Saturday, May 27th, 2017

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, May 27th, 2017 09:04 am
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Fucking hell. Morning, Fandom. Let's get this done.

Philosophy of Food met in the Danger Shop this week -- which sounds like the set up for a food fight, but that's not happening with Lecter -- and discussed how environment may or may not affect people's food choices and preferences. Japanese Art also used the Danger Shop, and learned to make traditional mochi, which the squirrels insist is an art. What the fuck is a mochi?

*squirrlish chittering*

There is a lot of fucking weird food out there, isn't there?

Mostly town dealt with the effects of the paint-rain. At Turtle and Canary, the Merchant of Miracles is annoyed and blaming Apu for his "unicorns" being bright red, despite the fact it's raining fucking paint, and he goes through the store's shampoo stock trying to clean them up... look, mate, if you're a fucking merchant of 'miracles,' fucking miracle it away. Fucking tosser conartists...


Yeah, but the con isn't my magic, Leroy, it's everything else. So fuck off.

At Syndulla Scrap, Hera is not fucking happy about being painted different colors because of the rain. Fuck off, Fandom, she's already a perfectly nice color. Leave the lady alone. Later on, Summer came in to see Hera's ship and have Chopper help her look over some maps. Dante was practicing his guitar skills at Groovy Tunes, and on the domestic end of town news, Kitty and Clint had pizza and talked about how some of his work friends turned out to be evil. Man, that always sucks. Sorry, mate.

That's it, Fandom. All the news unfit to print, delivered straight to your ears. You're welcome.


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