Thursday, February 16th, 2017

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Yes, I know what day it was yesterday.


That's none of your business.

In a shocking turn of events, there were classes up at the School, Home Ec made fondue, which led to Ada and Hyacinthe flirting, again, truly shocking. Training Wheels dealt with overlong bicycles, and the romance novels shocked Khadgar in the library. Hopefully his bodice remained unripped.


What? Things actually went down in the Dorms, probably literally, given all the dirty presents Dante and Anders were exchanging. A grumpy Lucille was in ticket duty in the lobby, but Hyacinthe tried to cheer her up, I can guess how. Peridot had flowers and fondue in the Second Floor Common Room, where she learnt about friendship from Tip and had marshmallows taken by Lucille

Meanwhile in Town, Raven and the music were sad at Groovy Tunes, Eponine made the wise choice to ignore everything but the chocolate at the Post Office, Peter found a sleeping Shiemi at the shop of evil, Zack offered animal hugs at Furnado and got awkward conversation in return, and Jono had beer and balloons at the Boards which enticed Jenkins into conversations about karaoke.

Kathy overslept, which led to a talk about sad flowers with Raven, while
Eliot, Hardison and Parker held a no-clothes yurt party in the preserve.

Finally, Kitty was offering free first rounds at Caritas which Pinkie was keen to take her up on.
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*Sounds of a scuffle*

--For the last time, y'all can't be complainin' 'bout what you see when you barge into a love-yurt, a'ight? Y'all should feel honored to have seen my--is that light on? Oh, y'all ain't even right! Gimme these damn notes!

Hey island, it's Hardison an' I'm cold cause these damn squirrels didn't let me grab a shirt while they were herdin' me out of my nice, comfy, love-yurt--

*horrified chittering*

--Yeah, I'mma keep callin' it that. You don't wanna hear me refer to it as a love-yurt, you shoulda let me stay there. Anyway, this is your shirtless DJ for the day, Hardison, an' damn this radio station could stand to be heated a little better. Let's just do this, so I can get back to where it's warm.

In School, Pokemon Going watched the first Pokemon movie an' my Nana took me to see that in theaters. Yo, I ain't even gonna front, I cried. An' one of the other kids started sayin' "Why you hittin' yourself?" when the two Pikachu's started fightin'* an' I nearly jumped over the seat...Ahem. Right. Y'all ain't here to listed to me wax rhapsodic over twenty-year-old Pokemon feels. Movin' on, Urban Survival had a practical exercise, sendin' the class out around town to find a source of clean water to drink from. Damn good exercise, Sparkle, well-done. An' in the Library, Peridot was readin' up on human biology an' discovered what a terrible idea that was.

We had some activity in the Dorms, but not action, thank god. Gratuity was in the First Floor Lobby, sellin' tickets to the dance an' readin' fanfiction on her phone, both activities I approve of. An' Ringo was in her room sortin' through chocolates, when she got a visit from Alluka an' her new friend, Mr. Berry. An' for once, I don't have to worry about where those notes are goin', for which I'm grateful.

Last, in Town, Peter was takin' phone orders at Covent Garden, at least until new guy Jenkins opened up The Magic Box an' argued with the books about swappin' places durin' inventory. Peter came by an' started chattin' about bein' a Shadow, which is some kinda vampire, I guess. Turns out that Peter's version of Jesus was one or somethin'? I dunno, I didn't write these notes.

*Indignant chittering*

Look, maybe if you weren't drunk most of the time, we wouldn't question how truthful these notes are! Anyway, Peridot decided to take a break from studyin' human biology--good call--an' also ended up at the Magic Box. They had a long talk about research an' magical foci, an' the essence of a soul. Sounds heavy.

But it also sounds like the last of my notes, so I'mma get outta here before I freeze to death. Hardison out, y'all, have a good rest of your day.

*[OOC: I was totally the evil older sister who said that while my little brother was crying in the theater.]

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