Thursday, February 9th, 2017

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Hey Fandom this is Hardison bringin' you everythin' you need to know about yesterday. An', let's be real, more than you really needed to know, right? But that's Fandom squirrels for you.

Anyway, over at School, Pokemon Goin' learned about gym battles, while Urban Survival talked about various ways to get food. Yeah, that's an important lesson, yo. At the Library, Peridot an' the books were havin' some kinda suspicious-off an' I ain't even sure who won.

Baby Jesus an' all his angels smiles on me so I have no notes to read about Dorms, but in Town Lucille dealt with bad music and weird smells at Groovy Tunes an' Covent Gardens had Peter researchin' the language of flowers.

That looks like all the notes I have, so Hardison out!

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