Sunday, February 5th, 2017

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Good morning, folks. At least, I hope it's been a good morning so far. This is Clint Barton, and I've got rum-laced coffee and a stack of notes, so let's do this thing.

Over at the school, Ahsoka had a quiet library to deal with, but she and Rhys were still convinced something strange was going on and the strange thing was just being silent. That's not paranoid at all! In the dorms, Ringo had some kind of bad nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep, and Xanthippe was horrified by her social media in the fifth floor common room. Ringo tried to understand what was making her so upset while she got herself some cereal, and Xanthippe seemed to feel better when Rhys came in, since she immediately started flirting with him. Yep, talking about the social lives of students never feels less awkward, good to know.

In town, Jono was rocking out to the Clash at Groovy Tunes when he got a phone call from Ino, and he helped her figure out how she could get to Fandom and some places she could stay when she gets here. Hannibal also came by with food and coffee for Jono, and Jono promised to make up for missing Hannibal's birthday. Honestly, the only reason I remember Kitty's birthday is because it's so close to mine. It's a good thing spousal love makes people forgiving.

Jalian stayed busy disassembling some things at Stark's, and there was a neon theme going at Caritas in the evening. Dante, Anders, and Kathy came in, ordered a number of strong drinks, and talked about Kathy getting settled back into Fandom. Verity also dropped in and got some drink recommendations from Mike, and their conversation quickly devolved into flirting. See, that's so much easier to say when it's about adults. The Devil's Nest also got a visit from Verity, who introduced herself to Eric since she's new to town. I hope someone already warned her about the squirrels but if not... sorry.

And that's all the notes, so I'm going to take my coffee and get out of here. Be good, you guys.

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