Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

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Owowowowowowow. There are things falling from the sky.


Beads, apparently. I have no idea why. On the plus side, there's also cake, even if it has yellow, purple and green sprinkles everywhere.


And also a small, plastic...baby. There is something seriously wrong with all of you. ANYWAY. In classes yesterday, I watched a movie in Adulting--I know how much you love to know the details of my life--the Weird Gun Class got weird guns and shot at each other on purpose because again, something seriously wrong with all of you, and the Civil War class watched a historically accurate movie about how the president of the time also killed vampires. Tip dealt with tiny flaming arrows at the library and you know, I'm not even surprised any more.

In town, Alluka was tired at Demon Marcus, and Rufus was at the book store with Dark Nation. I have no idea who or what that is, so I've decided it's what Rufus calls his hair. Speaking of hair, Eliot still has some, even though he's wearing a cowboy hat at Luke's, a classic sign of male pattern baldness.

*dubious chittering*

I did not just make that up. Parker was there getting a mango smoothie, in case you guys are super interested in what old people are eating and drinking. Hannibal had set up counseling services yesterday and Zack stopped by. More of you need to stop by. Maybe all of you. Because everyone here but me is nuts.


Yes, I'm still a llama. I don't see what that has to do with anything. Kanan went for a walk in the park to avoid Hera, his new roommate, which was a bummer because she totally stalked him there to talk. I am an expert at avoiding annoying roommates, Kanan. I can give you tips.

And that's all for today! Later, everyone. Watch out for the weird stuff from the sky today.

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