Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Tuesday, where...the squirrels are eating a giant pie. Apparently.

I don't ask questions, I just report on what I see. It is I, Kuzco, the lead triangle-ist in the happening new band Kuzco!--trust me, that's what we're gonna name it--back with whatever you people were up to yesterday. Because I didn't pay attention at the time because frankly, you aren't that interesting to me.

In classes, Adulting talked about forming a budget for those sad peasants who don't have access to unlimited amounts of gold. Suckers. Shooting Straight shot shotguns...presumably straight but I'm afraid of anyone who voluntarily takes a class on weapons, so I don't get too close to that one. In Civil War, everyone agreed that trying to evacuate a city while also providing free alcohol was a bad plan. Tip was getting harrassed by a cricket or a book pretending to be a cricket at the library.

In town, Demon Marcus was full of lacy things--pass--and Kathy shared her chocolate with Alluka. I like chocolate. Just puttin' that out there. Rufus was doing research at the book store between customers, Eliot was getting friendship bracelets at the diner, and Verity was at the Devil's Nest learning to be a bartender. Jenkins came in and got a Blue Hawaiian--a what?


A drink, not some guy painted blue, and then Verity had to cheer up her sulking vampire boss about Daylight Savings Time, which was quite the theme yesterday. Kanan and Hera were whining about it at their apartment, too.

And that was everything for yesterday. Catch you all next week, unless I get bored and don't show up.

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