Monday, May 15th, 2017

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Hey there, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here once again with all the news the squirrels figured you needed to hear, whether you needed to hear it or not. And all of it happened in town again this week. What, guys, you didn't feel like creeping on the students in the dorms this week?


No, that isn't a complaint! Just give me the kriffing notes. Preferably with as little spying on whatever the kids are doing in their spare time, because that poodoo makes me seriously uncomfortable.

Okay. Good. We'll start with Sparkle at Demon Marcus dealing with the mysterious disappearance of all of the footwear in his stock. Of course that meant that yesterday was the day Lucille called to order a pair of boots. Tough deal, Lucille. At Luke's I gave in and let the staff make pancakes again, because I'm an idiot. Summer stopped by to ask for a burger and we chatted about parties and something called Red Bull, and Steve paid me a visit in order to show off what I can only bring myself to call his 'functional spangles.'


... No, that wasn't actually intended as innuendo, but go wild if you ever want to use it that way, guys.

Outside the Things Reborn, there was a flash of light and a sudden case of Elf. The squirrels tell me his name is Taako, so, welcome to the island, Taako. Though it looks like Magnus was there to greet him, and they talked a bit about Magnus' new body and why they were both on the island before making plans to get back home. Good luck with that, guys. I mean that.

Atton was working his first shift at Caritas, which mostly involved telling the zombies to deal with it themselves when their parts fell off, and talking to Cara about the new job and how he locked Tino in a closet. Living the dream, Rand.

In the apartment above Luke's, Kathy was cooking in preparation of having Dante and Anders over for dinner. Of course they immediately flustered her with innuendo, because of course I can't avoid reporting this stuff about students even when the squirrels avoid the dorms, and talked about eating vegetables.

'Eating vegetables' isn't nearly as fun an innuendo as 'functional spangles.' I'm on the fence about that one, guys.

And finally, at 29 Chimera Court, Algren was putting on some kind of 'we survived a week of teaching' party. Which was much improved, I hear, thanks to the fact that they now have furniture courtesy of Magnus. I'm going to have to hit him up about getting a new table or something, maybe. Magnus also talked to Algren about carving ducks and his buddy Taako. Dr. Lecter showed up with food, surprising nobody, and chatted a little with Algren about Mother's Day, and with Magnus about Taako and a pissed off warlock. And, finally, Peter stopped by with apology Scotch for Algren after throwing him to the wolves this week at the flower shop.

And here once again I wasn't even aware that there was some kind of holiday going on. Ah well. Take care, Fandom. Don't forget to eat your vegetables.
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-you can't just push me in here like this, I have things I need to do!

*door slams*

*banging on door*

Is this how people end up in here, reading notes? I always wondered how that happened. Guess I should start on it so they'll let me out. All right, so. Oh, and this is Rey.

At school, In Getting to Know Your Own Backyard, we went for a flyby of Venus, and How to Science All Things Sciencily- I'm just going to call that "Science"- learned about leaves changing color and had to make a collage, where Gratuity and Peebee introduced themselves while talking about maybe burning the leaves. At least they're working. Advanced Takeout learned about online ordering and got to try it, and Summer teased Dante about eating a lot. Also, Tony asked Steve about his trip home that turned out to be bad. Better a bad trip than none at all.

And in the library, a book convinced Gratuity to watch the television show it was based on. That must have been a good book.

It looks like there wasn't anything in the dorms, so in town, Shiemi tried to figure out which upcoming holidays needed flowers, since she has to work at the flower shop. Alluka worked out some things with her bunny at Groovy Tunes, and at the Gig, Dani came in with what the squirrels called a 'breakup hangover'? I'm not entirely sure what that is. At Luke's, the cook was turned into a sheep but they were serving lamb because someone felt like being dark today. Magnus thought the sheep was just really fresh lunch, and Eliot explained that sometimes they hire other species, and told him about... Mayor McDog.

I won't ask. I refuse.

And then they got into a fistfight about cups, which had Hardison wondering how that happened when he came for a visit, and again, I'm not asking. It also brought Kathy down to see what all the noise was. Finally, at the Devil's Nest, Verity was looking everywhere for a form.

All right, that's everything. Can I leave now?

*long pause*

*slow sound of door unlocking*

About time.

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