Saturday, February 18th, 2017

talentforlying: (we all sell our souls sooner or later)
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You got me out of bed for this? Seriously? I've got to chaperone teenagers tonight, I need my fucking beauty sleep.

John Constantine here, kids. Let's get this over with.

School had classes, shockingly. Practical Diplomacy practiced tailing targets and trying not to get tailed in an open-air market setting, Discovering Earth fucked-off to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival like sensible people, and Driver's Ed was street racing again, only this time using right turns and going around the block. Careful, kids, you might sprain something.

In town we had Dante futzing around with the acoustic guitar again at Groovy Tunes when Raven showed up, realized that he's not Jon, and there's awkward small talk before he asks if she's okay. At Stark Industries Peridot was hard at work trying to make improvements to her robo-duck. Why, Dottie? Let the poor thing Duck in peace.

Meanwhile in the dorms, Maria was manning the Valentine's Day ticket sales in the lobby.

That's it, now fuck off and go get ready for the party tonight.


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