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Fandom Radio, Sunday, July 16th

Hey folks, Clint Barton here and... yep, it looks like we're having another fun weekend. And hey, for once I'm not affected. I promise to only gloat about that a little bit, so the island doesn't strike me down from inside the radio station.

Okay, let's see. At the school, Ahsoka had a normal shift at the library, aside from Tony spending eight hours on research for some reason, and Ahsoka getting a visit from a Master Kiwiiks. Hopefully, that was a welcome visit and not a weird one.

The dorms were nice and quiet, so I'm hoping that means you all somehow escaped whatever's going on. I know, I'm crazy. In town, Noah woke up at Eliot's place, along with Miss Parker who wanted to know if Eliot had kidnapped her. Eliot managed to convince her that this was the island's doing, not his, and also tried to get Noah calmed down. Above Luke's, there was a Cathy stuck in the attic, talking to a raven bird at the window, and it looks like Stiles and Derek came to visit Mike, except Stiles woke up next to someone named Clark who was clean-shaven and raised by farmers. Okay, you can't tell me that's not at least a little funny. Stiles was certainly amused when he told Mike, and Mike did well meeting Clark and staying cool about the whole thing.

Tony seems to have woken up as a teenager, and so did Steve, so I have a new pre-coffee mission for my day. Liam was confused about where he was when he woke up, and when Magnus brought coffee for, well, the usual Liam, he explained to the current Liam where he was. If you're getting a headache, blame Fandom. Someone named Scaramouche the Merciless woke up in town before going to flirt with the baristas at the Perk, and Galen woke up in Hannibal and Jono's place, but he fed their cats so I'm assuming he's a good guy. Master Kiwiiks also fed the pets she found, and I feel like that needs to be a sign in everyone's apartment: "If you've randomly ended up here, please fed my cats/dogs/whatever, oh and here's the wifi password."

Summer went to the park with an entourage of Mortys - look, I just read this stuff, I've long since stopped trying to understand it - and ran into Tip, who was looking for her cat. Summer told Tip about the Giant Heads who rule her world, and Tip told her how crazy that sounded, but Summer insisted they're wonderful. Riiight. She also ran into Mufasa, a talking lion who insisted he wasn't going to eat her, and Tip and Mufasa tried to figure out where they were. Peggy also didn't know where she was, but she ended up getting into a fight with Tip for being an old-fashioned racist, and had to convince Summer that she wasn't going to battle her and her Mortys.

I think that's the bit of strangeness I'm going out on because it looks like I'm out of notes. Uh, I know I usually tell you all to stay safe, but I really mean it this time, okay?