Sunday, February 12th, 2017

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Hey everyone, Clint Barton here, and I'm really glad the squirrels just handed me a tiny set of notes, because I've got a raging headache and bed that's calling me back to it. It looks like the only thing the squirrels caught was in town at Groovy Tunes - Jono had the little blue guys who have taken up residence in the store testing various karaoke machines for him, and Peter came in because it was such a weird sight that he had to check it out, before also asking for music recommendations.

And that's it. Stay safe, and try to start warm too out there. Freaking winter.
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Good morning, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here, with all the notes the squirrels wrote. Which, fortunately, is a refreshingly small amount this week. I can live with that. I haven't had my coffee yet.

Of course, the trade-off is that this week there are notes for the dorms, and I always feel weird reporting on that stuff. But either way, Dante basically faceplanted upon entry into his room, where he got a call from Ezra. They talked about Kathy - I'm going to behave and not rant on the air this week, we're making progress - and Dante's trip home. Shiemi paid Dante a visit as well, and they talked about her training and Dante's strength.

In town, I was dealing with a few thousand crepes at Luke's, because apparently the kitchen staff is hell-bent on pancake Sundays, now. Jenkins stopped by to comment on the lasagna crepes, and taught me a bit about potatoes, a bit about the English and the French, and we had an interesting talk about life not from Earth and portals. And, at Demon Marcus, Sparkle was doing his nails when Atton paid him a visit, and they complained about Februaries and did some catching up on the topic of Mical - that Mical? - and how Sparkle is faring with having a class to teach of his own around here.

And that's the news, or whatever passes for it around here, anyway. Until next week, Fandom, Kanan out.

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