. Luke's was having an ice cream for breakfast special--hey, I want to get in on that action--and Eliot got meet his grandkids.

*extended squirrel laughter* Kanan wasn't as impressed by the ice cream for breakfast as I am, and then Eliot got to meet Kanan's kid, and Parker came down in time to mock Eliot for having grandkids, and got to meet two hyperactive girls calling her Aunt Parker.

In the evening, Verity was at the Devil's Nest where people could drink for free if they'd had kids show up. And then all the kids went back to wherever they came from and the island went back to what we pretend is normal.

And I'm outta here! Byeeee.
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Good morning again, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, and I've been awake for three hours already because of a little girl who wanted to take my weird Earth dog for a walk at well before sunup this morning. Say hello to the weird people who live on the island, Anan.

*Dog barking sounds, accompanied by the laughter of a little girl*

She and Stance are chasing squirrels. Which makes my job easier, here. Unless you listeners at home were hoping for an hour-long broadcast consisting of me explaining every button on the sound board. Quick, someone who isn't being harangued by a dog give me the notes.


Thanks, Leroy. Looks like we're starting in the dorms today, with Ada making breakfast stuff in the second floor common room, and Dante playing music for kids Kate and Janie out on the deck.

In town, Dr. Lecter and his daughter Angela were doing some cooking when Leto stopped by for breakfast for himself and his kid, Helena. Momoko woke up in a hotel room and reassured her kid, Alex, that she's her - yeah, my kid knows I'm me, but keeps telling me my face is weird - and talked to him about nightmares and his life and I'm getting the impression from these notes that there's a little tension going on there.

At Demon Marcus, Sparkle and his kid Elias were trying on clothes when Leto showed up to meet their son and get with the kissing of Sparkle. Tony and Riri stopped by to talk 'the future' and Riri's exceptional technical knowhow, and Dr. Lecter and kid Samar swung by with food and hugs for Sparkle, respectively.

Over at Luke's, Anan was absolutely not driving me crazy asking me questions about everything, because a sense of curiosity is a good thing in a little kid and questions are how you get answers. Answers and pancakes and... duck, I guess. She wanted to know about Earth food. Parker paid a visit, too, and asked me if it was my first time having a kid.

Yes. Very much yes.

Anyway, later on Momoko and Jaime took Del and Alex to Mooby Land - great little horrible restaurant I would never subject my kid to. No, Anan, just trust me on this. I'll take you back to Luke's for a burger if you have your heart set on one - and Momoko was pretty sure she deserved a shake for eating real hamburgers.

... Uh, Momoko? I have news for you about Mooby's burgers.

Anyway, that's all the notes. Anan! Get Leroy out of Stance's mouth, it's time to go!
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Hey folks, Clint Barton here, and if it seems like I'm talking a little faster than usual today, it's because I have an adorable young lady waiting for me back at home, and I only get to see her once a year. That's right, you're not hallucinating, there are a lot more kids in town than usual this weekend thanks to the portal in the park. This is so much better than weird animals, right?

Over at the school, Ahsoka was still wearing her crown from Prom at the library, and Wonka got a letter that said he needed to return home. That's never a good note to get. At the dorms, the adorable children began their invasion. Ada got visited by Janie, who she's met before, and then Isabela arrived with their daughter Gemma, which left Ada with some questions about conception. You've just got to roll with things this weekend, and not ask any questions about biological logic. Ada also got a visit from a little girl named Zia that she hadn't met before either. New kids make this whole thing more entertaining, that's for sure. Dante, Kathy, and Anders were all together when their kids started arriving; Dante tried to get the others out of bed since he remembered Prom usually makes the kids show up, and then Kate got them moving in time to meet twin girls that Kathy and Dante hadn't met before. At least you're all friendly and they aren't children with strangers, right?

In town, Tony and Steve were inhaling some coffee when Eli arrived, with a shield like Steve's and confusion about Steve and Tony living together. Mmm, awkward. Thankfully, things weren't awkward at my house where Kitty made a big breakfast before our daughter Lexi arrived. I guess it is a little weird to expect her these days but... anyway, Hannibal was smart and remembered that we might get a child invasion, so he had plenty of food at his place, and invited folks to come over. Lucille came by with Lenora, who's technically her niece, and Helena made Hannibal guess who her parents are - Karla and Leto, apparently - and he left messages for them so they'd know to come to town. Jono also admitted to Hannibal that he looks forward to this weekend, which I have to agree with.

Sparkle was heading out of his place when he found his son Elias ready to break in, and after a moment of fatherly pride, they talked about where he was from and how he ended up in Fandom. Lucille was heading through the park when her niece found her, and Kanan was pacing nervously because he could tell something was off, and Hera tried to get him to go outside and find whatever is making him feel nervous. Isabelle and Flick came back to Fandom to meet up with their kids at J,GoB, and Flick pointed out that she seemed kind of nervous about seeing their kids again. Jaime and Momoko also headed to Fandom after getting a call, but their kids weren't exactly happy to see Momoko. Luckily, Leda's daughter Rain was very happy to see her instead.

Okay, that's all I've got note-wise, so I'm out of here. Have an excellent rest of the weekend with all your kids!
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So, the squirrels are saying it's THAT time of year again. Hope all you kids had fun last night and used condoms, and if you don't know why I said that, well, you'll find out.

School actually had classes despite the fact it was the day of Prom and the last day of classes, and I promise you, not one kid gave a shit about school. Practical Diplomacy students had to take an international flight on United Airlines for their final, in case you had any doubts left that Anakin and Obi-Wan are shit-stirrers. Discovering Earth, on the other hand, got to go to Hawai'i.

In town, Dante was at Groovy Tunes during the day trying out effects pedals with the guitar and humming Fleetwood Mac. Later on in the evening, Raven was on the roof of Luke's Diner while prom is happening and Ringo nearly runs over her while out on an AT ride. She's a little out of sorts, and they talk about nightmares and the ethics of killing. Because this fucking island. And Prom may be happening, but Allie's still at the Devil's Nest to help out non-prom legal-types who can have booze without having to rely on spiked punch and hidden flasks:

Speaking of prom, the decor this year is themed around glittery animal-monster hybrids, though no rabbits, thank fuck. People arrived in some variety of style. Dante was in his usual club-hild style, which Ada appreciated, and then they talked about getting the spiked punch going and planning a party. Kathy also appreciated Dante's coat. Squirrels say there is a "looooot of flirting" going on, and Kathy says she'd be cool with it if Dante and Anders have post-prom plans even if she's Anders's date, and you know what? These kids make me feel fucking old sometimes. Anders tells Dante the decorations are going to give people nightmares, and he's not wrong. Hyacinthe shows up ready to party, and makes plans to take pictures with Ada before making out might threaten to derail that idea. Teenagers. Dante and Hyacinthe compliment each other's sartorial choices, catch up on what they've been up to, and discuss their families a bit. Isabela's dress did not leave much to the imagination, and Dante apologized to her for not bringing her a present before the inevitable innuendo and booze.

Isabela and Ada hit the dance floor and expressed surprise about how Dante suggested to both of them that they should room together this summer. Aaaaaand llama!Kuzco was dancing, which I'm sure was horrifying.

This year's suckers-- I mean chaperones were keeping a close eye on things, I'm sure. Kanan dragged Hera along so she can experience the glitter. Oh god, the glitter. You're an asshole, Kanan. She's dubious about this whole dance thing but thinks they're not getting shot at, at least. They also decide they could actually go for some monotony after how weird the last week was. Hannibal and Jono were all dressed up and talking about whether Jono would have expected to show up at prom the way he is now, back when he was a student. Eliot's dressed a little more casually, and Kathy wants to know what exactly chaperones do at dances. He teased her about how he didn't get enough pictures of her and Anders, and they talked about their families, and Hardison was in a suit and giving Eliot a hard time about his outfit:

Zoe announced prom court! Dante and Hyacinthe tied for junior king, Ahsoka won junior queen, and Anders and Ada won prom king and queen.

All the kids stayed out way too late, I'm assuming, before retreating for a typical prom night, and Kathy accompanied Anders and Dante back to the dorms after prom. Bravo to you, kids.

That's it, I'm off to hide and pray this year didn't hit me. John Constantine signing off, and remember, safe sex is best.


WTFH, Friday

Friday, April 21st, 2017 08:31 am
rebelseekspizza: (dante pb - thataway)
[personal profile] rebelseekspizza
Hey, island, what's up? Are you ready for a party today? 'Cause I am.

Just gotta get through that last day of school. Stark made it easy on everyone in Civics by just giving them some kind of speech about doing good, while Cara offered to buy everyone drinks. Okay, I picked the wrong classes. Sort of. Creative Cooking was all about us making whatever the hell we wanted.

Anyone want a bottle of glitter booze? I've got a dozen.

Cosette was eating pastries in the library. Wonder if they're class-related.

Lucille sat in the lobby of the dorms, scowling. That's why nobody showed up, Lucille.

In town, Peter tried to get on the prom train with corsages and shit, but he just got Algren talking about ike... ike something.


The squirrels are moving flowers around. I don't get it. Ades also did the prom thing at the store with cool tuxes and shit, by the way. And at the diner, Hardison finally figured out how to ignore the singing. Only took you what, three months? Loser.


Think that's it. Alright, Fandom. Let's get our party on!
geniuswithasmartphone: (DJ)
[personal profile] geniuswithasmartphone
Hey Fandom. *Yawns* Yo, I am tired. Are these Thursdays startin' earlier or what? I vote we all go back to bed for another few hours an' try again later.


I don't care what you think is a good idea, Leroy. There was a squirrel/gremlin hybrid down in them rooms. You don't get a vote on anythin' anymore.

Anyway, School is havin' its final classes this week. Urban Survival sent the class to evaluate different spots in town for livability. Useful, yo. An' in the Library, Peridot was checkin' each book to make sure none of 'em were missin' pages. That sounds like a story there, but I'm not askin' further.

Dorms had Gratuity in the Lobby readin' about cryptozoology when she wasn't sellin' prom tickets.

*More chittering*

You need to mention this to your mice friends? I don't even wanna know what you're talkin' about, Leroy. Anyway, last we got Town, where folks were workin' hard. Groovy Tunes was weirdly violent with Lucille chasin' little blue men with a pair of scissors. That seems dangerous for everybody. Then Jenkins was talkin' disco balls an' Netflix at The Magic Box which are two topics I ain't sure I ever saw together before. An' Furnado was the site of poor Anders transferrin' from a regular-size bunny back to a person, which at least meant he was on time for his shift!

An' that's all the news I got for you folks today. Hardison out.
wrongkindofsith: (Like some kind of note-taking ninja)
[personal profile] wrongkindofsith
So when did Leroy get busy with a gremlin?


Oh, now you lot don't want to talk about something?


Why, yes I will read these notes.

Classes at the School involved go-karts and rocket launchers in Driver's Ed and flower arranging in Home Ec. I know which of those sounds more enjoyable. Meanwhile Khadgar put away books in the Library. Thrilling.

Something actually happened in the Dorms, namely Rey selling Prom tickets in the Lobby, while over in Town, Raven listened to shouty music at Groovy Tunes, Eponine pressed-ganged gremlins at the Post Office, Tony ate jelly beans and talked with Steve about the octopus in his pants at Stark's, kinky, which is an excellent lead in to the conversation about Japanese porn Dante had with Kathy while she cleaned up Dite's. Finally, Kitty was also cleaning at Caritas.
[identity profile]
Hey, it's Kuzco and apparently all the weird stuff from the weekend is gone now?


I didn't need to know about your encounter with a gremlin-squirrel hybrid, Leroy. At all.

Okay, classes were a no-go due to giant bunnies and other ridiculousness. Tip was in the library, which has so-so coffee but no real food, continuing some research from the weekend.

And then some of our favorite idiots went off to fight the island...ness and figure out what was going wrong. I was not one of those people. Tamsin, Isabela, Kanan, Dante, Hardison, Eliot, Tony, Verity, Anakin, Jenkins, Steve, and Kitty are those kinds of idiots. Hardison was entirely too excited that fixing this involved nerdy crap, and then he gave Tony grief about the kinds of supervillains he normally fought and what he wore to fight them. Jenkins offered Verity snacks, automatically making him my favorite of the idiots. Kitty and Steve griped about the tree octopuses--octopi? Whatever they were, they didn't belong in trees.

The door finally opened and greeted someone called Mayor Summers, which made sense to Kitty and Tony, if not to anyone else, and ventured into the catacombs to a series of closed doors. Jenkins told Kitty that this was all very appropriate. The doors led to rains of custard, attacking snipes, a door clearly labeled DO NOT TOUCH that Kitty put her head through anyway, a room with a revolving floor and disco ball that confused Steve and Tony, a naked purple guy that got a Snickers from Jenkins--


Yeah, that's weird, even for here. There was also a brightly lit room with a giant squid in it, a room full of gremlin-squirrel hybrids that Eliot and Kitty 'noped right out of', a room full of flashing lights, and a room with a pair of pants that tried to eat Isabela.

*looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong pause*

Right. Fortunately it didn't get her because her next room had a conveniently labeled switch that would reactivate the island jump controls. Too bad it also had giant spiders. Nope. Sorry, folks, we all would've died if this had been up to me.


I don't want to hear it Leroy. Isabela made with the stabby and then made with the switching the switch back on...and the island jumped back to Baltimore. So...welcome home, if you've looked up from your phones at all now that the internet's back.

I'm outta here, folks. Don't forget to vote for me for Prom King, mmkay?
uncertain_dume: (Facepalm Forever)
[personal profile] uncertain_dume
And here I am, at the radio station. Not because I want to be, but because the squirrels thought it'd be a great idea to drag me through the streets while whatever that is is going on around the island. I could have just called this in.


Okay. If I had a phone I could have just called this in.


And e-mail. Are you happy now?


Good. Give me the kriffing notes so that I can get out of here before a snipe or something breaks down the door. Everything is still basically the textbook definition of 'all hell breaks loose' out there right now, with, as I'm sure you've all noticed, some other weird additions to the giant Lepi-looking things.

The Library was seeing plenty of activity, including but not limited to Dante strolling in looking for eggheads. Who were researching, because that's how this island rolls. Peridot found an empty folder that said that apparently there were maps of the island's machinery, and Kuzco wanted it to be known that he didn't eat them. Kathy convinced Dante to go rest and come back with pizza - look, I didn't open Luke's yesterday, I commend the dedication of the competition over at Pizza Planet during these dangerous times - and then she found a piece of map, which Gratuity looked up online.

Rhys found a piece of map too, prompting Kathy to decide it would be great to find more. Which... yeah. Maps generally work better when you have the whole thing. Good call, Kathy. Kuzco absolutely followed Rhys into the library to use him as a human shield in these dangerous times, because of course he did, and Kenzi put her research chops to work by also coming up with a piece of the map.

See? Whole maps. Very useful.

Over at the dorms, Shiemi is fighting valiantly to keep giant rabbits out of the garden. Good on you, kid. Protect those... Uh. What's even growing this time of year, anyway?

Whatever, I'm sure they were in great hands.

And finally, over in the park, Zack was bouncing around, happy to be fighting hostile creatures over there. He ran into Pinkie, who was blowing monsters up using sprinkles, and apparently a great friendship was born.

One that involved explosions.

And that looks like all the notes, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go... grudgingly get involved in this, or something. Kanan, out.
so_hawkward: ([negi] confused and looking up)
[personal profile] so_hawkward
So, [microphone feedback] bunnies. Is this my fault for asking for a quiet weekend? This might be my fault, sorry. Anyway, there's bunnies running around that are a lot bigger than they should be, so hopefully you're listening to this from somewhere indoors where it's safe--if you can even hear this at all, considering all our technology isn't working right either. [Microphone feedback].

Okay, time for the notes. Up at the school, Ahsoka didn't look like she was in a good mood as she got the library set up for visitors, and luckily a bunch of people showed up to try to figure out where our latest invaders came from. John found something that made it sound like Fandom tried to do its place-jumping thing again, but didn't actually go anywhere. Kenzi and Tip got acquainted after Kenzi explained that this isn't something that happens every Easter, and Kathy and Tip talked about knowing multiple languages while trying to find things related to bunnies.

In town, Eliot and Hardison freaked out over the disappearance of the mainland and the phone lines and internet, respectively, and Cassandra and Lucille encountered rabbits in the park. Seriously, stay inside, people. Kitty got some coffee before heading around town to help--okay, if you're an adult or you're married to me you can do what you want but otherwise, stay inside.

Over at Groovy Tunes, Jono had a sign up offering shelter and escorting for anyone who needed to get back to safety, and Hannibal called to make sure he knew strange things were going on. Bucky tried to Google about giant bunnies at Wonka's, but JARVIS let him know the internet was down, and that he should lock the door. See, the AIs know what to do, they're very smart. Finally, at the Magic Box, Jenkins stabbed a rabbit to be able to get inside, which sounds kind of violent until you think about how freaking big these things are. Peter also had a sword, and he and Jenkins tried to figure out what to do with the rabbit's body. Parker also came by since she figured this is a magical thing happening so hey, maybe the magic store would have an answer.

Okay, now I'm not going to say anything about what next weekend should be like, I'm just going to reiterate that unless you have to be outside, you really shouldn't go anywhere. Stay safe!

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, April 15th, 2017 11:50 am
talentforlying: (magnificent bastard)
[personal profile] talentforlying
THERE'S FUCKING RABBITS FUCKING RUNNING AROUND THE FUCKING ISLAND. Look, go talk to your cousins or what the fuck ever and tell them to lay off the fucking Gojria routine. Give a man a fucking heart-attack the fuck is wrong with them.

*anxious chittering*

No, I don't believe you. You're sentient rum-drinking squirrels. Of course you're related to giant bunnies. Now let's get this shit done.

School had classes. Practical Diplomacy discussed feeling unappreciated and unnoticed on the job, which is called being an adult, and what to do in that situation. Discovering Earth went to Japan to enjoy the cherry blossom festival Hanami. And Driver's Ed had to drive using GPS and learn how to suffer the voice telling them it's rerouting. I fucking hate that thing.

In town, Dante was messing around on the guitar and tripping on people in the process at Groovy Tunes. Minako is in town and visiting the Perk and talking a lot at the barista and Sparkle came in to meet her and worried that he was late; Minako says no, there was time travel wonkiness with her portal.


At Luke's, Parker was busy unnerving the staff by staring silently at them as long as possible and Eliot told her that she needed to calm down because her behavior was kind of freaking out the staff. Kathy wandered in and had a talk with Eliot about whether sleeping pills would help her and how she's holding up, and Kathy also spoke to Parker to order the veggie scramble.

That's it, I'm off to the library. If you're smart, you'll stay home.


WTFH, Friday

Friday, April 14th, 2017 09:17 am
rebelseekspizza: (dante: white hair growly)
[personal profile] rebelseekspizza
Right, this is a thing I gotta do, too. Let's just get it over with.

In School news, Civics decided to do an easter egg roll and-- oh my god, Isabela's the Easter Bunny. Hey, Iz! Did you take pictures?! And Cooking Class had us put fake sugar birds into chocolate eggs. Pretty good deal.

In the library, Cosette was mostly walking around confused about the date. I have that too sometimes. Usually a good reason to go back to bed.

In the dorms, I found out I'm not poor anymore. It's screwed up. Anders and me talked about what to do with the money, like get him a place or something.

Over in town, Hardison dealt with-- singing? Again? What is wrong with that diner? Spencer thought it was normal, and then went into how Kathy's family now. ... Anyway, the next note is-- Kathy reading brochures at the Perk. Of course. I turned up to get the special and we talked. About stuff. Like people. Moving on.

I also hit up Ada, who was working on some dresses. We talked about clothes and vacation plans, it was nice. *crumpling, shuffling* And I think that's it, so I'm heading out. Later!
wrongkindofsith: (Pretty sure you're insane)
[personal profile] wrongkindofsith
More than one sticky note today, must have been a busy Tuesday.

Classes up at the School involved sewing skirts in Home Ec and tricycles in Training Wheels because we have two sadists at teachers. Khadagar, meanwhile, had to deal with mysterious music in the Library.

Dorms were still quiet, while in Town Raven listened to music and helped Hardison with resin for his bow not dirty at Groovy Tunes, Kathy talked with Anders about the appearance of pastel eggs at Dite's, Eponine tried and possibly failed to open the Post Office, and Zack chased finches at Furnado.
geniuswithasmartphone: (DJ)
[personal profile] geniuswithasmartphone
Hey, Fandom. *Yawns* What up, it's Hardison with all the news collected by drunk squirrels. These damn squirrels don't seem to care I had a late night waiting for some folks to get home, so let's get through these before I fall asleep over the notes.

School was busy today with Pokemon Goin' headin' out to hatch eggs, with Deadpool tuckin' his phone into Peridot's hair an' lettin' her do the walkin' for him. Trouble brewed in Urban Survival, as Sparkle talked about squattin' in buildin's. For someone who is, an' I quote, 'a little distracted', he put together a damn fine lecture, so good job there, Sparkle. Tip found out about 'recreational squatters' which is the kind of concept that makes me wanna go on a hackin' spree. Then she an' Jalian argued over whether or not it was a good idea to trap your squat to keep other folks out. Ummm, I'mma say no, mostly cause most places 'round here have things against assault, endangerment, an' murder. Parker, if you're listenin', please don't set any more traps than you already have. Love you! Anyway, after class, Tip checked in with Sparkle by hittin' him in the face with a drawin', an' Jalian came over to tell him that family was stupid an' to work on his knifework. Okay then! Movin' along to the Library, Peridot was weirded out by the books just bein' plain books today. Fair, that does sound suspicious for this place. An' Atton met up with Sparkle at the Danger Shop to light neighborhoods on fire.

...That sounds like a damn good idea, Atton. Good job.

Dorms once again managed to not traumatize me by havin' nothin' happenin' in them today, but people were goin' to work in Town. It was Anders' first day at Furnado an' is tuckered out by lunchtime. Know the feelin', yo. An' Groovy Tunes had Lucille in a starin' contest with the Silence over the possibility of a stolen lunch.

Yo, bad form to blame somethin' for stealin' your food if you ain't got no proof. Just sayin'. Peace.

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