Saturday, March 11th, 2017

WTFH Radio, Saturday

Saturday, March 11th, 2017 11:41 am
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Morning, sunshines. Let's get you your gossip so I can go back to bed. Up at the school, Practical Diplomacy's torturous experience of the week is to deal with drunks at a diplomatic function while remaining totally sober. Fuck, no, that's not okay. Kids, I'm not saying the librarian has a stash, but I'm not saying the librarian doesn't have a stash.


Fuck you, I'm great with the students. No one said being a role model was part of it.

Discovering Earth was supposed to go to an artisan cheese festival, but thanks to Portalocity ended up in Gloucestershire at the cheese-rolling festival, and Driver's Ed practiced parking . . . by racing to the parking spaces. As one does. And my library was all dark red and 'kind of creepy' according to some scaredy-rodents, but Lucille didn't seem bothered in the slightest. Because she's got sense, most likely.

Meanwhile in town, At Groovy Tunes Dante was trying out some riffs with his guitar. Peter ended up arranging one corner of the shop with roses and music for some gremlins who seem to be having a romantic picnic at Covent Garden Flowers. Pretty new Hera's running the junkyard -- sorry, Syndulla's Scrap -- now, and wondering about some of the weird stuff in there, when Peridot arrived to go scavenging. After a few apprehensive moments -- most likely Dot being Dot -- Hera tried to help her figure out what components she needs to improve her solar-powered duck toaster. And that's why you've got the weird shite, love.

On the non-work side of things, Bucky was in his apartment having a beer and reading some birthday greetings from back home -- nice and low-key, mate. Happy returns and all that. Tony dropped by to give him a snazzy new phone as a present and also give him grief about being a hundred years old. I don't know if that means Tony was being an arse, or if Bucky's actually a hundred. Given Fandom... let's just go with 'yes.' Steve showed up with basically a giant sack of presents like a fucking Birthday Santa and a cake that probably had enough candles to set the building on fire...I was going to say the gossips are being melodramatic but apparently even Bucky even thought so, so for once they're accurate, and decided in the event of accidental arson that Steve gets to take all the blame. Seems fair.

That's your thrilling gossip for the day. John Constantine signing out, and remember, don't do anything I'd do.


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