Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

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Hey, it's Kuzco and apparently all the weird stuff from the weekend is gone now?


I didn't need to know about your encounter with a gremlin-squirrel hybrid, Leroy. At all.

Okay, classes were a no-go due to giant bunnies and other ridiculousness. Tip was in the library, which has so-so coffee but no real food, continuing some research from the weekend.

And then some of our favorite idiots went off to fight the island...ness and figure out what was going wrong. I was not one of those people. Tamsin, Isabela, Kanan, Dante, Hardison, Eliot, Tony, Verity, Anakin, Jenkins, Steve, and Kitty are those kinds of idiots. Hardison was entirely too excited that fixing this involved nerdy crap, and then he gave Tony grief about the kinds of supervillains he normally fought and what he wore to fight them. Jenkins offered Verity snacks, automatically making him my favorite of the idiots. Kitty and Steve griped about the tree octopuses--octopi? Whatever they were, they didn't belong in trees.

The door finally opened and greeted someone called Mayor Summers, which made sense to Kitty and Tony, if not to anyone else, and ventured into the catacombs to a series of closed doors. Jenkins told Kitty that this was all very appropriate. The doors led to rains of custard, attacking snipes, a door clearly labeled DO NOT TOUCH that Kitty put her head through anyway, a room with a revolving floor and disco ball that confused Steve and Tony, a naked purple guy that got a Snickers from Jenkins--


Yeah, that's weird, even for here. There was also a brightly lit room with a giant squid in it, a room full of gremlin-squirrel hybrids that Eliot and Kitty 'noped right out of', a room full of flashing lights, and a room with a pair of pants that tried to eat Isabela.

*looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong pause*

Right. Fortunately it didn't get her because her next room had a conveniently labeled switch that would reactivate the island jump controls. Too bad it also had giant spiders. Nope. Sorry, folks, we all would've died if this had been up to me.


I don't want to hear it Leroy. Isabela made with the stabby and then made with the switching the switch back on...and the island jumped back to Baltimore. So...welcome home, if you've looked up from your phones at all now that the internet's back.

I'm outta here, folks. Don't forget to vote for me for Prom King, mmkay?

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