Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

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So I've been a llama a month and I kiiiiiinda don't want to talk about it. So. Notes. Let's do this.

In classes, Adulting learned about sharing tiny hovels with other people. You know, if you're a peasant. Shooting Straight was throwing water balloons instead of being creepy, for once, and the war class ate terrible food on purpose. The library was "wear your sunglasses inside like a jackass" bright, apparently.

The dorms were quiet, and in town, Shiemi had a countdown until Valentine's Day clock at the flower shop. I'm guessing those two things are connected in some way, but I don't reaaaaaaally care that much. Eliot was in a stupidly good mood at the diner, too, but again, not that much with the caring. Finally, Alluka was at the clothing shop and had Jono and Sparkle checking up on her based on yesterday's radio, which I kind of forgot to listen to?


Well, it wasn't about me, so I wasn't that interested!


Apparently I missed something big. Oops. I'll catch up on the news, but that's all the new stuff for now, so...see everyone next week.

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