Monday, May 1st, 2017

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Hey, Fandom. Or, well, whoever the hell is left on the island after that whole graduation thing? That apparently had a snake as a guest speaker? I'm not entirely clear on the details, I got waylaid while doing groceries, but hey, congratulations to those of you who are, I don't know, if not going on to bigger and better things, at least done with kriffing high school.

... Am I not supposed to say anything bad about high school? I don't know these things. It isn't like I ever attended it.

Anyway, there are notes, because the semester break is for students and teachers, not squirrels and radio broadcasters. And anything that was worth reporting on went on in town this week, it seems like. We had Jaina at the Perk a little later than she had intended to be, firing off texts to the people she knew and chatting up Skywalker on the topic of his potential pending great-grandfatherhood - should I be congratulating you yet, gramps? - and comparing graduations and, I quote, "That time Luke thought he was part of Sigfried and Roy."

I don't know what that means. Is Luke the guy they named Eliot's diner after?


For those who can't see through the radio, the squirrels are doing something fairly disturbing involving a diaper and a banthabell. I'm going to just assume Luke is the Luke's guy, for the sake of my brain. Speaking of, during my shift there yesterday, I got to serve pancakes to Kuzco's guests, Yzma and Kronk. In case anyone is curious, Yzma doesn't like gravy. These are the important things our fine radio programming makes sure you're all in the know about.

Sparkle was doing his nails over at Demon Marcus when Dante showed up to talk about road tripping and digging up blackmail photos of Kathy. Something about fashion, I don't know. I don't understand half of what people wear around here anyway. Earth and its weird obsession over shirts with buttons.

At the Magic Box, Anders was putting in a shift, complete with a visit full of updates from his friend Karl from back home, before that road trip that Dante and Sparkle were talking about. And also, apparently, before a date night with Kathy, who he texted back and forth with a few times before arriving to pick her up for at her place.

And that looks like all the notes. I'm gonna get the kriff out of here before those squirrels figure out how to play that banthabe--


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