Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

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Let's get this over with. Notes. Gimme.

Up at the school School, there was movie watching in Training Wheels, budgeting in Event Planning and knitting with naked kittens in Home Ec, though Peridot discovered that the kittens didn't actually do their own knitting, because cats have humans to do their work for them. As my girlfriend likes to remind me whenever she turns into one.

The Dorms continued to be deserted, while over in Town, Jenkins discovered he was the new Magic Box manager, which meant he got to help Peter find books on stocking wine cellars.


Sure it says that. Raven smelt like punk and listened to meatballs at Groovy Tunes, something to do with a visit to the Isle of Ikea. In another case of spontaneous management Zack's now running Furnado and was hugging all the animals, and Kitty discovered Tino conducting the Zombie band at Caritas.

Tino. No. Stop. Now.

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