Sunday, January 29th, 2017

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Hey everyone, Clint Barton here, and if you all could join me in hoping that these notes don't have anything too weird in them, I'd really appreciate it.

All right, over at the school, Ahsoka was working in the library when Shiemi came by looking for books on gardening and swords. I'm thinking those were two different books, unless that's some sort of specialty hobby I'm not aware of.

In the dorms, Anders and Dante were thinking about playing Pokemon Go, but Ringo came to their room and asked them to go to Los Angeles with her to find Kathy and... uh, it looks like they're going to try to bring her back. Like, really back and... man, that'd be a hell of a thing if it works. Okay, forget sensible notes, let's switch to hoping whatever the hell these guys are doing works. Still in the dorms, Lucille made scones in the second floor common room. Thorin thought it was funny to find her baking, and Pinkie complimented her on an admirable first try at making scones that look like scones, and wondered with Thorin if Lucille was actually going to share what she'd made.

Over in town, Jono had some soft jazz going at Groovy Tunes, and Mike had a similar musical theme going at Caritas in the evening. Anakin took his kids to J,GOB and ran into Jaina, who'd come to town looking for him. Isn't it nice when a plan comes together like that? And that's all the notes so... I don't know, just stay safe as always, you guys.

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