Monday, February 20th, 2017

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There is a squirrel on my ship. I've got too much of a hangover for this, guys. How did you get on my ship and why--


Okay, okay. I'll read the notes, just keep it down. My boss is sleeping in the cargo hold and even if I did come back here to quit, I'd like to start my last day here not having to explain what a squirrel is. Let's start with what happened in town yesterday, then. Like at how Luke's, they made waffles. Waffles. They've been trying to kill me with pancakes for almost a month, and this week they made waffles. I'm allowed to be indignant if I want to. While I was dealing with the waffle indignity, upstairs Kathy came back from a trip and called Raven down to dinner. Apparently she's not kicking Raven out, which is good news? And there was talk about running away from things and Kathy's trip to Boston. Kira stopped by to see Kathy, which meant there was crying. I guess they hadn't seen one another in a while. Since the whole thing-that-makes-me-rant-on-air, at least.

After work, in my apartment, Portalocity finally gave me the word that they could get a portal out. Which is why I'm sitting in a freighter reading notes to a squirrel while surrounded by explosives. My day job on the island gets me far less danger pay. On the other hand, I have a boss who'll watch my dog for me, even if he doesn't approve of my career choices elsewhere. Thanks for that, Eliot.

And as I prepare to take off from this steaming mudball of a planet that I'm currently parked on, I get to read about how half the population of the island all gathered to go on spring break, instead. To Necker Island, which has the greatest name ever. So, did you draw the short straw to be sent here with notes instead of joining them on vacation, Squirrel?


He totally did. Why didn't you just have somebody on vacation read these, then?


He didn't think of that. Poor guy. Means he'll miss out on taking in the Great House, where Isabela's attempts that flirt were thwarted by Lucille's need for a nap. Nathan was wowed by the hot tub, while Sparkle was wowed by the view, and Dante was more worried about whether there was a minibar. I understand these priorities well. Merrill was afraid to touch any of the fancy stuff, whereas Frank found the minibar right off the bat. There's your answer, Dante.

Hyacinthe has Alluka as a roommate, and almost had her worried he didn't want her there. Anybody looking for Hyacinthe this weekend? His room is off-limits for whatever it is you're looking for him for. Tony reminded Steve to mind his language when he saw the room they were set up in, and I'm sorry I missed Steve swearing. And upon seeing her room, Shiemi wondered if they were vacationing on Takama-ga-hara. I... don't know what that is.

In the Great Room - this place likes calling things 'great,' huh? - Frank and Hyacinthe both did some drinking. Peridot sat at the bottom of the infinity pool, and Cosette went out to find a Lurmen.


I stand corrected. What's a lemur?


... So, basically a non-sentient Lurmen, then. Okay, Earth. Anyway, I've got to go. My last shift here is about to start, and it's hard to pilot a ship with radio equipment all over my dashboard. Have a good vacation, Fandom. Kanan, out.

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