Thursday, March 16th, 2017

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The place smells like pie and rum...and that was on air, because of course it was.

Up at the School, classes, huge shock there. Home Ec made plastic, as you do, and Lucille gave Peridot a lump of plastic, that's either sweet, sad or creepy, or all three, Event Planning talked menus, food is generally a good idea, while Training Wheels destroyed a city with pink tanks. Khadgar for his part finds pies in the Library, because of course he does.

Nothing in the Dorms, while in Town, Zack found hermit crabs at Furnado, like I said, food's a good idea. The stereo mocked Raven at Groovy Tunes, and Kathy prepared for St. Patrick's Day at Dite's though I was under the impression your saints were all prudish stick-in-the-muds.

Kitty also had a pie problem at Caritas, which she attempted to solve the same way as last week's coffee problem, which led to much discussion on Dante and Anders's part. Anders got a 'Fandom Thing' explanation, and Dante got a whiskey to go with the free pie.
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--on't tell me I shoulda known! Aren't y'all friends with the gremlins? Next time they kidnap my boyfriend an' leave a note, they'd better--heyyyyyyyyy, Fandom. Guess who just noticed the radio light is on. An' who also noticed Leroy standin' off to the side lookin' all innocent. Ain't foolin' nobody, Leroy.

Anyway, this is Hardison an' I got yesterday's news right here for you. School was busy, with Pokemon Go out catchin' Pokemon that give 'em feelings. Ain't quite sure what kinda feelings, ain't gonna ask, either. Urban Survival went over how to dress warm an' stay safe durin' the bitter cold, which is a lesson I think we could all learn these days, brrr. And Peridot was witness to a librecide in the Library, courtesy of the Ides of March.

No Dorms, but in Town, Jenkins was tryna balance books at the Magic Box, an' a mouse in clothes said 'hi' to him.

*squirrely chittering*

'Scuse me, the mouse said 'hail.'

*More chittering*

About the cheese an' cake. An' on that note, I'm leaving because otherwise I'll ask questions.

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