Thursday, June 15th, 2017

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Ow! Ow! Quit it! Yeah, I know I'm late, I'm so--ow!

Yo, if y'all could stop throwin' acorns at me for a few minutes, I could read the notes that y'all thoughtfully left Ow! Dammit, Leroy, I'mma--ANYWAY, in School, Resolving Conflict Without Violence had to figure out how they could meaningfully improve one another's lives. Sorry, fantasy!France kid, that doesn't include flirtin' with people. Iron Fandom had beets as a secret ingredient--the squirrels say that's just mean, TA--and special guest judge was Verity. An' since the notes don't say otherwise, I'mma just assume she showed up of her own free will an' everyone was happy. Arts and Crafts made flags outta glitter an' felt while Deadpool played Candy Crush. An', lastly, in the Library, the children's books were followin' Peridot around like little ducklings. Awww.

Dorms had a bit of activity today to my eternal chagrin. Ada was makin' edible glitter in the second floor common room. She an' Peebee agreed that just eatin' the glitter was a terrible waste--see, this is why coverin' dorms makes me cry. Ada also explained what she was doin' to Jughead and Summer, who had no idea that glitter could be edible.

Back in Town, which makes me feel so much better about reportin' on, Tali worked at Stark Industries, cause she's gonna get that air conditioned suit to work, goddammit, while Ino opened Pick Your Poison an' enjoyed a pleasant chat with Hannibal over tea, talkin' about how she makes everythin' in the shop personally. At the Park, Kanan is practicin' forms with a broom, which actually makes sense when you think about it. Old Man Jenkins walks by an' asks about the form Kanan is usin' an' gets a lesson in force which sounds kinda aggressive but okay. Peter grabbed a sword of his own an' asked for a spar, which still seems kinda uneven, considerin' there's a broom involved. In non-violent news, Anders got to oversee puppies bein' born at Furnado an' every squirrel in here just Aww'd in unison. Not me, though. I'mma wait a coupla weeks until their eyes open an' their fur grows in before I start awwin'.

Ow! An' apparently that's enough to get 'em flingin' acorns again, so I'm out! Bye Fandom!

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