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Fandom Radio, Monday, July 17th

Oh look, notes. Many notes. Apparently the island was weird this weekend. I'd say I didn't notice, but I turned back from being a tooka just in time to be chased down by a Jedi Master who's been dead for three-thousand years, so...

*Chittering* Yeah, yeah, I know we'll get to that. Give me the notes. Starting with the - ugh - dorms, where Summer was on the deck with her Mortys... aren't those your brother, Summer? Anyway, the Mortys were bored and she was praying to some heads or something. Alright. If it wasn't for the multiple Mortys I'd be wondering right now if that's just a normal Earth religion, honestly.

Some guy named Galen was at the Perk, where the staff took pity on him and gave him coffee even though all he had were credits. Ha. Close to caf but not close enough, right? Jyn greeted him thinking he was Dr. Lecter, and he greeted her like a father would greet a daughter, and she called him Papa and... kark this island. Ouch. Miss Parker and Eliot were also there, talking about lions and Eliot's diner, so hey, at least Eliot wasn't turned into something by this. That's reassuring. Eliot then explained to Galen about the whole 'island is where realities converge' thing, and Galen took some interest in Eliot mentioning that, uh, one of his employees comes from... ah. From where I come from.

Right. I'd rather you hadn't given me that note, squirrels.

Anyway, it wasn't much later when Jono turned back from being a snake, lucky sleemo got to do so in the comfort of his own home and I hate him a little bit for it right now. He even had a chance to get some pants on before Galen and Jyn walked in and discussed the ephemeral nature of Galen's being here at all. I hate saying I'm kind of relieved about that, especially considering what it probably means for Jyn, but... uh.


In the park in the morning, Master Kiwiiks was using somebody else's lightsaber to do katas. Without even asking. Rude. Some guy called Scaramouche put the moves on her, which is almost amusing, because I can't imagine he got very far. AlsoITurnedBackIntoAHumanAndMadeANakedDashAcrossTheParkAndWasChasedDownByAMemberOfAnAncientJediCouncil next note please. Clint was at Atlas Gym doing some paperwork when Steve came in looking for twenty minutes on a treadmill. What, no running laps around people who are running laps around the island, Steve? And Summer stopped by and was very disappointed to find out that the gym's Morty trainer isn't in on Sundays. Or probably any days, Summer. Hate to disappoint. At Wade and Vanessa's place, Vanessa was disappointed but surprisingly supportive of how Wade didn't appear to have a mouth at all this weekend. Except for how he was apparently stuck in a closet. Heh.

Sparkleface, meanwhile, was stuck inside the Demon Marcus after a weekend spent licking trees and talking to deer, which sounds like a better use of one's time than what some people have been up to, I guess. Tony came in looking for a suit, which led to a lot of yelling about evil wizards, somehow? And Summer came in looking for other Morty trainers, but Sparkleface pointed out that if Summer's the only one on the island, that means she's already the best one here. Then they sang about friendship. Someone named Peggy also made her way in and stopped to strike a pose before actually doing any shopping.

This place.

There was a Raven who had horns in the park some time after Master Kiwiiks and I left, exploring the place. It's a nice park. Don't harass the flamingos. Jono recognized her as a Raven he knows but not quite, and there was some talk about whether or not he was fighting in the war, and what war that was meant to be at all, before they started talking about... daddy issues or something. It's a theme for the weekend.

There was something dangerous in the water off the Boardwalk yesterday, so I hope nobody decided it was a good day for a swim. Dante paid... her, I guess, a visit, and was rewarded for it with a splash courtesy of a powerful fish tail. The Master of the Straits - yeah, there's a pretentious name if ever I heard one, pal - was out in the water too, pining for the land. I mean, guy, it's right there. Guy-in-the-water called out to Xanthippe in what the squirrels think is French, but their only languages are basic and rum, so all they can really tell me is that Master Straits out there was surprised about something she said. And then apparently he and the really big fish had some kind of pissing contest out there. There was striding and there was bellowing. The squirrels didn't want to get close enough to really find out what else. Summer was there too, looking for, surprise surprise, somebody to battle her Mortys with. I'm sensing some pent-up frustration over your brother here, Summer. Want me to smack him across the head for you a few times and get this out of your system?

Over at the Church, Dante was keeping watch over... I don't know. The Church, I guess. Noah was sneaking around, and Dante helpfully pointed out that he wasn't quite as sneaky as he thought he was being. Yeah, around here, sneaking doesn't get many people very far. Except for the exceptionally sneaky, I suppose.

Also, late last night, Mufasa ran off a cliff thanks to a stampede of the alot of alots. Someone's gonna have a fun morning, huh?

Anyway, that's all the notes. Now I need to get to the junkyard so Hera and I can half-ass a class we didn't prepare for. Wish us luck, Fandom.

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