Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Fandom Radio, May 10th

Thursday, May 11th, 2017 12:38 am
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*rustling thud*

Well, it's different to the single sticky-note.

Let's see, up at the School, introductions week continued, with Archaeology doing theirs after Aphra compared archaeology to grave-robbing, somehow this led Rhys and Peebee into talking about computer viruses. Show and Tell also did introductions while emptying their pockets, Pinkie was impressed by Ringo's AirTrek which suggests Ringo had very big pockets. Anakin decided to skip introductions in favour of going to Peru in Try Not To Die, which his class had opinions about.

Over in the Library, the cookbooks made Khadgar hungry.

Something actually happened in the Dorms for once, with Jason having pizza and pirates in the Third Floor Common Room, Rhys wanted to know if Jason had been kidnapped, and also pizza, while Summer wanted Rhys to tell her about trampoline parties, because it seems those are a thing, she's also onboard for pizza and told Jason how much she dislikes the squirrels. I see she's met Leroy already. Peebee scanned the pizza before talking with Summer about where they're from.

Meanwhile in Town, Steve discovered that Tony failed to make coffee, didn't they just do a class on that? Mary had to make breakfast at the Arms because Gunter was freaking out, Eponine couldn't turn the Post Office radio off, Rufus couldn't get his dog to kill dust bunnies at Boook Haven, he probably would have had more luck leaving them with the rest of the bunnies at Furnado, while Nathan tried to get used to working in the flower shop. Ghanima had new, hopefully uncursed, stock at Needful Things and Summer tried to get a job there after finding out she wasn't some guy called Needful.

Finally there were painters at Caritas and Atton bummed a job off Kitty. Have fun dealing with Tino.
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Yo, hey hey, welcome to the first week of classes! For everyone that's been here awhile, y'all know what that means, for those of you who're new, you've probably figured it out by now! Introduction week!

I'm Hardison an' this is your Thursday mornin' newscast, brought to you by the drunkest squirrels you'll ever meet.

*Squirrely cheers*

...That wasn't a compliment, but sure. Anyway, we had classes today at School an' I'mma tell you what happened in all of 'em: introductions. But more specifically, Resolvin' Conflicts Without Violence--a class all y'all should be takin', for serious, asked students for a situation that had been solved by violence but didn't need to be. Anne, I'm pretty sure you're new here, so I'mma warn you now: the answer on this island is almost all of 'em. That's bein' said with love, but also truth cause I know y'all.

Next up was Iron Fandom, based on the reality cookin' show, an' their first secret ingredient was rice! Aww, my TA's all grown up an' teachin' her first class. I'm so proud! Like a mama bird. They asked the standard intro questions, plus another one about dietary restrictions--makes sense--before lettin' the students cook. Tony stopped by with coffee an' pastries for Kathy, cause she's his Teachin' Buddy an' he'd missed her at the picnic, but made sure to share some with Raven, too, an' they talked about Steve, who is generally perfect except his continue delusion that Brooklyn pizza is somehow good. An' Kathy an' Raven talked about what their plans for the afternoon would be after class let out, since they were both a bundle of nerves. Their plan? Watch Inspector Spacetime, which is a quality decision on their part.

Then we had Arts 'n Crafts which was mostly deadpool unleashin' more glitter on the island because that was a problem that needed fixin' apparently. Everyone had an assignment to make art that showed their inner selves an' everybody's inner selves inexplicably required a school dance's worth of glitter each. Again, newbies, that's a measurement that'll make sense one day, I swear. They do introductions an' Deadpool's TA, Xanthippe threatens to go to the administration when she discovers she's not TAin' a science class

We also had Peridot holdin' down the fort at the Library, which means now the Library is also covered in glitter an' I don't wanna be near Constantine when he finds that out the hard way.

Nothin' happened in Dorms, but Town saw the Grand Openin' of Pick Your Poison, which, in this town, could be anythin' from a literal poison store to a bar to anythin' in between, an' saw Peter hatin' everythin' about Mother's Day preparation at Covent Gardens.

An' that's it for the news from yesterday. Have a good Thursday y'all!

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