Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

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Right, morning, aww, what's this?


You got me candy?

*more chittering*

That's so nice of you! They say stuff, too? "You're neat." "2 Good 2 Be Tru"--okay the spelling on that can better better, "You're still a llama."

*sound of conversation hearts being thrown at squirrel heads*

I hate you. This is Kuzco, there's apparently some kind of weird peasant tradition today, and I'm just moving on, okay? Okay. In classes, the Civil War class marched in the mud and sang songs. Sounds awful. Adulting class watched me burn water in a microwave--shut up--

*squirrel laughter*

I said SHUT UP. And Shooting class ran and shot stuff. At least they didn't have to sing, too. And all the girl books in the library got together for Galentine's Day, which is apparently a thing. I wouldn't know. I'm not a gal.

In the dorms, Rey was selling tickets and flowers for the big peasant holiday. Ringo was in the fifth floor common room making chocolate--I did that in class the other day! I am a culinary genius.


Except when I'm burning water, yeah, yeah, whatever. Alternative facts.

In town, Alluka had tea and cookies at Demon Marcus, and that was enough to grab the attention of Dante and Zack. Dante brought cake and then unloaded about his tragic past--well, at least he brought cake before bring feelings and stuff into it--and Zack didn't bring cake, but he's new, so maybe next time. Rufus was reading books at Book Haven--no news about cake or tea there--Shiemi was having a flower emergency over at the flower shop, and over at Luke's, Eliot was threatening to fire everyone, so business as usual. Zack stopped in for lunch and introductions, and Eliot had to explain to Goody what pizza was because Goody is ooooooooooooooooooooooooold. A new shop--Pick Your Poison-- is opening up eventually, so naturally that meant a bunch of people went today because apparently reading comprehension isn't a thing. Anyway, the new owner is Ino, she's been here before, but that didn't stop Peridot, Hannibal, and Ringo from stopping by.

And that's all I've got today. Enjoy your quaint peasant holiday and what--OW OW OW
*sounds of squirrels throwing conversation hearts*

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