Sunday, January 15th, 2017

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Hey folks, Clint Barton here with a surprising amount of strange notes from yesterday. Apparently, some folks are still seeing ghosts... yeah, that's not at all creepy.

Over at the school, Ahsoka found the library full of plush microbes, but otherwise quiet. In the dorms, Dante and Anders got visited by Kathy's ghost, which I'm hoping was at least a good conversation and not as awful as it sounds. Dante also found Kathy at the salle, where they talked about some of the things that happened here after Kathy died. Ringo was relaxing on the roof of the dorms when Alluka found her, and they talked about the classes they're taking this semester, and what the bad feeling Ringo's been feeling might be all about. I'm going to guess it's about whatever the hell is happening right now.

In town, Hanna was going for a run when her father found her, and she was very, very happy to see him. That's good, at least. Tip was visited by someone called the Chief, so she showed him around the junkyard, and then Hanna came by with her dad and they all talked about the girls ending up in Fandom. Leto also got a visit from his father, and he took him to the Perk so they could talk about how Leto ended up in Fandom, and how Leto ended up with a daughter. Kanan was in the park when his visitor, his previous Master, showed up and she convinced him to at least get out of the rain so they could talk more.

Eliot had Luke's open, and he and Parker talked about the bad dreams they'd been having before Kathy showed up. Eliot made sure she was really their Kathy and not one from some other Fandom, while Lucille just wondered if Kathy had missed Fandom. Alluka was very happy to see Kathy, although she was also sad that Kathy can only stay for the weekend. Anders asked Kathy about what happened when she died, and Parker was curious about where Kathy came from, which is a way more complicated question, now that I think about it. Ringo and Kathy also had a tearful greeting, especially when Ringo realized it would be temporary. Man, Monday's going to suck.

Finally, over at Caritas, Goodnight and his visitor Billy met Nathan and his visitor Katsumoto, and they talked about how each pair had met and fought together. Mike made sure to greet Goodnight since he hadn't seen him at the bar before, and found some sake for Nathan and his friend.

That looks like all the notes so... yeah, I don't know. Just have a good rest of the weekend, everyone.

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