Saturday, May 6th, 2017

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Morning, Fandom. Hope you're ready for the shuttle to get back, because those of you up at the school are about to have free lunch. It's the reason I still work here, I think.

Absolutely nothing happened around here yesterday, because there was a field trip to DC in a preferable alternate reality. Can we just move the entire island to that reality? Just asking.

There was a tour of the Air and Space Museum, and Kanan was extremely amused at the footage of Steve doing the kickline and is never going to forget it. Someone tell me he recorded it for the rest of us. Mary also watched the footage, and Steve points out that he's not that scrawny any more, though she thinks he was kind of adorable that way.

There was a tour of the White House available, where Anakin was taking pictures of all the dishes -- is that a Jedi thing? -- and SHIELD HQ was also available for tours. Tony's hanging around there making the tour guides uncomfortable for 'the lolz', and points out to Steve that his Cunning Disguise is not working that well. Sorry, Steve, you're noticeable in a crowd. Clint checked out the memorial wall and wanted to know if Tony has one in his reality, because that's something people say around here.

There were also tours for the memorials on the Lincoln Memorial side: Goody and Algren discussed how it looks different in person, and also very different from their time period. Also a thing we say around here. Faraday and Goody looked at the war memorials and puzzled by the wars that haven't happened for them yet. Some people opted to hit up the museums; Eliot and Parker chose to visit the National Museum of the American Indian.

And some of the kids opted to hang out at the Mall. Rhys was sulking about getting hit by a softball because he walked through where a game was going on, and Mara laughed at him before they determine that yes, they actually do go to school together and aren't total strangers. Gold star, kids. Also they wonder whether Rhys might end up with another llama roommate. Only if karma hates you, Rhys, which, it seems to, so... Peridot kept having to tell people that she's not lost and doesn't need to find her parents, and when Tip came over and offers to help deflect the glares, Peridot noticed her lack of hair and wonders if she can shapeshift. And thus does Peridot learn about haircuts. Right then, 'Dot, I'm giving you another stack of books to read.

This ends the news, Fandom. Go out and get some food.


Radio Reminder!

Saturday, May 6th, 2017 02:07 pm
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You have until tomorrow to sign up to help with the radio this summer!

(Broadcasters who have already signed up, if you can note whether you'd squirrel your own links or would prefer someone to do them for you, I would love you EVEN MORE THAN I DO ALREADY.)

Also, head to the new radio comm to bask in even more MP header awesomeness.

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