Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

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Hey folks, Clint Barton here, and if it seems like I'm talking a little faster than usual today, it's because I have an adorable young lady waiting for me back at home, and I only get to see her once a year. That's right, you're not hallucinating, there are a lot more kids in town than usual this weekend thanks to the portal in the park. This is so much better than weird animals, right?

Over at the school, Ahsoka was still wearing her crown from Prom at the library, and Wonka got a letter that said he needed to return home. That's never a good note to get. At the dorms, the adorable children began their invasion. Ada got visited by Janie, who she's met before, and then Isabela arrived with their daughter Gemma, which left Ada with some questions about conception. You've just got to roll with things this weekend, and not ask any questions about biological logic. Ada also got a visit from a little girl named Zia that she hadn't met before either. New kids make this whole thing more entertaining, that's for sure. Dante, Kathy, and Anders were all together when their kids started arriving; Dante tried to get the others out of bed since he remembered Prom usually makes the kids show up, and then Kate got them moving in time to meet twin girls that Kathy and Dante hadn't met before. At least you're all friendly and they aren't children with strangers, right?

In town, Tony and Steve were inhaling some coffee when Eli arrived, with a shield like Steve's and confusion about Steve and Tony living together. Mmm, awkward. Thankfully, things weren't awkward at my house where Kitty made a big breakfast before our daughter Lexi arrived. I guess it is a little weird to expect her these days but... anyway, Hannibal was smart and remembered that we might get a child invasion, so he had plenty of food at his place, and invited folks to come over. Lucille came by with Lenora, who's technically her niece, and Helena made Hannibal guess who her parents are - Karla and Leto, apparently - and he left messages for them so they'd know to come to town. Jono also admitted to Hannibal that he looks forward to this weekend, which I have to agree with.

Sparkle was heading out of his place when he found his son Elias ready to break in, and after a moment of fatherly pride, they talked about where he was from and how he ended up in Fandom. Lucille was heading through the park when her niece found her, and Kanan was pacing nervously because he could tell something was off, and Hera tried to get him to go outside and find whatever is making him feel nervous. Isabelle and Flick came back to Fandom to meet up with their kids at J,GoB, and Flick pointed out that she seemed kind of nervous about seeing their kids again. Jaime and Momoko also headed to Fandom after getting a call, but their kids weren't exactly happy to see Momoko. Luckily, Leda's daughter Rain was very happy to see her instead.

Okay, that's all I've got note-wise, so I'm out of here. Have an excellent rest of the weekend with all your kids!

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