Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

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Hello, everyone still left on the island, not eaten by the graduation snake...is that a traditional graduation thing, guys?

*non-committal chittering*

Guessin' that's a yes. We're done with classes--some of us forever, BOOYAH, never learnin' again!--so we're basically catching you up on the suckers with jobs. Oh, and Dante and Anders, who left yesterday on a road trip. That sounds fun! They should've invited me.

*pointed chittering*

No, we're not friends, per se, but I like fun! And that brings us to to Tip, who was at the library with her new haircut: she now has no hair, which the squirrels assure me she is "rocking".

...and that's it? Really? Cool. I'm going to go pack up and blow this popsicle stand because Yzma and Kronk came for my graduation, even if they didn't stop to hello afterward, which is super rude--and their world revolves around me so it's time to go home!


No, I don't see how that can possibly go wrong. Shut up. So...it's been something, Fandom. Byeeeeee.

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