Thursday, May 4th, 2017

geniuswithasmartphone: (DJ)
[personal profile] geniuswithasmartphone
Just a few notes today, an' all from Town--

*annoyed chittering*

My bad, there's one from School. Peridot was in the Library, investigatin' why all the writin' on the book's covers was missin'.

Anyway, back in Town, Lucille was wishin' for the Silence to come back in Groovy Tunes where everythin' was anythin' but. Tali--hey girl!--was gettin' used to JARVIS for her first day at Stark Industries. An' last, Coven Garden Flowers, Peter was gettin' ready for Mother's Day makin' bouque--

*Long pause*

...Anyone else hearin' screams in the distance? Weird.

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