Sunday, May 14th, 2017

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Hey everyone, it's another lovely Sunday in Fandom, so I'm Clint Barton here with everything the squirrels caught us doing yesterday. Let's get right down to it, shall we? Over at the school, a well-caffeinated Ahsoka was working at the library as usual, and in the dorms, Summer threw a party for the students. Dante introduced himself to Summer and they talked about where they came from before ending up in Fandom. Peebee teased Dante about having a shirt on, and he suggested that she join in the shirtless fun at the next welcome picnic. Peebee also shared her alcohol stash with Summer, for the sake of the party, and Jason let Peebee pick out a drink for him that wouldn't give him alcohol poisoning. That's a very low standard for a drink, just saying. Summer welcomed Isabela and congratulated her on surviving the first week of classes, and Peebee and Isabela seemed very interested in each other. I suppose that's better than reporting on people fighting. Mara and Summer talked about the drinks that were available, and Jason talked to Mara about weirdly named American drinks, like Mountain Dew. Jason and Summer talked about how their first week of classes went, and Rey came by to support Summer's party-throwing efforts; she and Peebee talked about space travel in their respective worlds, and Rey congratulated Summer on throwing a good party.

Over in town, Tamsin was having a casual get-together to watch Eurovision, and Tony stopped by to join her, and hopefully not get any new ideas for costume designs. And Jono was at Groovy Tunes, writing paychecks for his employees like a good boss. That looks like it's everything from the notes, so I'm going to go reward myself with some coffee. Have a good week, everyone.

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