Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

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Well, this remarkably squirrel-free radio booth isn't all worrying. Though at least they left the notes. Note. It's one of those sticky ones.

Quiet day apparently.

Up at the School, Home Ec budgeted, and "There wuz six wheelz" in Training Wheels, nothing happened in the Dorms, and the only thing of note in Town was Zack having horse problems at Furnado.
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Hey y'all, it's Hardison an' every minute I'm readin' the news is a minute I'm not improvin' my planet's viability, so I'mma make this real quick. School yesterday once more had Sparkle comin' correct in Urban Survival, coverin' hygiene an' homelessness, includin' how to get period supplies. Damn useful for folks what need that information--or wanna be useful to people who do. Peridot was a mime in the Library which is honestly not a sentence I've ever read before on this island, so good job to you, Peridot.

An' in Town, Ringo was--an' I quote--'bein' weird on her ATs in the warehouse district.' But no details about how. Thank you, Leroy, that was scintillatin' for all of us.

That's it for the news, so I'm out. Gotta go figure out which alien I'mma make out with.

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