Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Fandom Radio, June 7th

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 01:01 am
wrongkindofsith: (Like some kind of note-taking ninja)
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What do you mean they're different wars?


Well, I don't see ow it matters, she's supposed to be immortal anyway.

*more chittering*

...and we're on air...we'll finish this later.

Up at the School, Archaeology ditched a talk on ethics in favour of watching a movie, Show and Tell was all about music, and Try Not to Die went to China, though Ahsoka and Jyn were both dubious while Jason didn't like the food. Meanwhile in the Library, Khadgar had table issues.

The Dorms, still quiet, and in Town, Eponine spent the night at Serenity Cove with a bottle of whiskey, as you do before finding tiny cacti at the Post Office, while Clint went from having an adorable animal in his lap to a naked human in his lap, we've all been there, Clint. Someone left a a rock at Furnado, weirdo, Nathan didn't need to use his sword on the flowers but probably should have anyway, the Miracle Guy and Summer freaked out the squirrels with being calm and mellow at Turtle and Canary and Needful Things, Hannibal engaged in noise pollution at Fandom Counselling, at Dite's, Kathy sold patriotic toys to Anne before taking lunch to Raven at Groovy Tunes.
geniuswithasmartphone: (DJ)
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Yo, didja all do a bit of redecorating since last week? This place seems...I dunno bigger. An' peacher.


No, peachier would mean stuff is more peachy than the last time. The walls are definitely peacher. Now hush. I ain't gettin' into an argument about grammar with a damn squirrel. Movin' onto notes so shut certain squirrels up...

School saw Resolvin' Conflicts Without Violence talked about fight versus flight versus negotiation. Iron Chef apparently had kimchi as its special ingredient today an' Jenkins as their special judge, who they kidnapped--

Raven. Kathy. Please don't go kidnappin' people. It ain't--you can't--you shouldn't--no kidnappin'!

Arts & Crafts had a teacher this week, but he was drunk. TA Xanthippe wanted to know where he'd been for the past two weeks, a conversation that I'm sure went well for her. In the library, Library, the books were hidin' from Peridot, but that seems like the least of her problems. Summer came in an' had a weird conversation that involved randomly-appearin' mega-muscles, unprompted hugs, an' general creepiness. Mara pulled a weapon on Peridot for...reasons I guess? An' Rufus recorded everythin' weird Peridot was doin'. Anakin had office hours, but as an old man.

No weirdness to report in Dorms but Town more than made up for it. In Covent Garden, Peter was bribing his flowers for good behavior. Kenzi was a Luke's, her hair mysteriously changin' color with every comment in her phone call with Cecil. Eliot was at the Perk, dressed as a cowboy an' every comment I have is inappropriate--an' Kanan came by lookin' like a woman. Then their conversation got weirder which don't seem possible, but the squirrels assure me is true. An' Steve was shirtless at the Gym an' a herd of squirrels just nearly trampled me running into town to see if he's still there.

Hannibal was at home with Jono while they randomly switched ages, languages, and sometimes caught fire.

An' that's all for yesterday's news, have a good day! I'mma head home an' see if Eliot still has that cowbow outfit.

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