Sunday, February 19th, 2017

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Good morning, folks. This is Clint Barton, hoping your collective weekend is going well. Let's see what the notes have in store for our entertainment today, yeah?

So, over at the dorms, Rhys was getting ready for the school dance when Xanthippe came by and told him not to wear a skinny tie because it would be embarrassing for both of them. She's not wrong, for the record, even I know that. Kuzco also thought Rhys looked ridiculous, but Rhys pointed out Kuzco is a llama at the moment, so he can't really judge how people look. And instead of going to the dance, Shiemi spent her evening reading up about the spring break trip. That should be fun, like always.

In town, Jono was playing along with the radio on his guitar at Groovy Tunes when Raven came by to, and I quote, "work through some stuff with him." I hope that went well, at least. Mary wasn't feeling well at the Arms Hotel, but she took care of opening the place in the morning anyway, and in the evening, Hannibal and Jono got dressed up nicely before heading off to London.

Finally, these notes all seem to be about the tropical island-themed Valentine's Dance. Everything was set up like islands in the town hall, using as much glitter as possible, of course. Ada and Hyacinthe were confused about being given leis and thinking... uh, of something that's not a necklace, oops. Dante showed up with a corset and his own alcohol; Ada was impressed, and Hyacinthe let Dante explain more about what Valentine's Day was actually supposed to be about. Hyacinthe also complimented Lucille on her dress, and told her she'd look lovely even if it did get covered in glitter.

Around the inside there was a place for people to take pictures, and also food, of course. Kuzco met up with Frank by the drinks, and got Frank to make him something... er, Caritas-friendly, we'll put it that way. Over on the dance floor... barge, area thing, Ada and Isabela shared a dance, and there was also a spot for people who didn't really want to be social. The chaperones had their own area, and Tony was just amused by how quickly Steve ended up covered in glitter. I hope he got some pictures too, while he was at it.

And that's everything, so I'm going to get out of here. Have an awesome rest of the weekend, and if you're going on the trip, don't forget to pack.

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