Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

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Right. It's Tuesday morning. Let's do this. Because apparently I'm a radio star now.

*dubious chittering*

STAR. I am a star. In classes, Adulting learned about dressing to impress--I looked amazing--and having interviews for jobs like peasants have to have, apparently. How to Shoot Straight shot things, I'm guessing straight, since I don't see anything from the clinic about people going there bleeding a lot. That war class put on uniforms from the different sides of the fighting, and in the library, there were...tiny dinosaurs. Of course there were.

The dorms were quiet enough that someone ate all the good ice cream without leaving me any, and in town, Eliot was hiding at Luke's Diner, except for how he's there every Monday and that makes it the worst hiding place ever. Shiemi--I probably pronounced that right--was reading up about Feng Shui--I definitely didn't pronounce that right--at the flower shop I forgot we have.

And that's everything? Awesome. I'm going back to sleep.

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