Monday, April 10th, 2017

uncertain_dume: (Leery)
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Fandom. Squirrels. Good morning. Or as good as a morning can possibly be if you're not still in bed for most of it, anyway. I have notes. I'm going to read them, all the while pining for the good times of twenty minutes ago when I was still asleep.

Once again, the school and the dorms were fairly quiet. But over at the Magic Box Anders was reading and texting with Dante. In the park, Ringo was meditating when Dante came by, and they spent some time arguing about apples.


... They spent some time arguing about Ringo being an apple. My mistake.

Dr. Lecter was bustling around his house yesterday doing errands and chores and somewhere in there starting a new batch of beer, and I appreciate that the squirrels and I have similar priorities when it comes to what errand to make note of in particular. And Hardison and Eliot are back in town, and spent yesterday afternoon taking it easy, eating sandwiches, catching up with Parker and Sparkle on their respective trips. I hope everything went about as well as it possibly could.

And that's all the news. Have a good one, Fandom. Don't... I don't know... turn into an apple, I guess.

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