Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

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We're not talking about it. Notes. Now.

Up at the School, Training Wheels raced go-karts, and Home Ec learnt about the dangers of bleach, as you do, which led to Lucille helping out Peridot with that dangerous chemicals thing.

The Dorms were quiet, and so was Town, except for Raven listening to zombie rap at Groovy Tunes and being embarrassed when Kathy came in, I'd be embarrassed to be caught listening to the zombie band's offerings on purpose too.
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'Sup, Fandom? This is Hardison, your DJ for the day, here hopin' your week's been as great as mine, yo.

So let's get this party started, a'ight? First we got School, where Pokemon Goin' was at the Perk so Deadpool could teach students how to use lure modules. Then in Urban Survival, Sparkle had the class pack food an' toiletries for homeless donations. I'd like to go on record right now an' offer mad props to Sparkle for this class, y'all. Good job. An' durin' Peridot's shift in the Library, the books were buildin' boats cause the rain was turnin' into floodin' an' sometimes I do not understand this island.

At the Dorms, Anders was in the third floor common room eatin' toaster waffles an' watchin' a reality show about a nanny tryna tame some bratty children. Dante checks in with him to see how he's holdin' up after Kathy's return an' Hyacinthe learns how to use a toaster while talkin' about magic birth control. Because those are two great tastes that taste great together, I guess? Dante an' Hyacinthe agree the show is terrible an' come up with, uhh, alternate activities that I'mma just glide right over, thanks. Cause we got Rey up on the fourth floor common room listenin' to some peppy music. The squirrels think it's important to note that that was by accident, though.

Last up, we got Town, where Peter's editin' the Valentine's Day sign an' makes bouquets in Covent Garden and Lucille was entertained by tiny blue men who came out to dance at Groovy Tunes.

An' that's all my notes for today! Hardison out, but y'all have a good one!

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