Saturday, March 18th, 2017

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, March 18th, 2017 02:48 pm
talentforlying: (magnificent bastard)
[personal profile] talentforlying
Ugh, what do you-- no, I'm not coming in to the radio station, I'm gloriously fucking hung-over. Go find someone else to do it today. Wait, why are you--- fuck me.


NO, you little fucks. Of course you brought the notes here. You probably spent half the night drinking my shite and spying on us. Give me the godsdamned pages and that microphone and bring me some of the rum in the cupboard, before I sober-up.

Fandom, I hate you all.

At the school, Practical Diplomacy had a movie day. I didn't know Jedi knew how to slack-off. Discovering Earth went to Tokyo to observe some traditional martial arts demonstrations, and the library was all misty and smelled like damp earth, so Lucy just sat herself down at the desk so she wouldn't have to deal with it. Sensible girl.

Town was lively. Ish. For Fandom. At Groovy Tunes, Dante was playing a green guitar and singing about St. Patrick's Day. Hopefully good solid Irish punk. Peridot spent some time at Stark Industries analyzing plastics, and at Syndulla Scrap, Hera tuned up her ship and then worked on inventorying the junkyard. Kanan was in his apartment waving around a spatula (he's using it to do lightsaber drills), and was super embarrassed about it when Hera wanted to know if the food's attacking. Mate, how you got such a pretty girl living there when you're a right moron sometimes never cases to astound me.

Oh, and I had fucking absinthe coming out of the taps, so I propped my door open to share the wealth. Peter showed up with beer he got from HIS faucets and we talked magical wards and respective versions of hell. Kanan wandered in needing a drink because his faucets are dispensing green milkshakes so I taught him in the ways of absinthe. You're all welcome. THen he was confused at Peter about Earth holidays and Daylight Savings Time. Hera wanted to know what the green sludge from her faucets is, and I bravely tested it to discover it was a milkshake, and also had to explain milkshakes and St. Patrick's Day. Last but not least, Verity stopped in to ask if something's wrong with the pipes. I said no, because everything was fucking fine by me, Kanan said his are running sludge -- it's a fucking milkshake, Jarrus, for fuck's sake -- and Hera wanted to know what Verity's faucets are doing.

That's it, now go away and leave me to be drunk and hungover in peace. Fuck off, Fandom, and go sleep it off.


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