Saturday, April 1st, 2017

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 09:40 am
boneyard_girl: (zBoy!Ada: son of the ocean)
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What do you mean th' librarian is scarier than usual? What's that got t' do with me--

-- 's that rum? ...fine. Consider m' bribed, but I want th' whole bottle.

Morning, Fandom. This is Ada Miller -- yeah, I know, trust me. I know. An' I been prodded outta bed by th' squirrels t' bring you th' news.

In m' two classes yesterday, Practical Diplomacy discussed nepotism, an' we didn't actually do much 'cause neither Obi-Wan nor Skywalker have any time for that shit an' spent most of th' class fuming instead of making us think. Fine with me. Discovering Earth went to New York City for the day, and I ain't never gonna understand why people want t' live in a big city like that long-term.

In th' dorms, Dante got an annoyin' phone call. Anders wanted to know if Dante wants to go out somewhere to get dinner, got t' hear about Dante's brother's plan -- I vote 'no' whatever it is. I don't much like Vergil's people-skills -- and wondered how Dante ended up being the brother with common sense, since Dante's not sure he wants to go through with it. Well, hell, he's already th' pretty twin, he might as well be th' smart one too. Kathy stopped-by to bring them cupcakes, and Dante told her about Vergil's stupid plan, so she tried to help him come up with other options.

Afterwards Dante was still distracted while working at Groovy Tunes, and just put on music instead of noddling on the guitar as usual. There's frowny-faces in the margins? An' I think these are music-notes? Dante, I think you got at least one fan of your playing.

That's it, ya'll. This is Ada Miller, an'.... 'm gonna go open up Demon Marcus for ya'll. For Reasons.


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