Monday, May 22nd, 2017

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Are you guys sure it isn't earlier today than the usual time? It feels earlier today than the usual time.


Yes, I see the clock. That doesn't make me feel any less like I've been hit by a hoverbus. Better give me the notes so I can slink back to-- right. I teach today. Give me the notes so I can try to catch ten minutes of sleep in the copilot's seat before class.

Oh good. There's a dorms note. Which is about how Summer was watching Ball Fondlers in the second floor common room yesterday evening, and kriffing hell, Summer, some things really shouldn't be done in public spaces.

In town, the Merchant of Miracles was lamenting people's lack of interest in unicorns at Turtle & Canary. I'm guessing I'd be more interested if I knew what a unicorn was. Magnus stopped by looking for something called Baja Blast, and wanted to pet the goats. See, goats, I know about. Unicorns are some kind of subspecies of weird Earth goat, you heard it here first, folks. Anyway, apparently the goats aren't for touching, so Magnus left.

At the Boards, Jono was advertising for some kind of Talent showcase, which Dante informed him had better not be named 'Fandom's Got Talent' before suggesting they get the band back together. Sparkle got in a shoe order to replace the missing shoes from last week, so now Demon Marcus has too many shoes, which he tried to pass off on Leto when he phoned, to little avail. At Luke's I was helping out in the kitchen when Summer stopped by with Red Bull--


What do you mean, there's my problem? I wasn't even mixing it with anything!


Okay, fine. The squirrels want me to formally and publicly apologize for blaming my tiredness on them doing their jobs, when apparently 'Red Bull crash' is a thing. Happy?


Good. Then I'll close out these notes by sharing that Tino was completely insufferable at Caritas, and so Atton was avoiding him by staying behind the bar and snarking. And that's all the notes this week, so I'm going to go grab another Red Bull so I can hair of the dog this fatigue before class. Kanan out.

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