Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

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*door slams*

All right, fine. Good morning... or whenever, this is Rey, a little late today because no one told me I'd be kidnapped by squirrels weekly.

At school, in Getting to Know Your Backyard we went to Mars, Tony was flying solo in Advanced Takeout where he taught the students how to tip for pizza, and Philomena realized her Science students were just going to keep coming back so she talked through a Shakespeare movie. Peebee and Peridot were mostly just confused and think it's strange here. Well... yes. Oh, and in the library, Gratuity was focused on a care package of books from home.

And in town Shiemi got non-holiday work done at the flower shop, and Sparkle celebrated his birthday- happy birthday- at the Perk with a recreation of something called a unicorn frappucino? Once again I don't want to know. And even if he wasn't broadcasting his birthday- my apologies for literally broadcasting it- Hannibal came by with a gift. At Luke's, Eliot was dealing with staff wearing a... luchador- don't know what that is- mask.

That's it. Sorry for the lateness, we'll see if I can escape the squirrels next week.


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