Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

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Good morning, guys, gals, rodents, and et cetera--Rhys, that's for you--it's Kuzco again with all the news the creepy squirrels dug up about you yesterday.

In classes, Adulting learning about going to the garage. Since we don't have cars yet, I toooootally didn't pay attention. Shooting Stuff shot laser guns--oooooh--and Civil War learned about appendicidis. That doesn't seem right.


Appomatox. Don't know what that is but sure. The books were singing lullabies to Tip at the library, which seems unusually nice of them.

In the dorms--or kinda nearby, anyway--Ada was throwing knives in the Salle and was interrupted by Ringo, who was acting kind of odd. It's Fandom, how can anyone tell? In town, Shiemi was getting a new phone plan while working at the florist--thrilling--and Verity had to explain to Eric that she'd kicked the DJ and broken his nose so there was only iTunes music at the Devil's Nest that night.

And that's it for yesterday. Later, gators.

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