Friday, February 3rd, 2017

WTFH, Friday

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 07:38 am
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Seriously, you're going to have to start running radio at a time people are actually awake. Like... 1 PM, or something. Maybe five.

*loud chittering*

Yeah, whatever.

We kicked off school with Civics class, still havin' a ball talking about Nazis. Don't Be A Hero spent class thinking up the stupidest things they could possibly do - fun stupid? - and Creative Cooking did chocolate and nuts.


Who doesn't love chocolate nuts?

Well, at least Ada was big on the chocolate part at Demon Marcus. Unlike the post office, where Gratuity mostly just dealt with a whole lot of postcards.

At the Boards, Starsmore decided to just throw his talent competition to the wind and see who showed up. He used free beer. It's super-effective. I showed up to keep him from playing really crappy old people shit, while Pinkie played the drums. It weirded out Parker. Spencer turned up to talk getting drunk so people can't hear you screw up, and also why Free Bird is stupid. Thanks for backing me up there, man. About the Free Bird. *coughs*

Parker tried to convince Spencer to go out and play, and Lecter made Spencer roll out the piano. Of course there's a *MICROPHONE FEEDBACK* piano. And hey, look, Spencer made fun of him for it. You're all right. For a teacher. Parker went over to Starsmore to score a guitar - he's got a shitload - and then a bunch of people got on stage.

The end.

I'm getting out of here to *sigh* go to work. *MICROPHONE FEEDBACK* *click*

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