Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Fandom Radio, June 14th

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 11:36 pm
wrongkindofsith: (Like some kind of note-taking ninja)
[personal profile] wrongkindofsith wrote a story too? In addition to the fiction you regularly hand me?

*papers shuffling*

Very funny. I can see someone doesn't want any rum today.

Classes continued at the School, with Archaeology raiding a treasure room, Show and Tell watched YouTube which somehow led to bunnies and Ino dropping in to organise a zoo trip. Try Not to Die went to New Zealand, one of the prettier places to avoid death in.

The Dorms continued to be deserted, while in Town Hannibal opened Counselling again, I Doubt The Effectiveness of Bought Miracles had discount problems at Turtle and Canary, Summer had old horse sale signs at Needful Things, no idea if there were old horses to go with them, Raven liked the music at Groovy Tunes, be unfortunate if she didn't, Kathy did yoga at Dites, Eponine had butterflies to deliver at the Post Office, that can't be right, and Zack had a cuddly puppy at Furnado. Rufus grumped at Book Haven which made things tense when Zack came looking for a book and presumably when Ann did the same. Finally, at Covent Gardens Nathan watered the snap dragons, with poison hopefully.

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