Saturday, February 11th, 2017

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*sounds of microphone feedback and crashing*

Fuck me, I did not miss you little brutes. It's too early for this fuckery. Morning, Fandom. This is John Constantine, with your Saturday dose of unsavory gossip.

School was in session with Practical Diplomacy roleplayed situations in which they have to keep a straight face when dealing with someone who's being ridiculous. So, like teaching all you buggers. Discovering Earth was off to the San Diego Zoo. Remember kids, don't feed the animals. Lucille nodded off and dozed through most of her library shift, apparently, which, I can't blame her. I fall asleep in my office on the regular. And the StuCo met, with brownies, to discuss plans for the Valentine's Day dance.

Apparently town had a housewarning party going on for Raven and Kathy, who are officially moved into the apartment above Luke's. Suckers who showed up before party time got to help paint or assemble furniture. Alluka helped paint, and liked Raven's new plushie cactus while Kathy offered Alluka one of her old shirts to protect her from paint spatters. Ringo's there to help with furniture, but got foiled by evil IKEA assembly instructions -- sunshine, it's IKEA. They're incapable of being evil, they're just too bloody Lawful Good. There's a difference between evil and fucking confusing stick figures. Raven sympathized and Kathy was also confused at the terrible, terrible instructions

Kathy tried to sneak-paint-attack Raven, but that game got cut off quickly when both of them have their defensive instincts kick in a little too hard. Eliot shows up to help but Raven WILL NOT let him help in HER kitchen, dammit. The squirrels are strident about that, and I got no fucking clue why.


Nah, see, if someone wanted to do the work in my kitchen, more power to 'em. I'm a lazy asshole.

Kathy was struggling with changing the light fixtures, and Eliot helps her once he makes sure she didn't mean the fixtures were literally of the devil. Seriously, people, trust me. The lords of hell got better things to do. Anders tried to help with a bookshelf, but he didn't know where Dante was when Kathy asked.

There was also dinner, though the pot roast seemed to be an object of amusement. Alluka was disappointed at the lack of chocolate, and Ringo promised they can get some later on the way home. Kathy tries to get Alluka enthused about the red bean paste filling in the dessert instead -- fuck no, Alluka, hold out for chocolate -- and Ringo told Kathy she should get tribute or something for successfully assembling the damn chair:

Dinner didn't agree with Kathy, and Raven goes to check on her when she has to excuse herself from the table. But Eliot was sampling everything at the table, and Kathy fretting about whether the Korean food was too spicy; bollocks, a good heat is what makes Korean food good, and Anders was all about the bacon-wrapped potatoes and risotto, but Kathy tries to talk him into trying the bulgog. And luckily, Jalian made it in time for dinner:

That's it, Fandom. Now go enjoy a Saturday.


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